Defense Bill That Includes Hate-Crime Expansion Passes Senate

( This Hate Crimes Bill puts another nail in the coffin of free speech. To summarize the hate crimes bill it states  that “The rage of the perpetrator is directed both at the victim, and at the group to which the victim belongs. The perpetrator might beat up one person, but the crime was motivated by hatred for everyone who bears some similarity to the victim — perhaps hatred of all people of the victim’s race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or disability.”

What is scary about this piece of work is that if someone goes out and commits an act of violence which falls under the race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or disability and they say that lets say a church or talk show host influenced their behavior, the church or talk show host can be charged as well!!!

On top of this, the “sexual orientation” part of this bill protects pedophiles and exhibitionists etc and when congress members try to add legislation to exclude these groups they are blocked.

Keep in mind that the ADL is another New World Order organization disguised as doing good for the people. They are for gun control as well and have clashed with the JPFO in the past. They are the first to accuse people of being “anti-semetic”, “right-wing extremists”, “homegrown terrorist” etc. People who are against government policies are quickly being labeled as extremists when mostly they are just speaking out against the New World Order.

(Bloomberg – 7/24/09) The Senate approved a defense spending measure that includes most of the weapons program cuts sought by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and an expansion of the federal hate-crime law.

The $679.8 billion bill, passed by an 87-7 vote late yesterday, allots $130 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1.

Stripped from the bill on July 21 was $1.75 billion that would have continued production of Lockheed Martin Corp.’s F-22 fighter jets over the objections of Gates and President Barack Obama. The administration threatened to veto the bill if the funding was kept in it.

The bill left largely intact other major budget recommendations by Gates, including termination of Lockheed’s VH-71 presidential helicopter program that has been plagued by cost overruns.

The Senate also agreed to Gates’ proposed reorganization of the Chicago-based Boeing Co. Future Combat Systems Army program into at least four separate projects. The program of manned and unmanned vehicles joined by a wireless network has been the Pentagon’s second-most costly program.

An amendment to the bill that the Senate approved on July 17 would expand protections under the federal hate-crime law to those attacked because of their sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or disability.

The provision also would give the Department of Justice expanded authority to investigate crimes under the law when local authorities don’t act. And it would throw out rules requiring victims to have been involved in certain activities, such as attending school or serving as a juror, for the law to apply.

Wyoming Murder

The proposal is named after Matthew Shepard, a college student murdered in Wyoming in 1998 who witnesses said was targeted by his two attackers because he was gay.

The House approved similar legislation in April, and the Obama administration has voiced support for the changes. The Civil Rights Act of 1968 protects those attacked because of their race, color, religion or national origin.

The overall bill authorizes defense spending slightly below the $680.4 billion the administration requested. It must be reconciled with a similar measure passed by the House June 25. Congress hasn’t yet acted on the bills that appropriate money for authorized expenditures.

F-22 Dispute

The Senate vote on the F-22s would end production of the aircraft by Bethesda, Maryland-based Lockheed at the 187 now on order. The $1.75 billion that was deleted from the bill on a 58- 40 vote would have paid for seven more jets.

In comments after the vote, Obama said he was “grateful” for the Senate’s action. “At a time when we’re fighting two wars and facing a serious deficit, this would have been an inexcusable waste of money,” he said.

The House’s version of the defense bill would continue production of the F22’s.

The House measure also would authorize $439 million for General Electric Co. to build a back-up engine for Lockheed’s F- 35 Joint Strike Fighter. Gates opposes the spending, and the Senate bill doesn’t include the proposal.

The Senate’s legislation does include the administration’s request of $6.8 billion for procurement of 30 aircraft to accelerate production of the F-35 program.

In a key addition for the stepped-up U.S. operation in Afghanistan, the Senate approved $6.7 billion — $1.2 billion more than the administration’s request — for all-terrain models of the fortified trucks used in Iraq to counter improvised roadside bombs. Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Corp. won the Pentagon contract to build the vehicles on June 30.

The Senate bill includes the Pentagon’s $7.8 billion request for missile defense and endorses Gates’s plan to deploy 30 instead of 44 interceptor missiles made by Chantilly, Virginia-based Orbital Sciences Corp.

Overriding Gates’s opposition, the Senate added $560 million to the bill to buy nine additional Boeing F/A-18E/F fighters.

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