Dead NYPD Officer’s Body Snatched By New York City To Deny Link To 9/11 Related Illness

9 Responses to Dead NYPD Officer’s Body Snatched By New York City To Deny Link To 9/11 Related Illness

  • NOTHING belongs to you the debt slaves. Absolutely NOTHING. I hope you understand how life really is for us. They can take your body or your child’s body and do whatever they damn well please. They think they own us.

    WHAT SAY YOU????

  • Burke & Hare alive, & living in Noo York????

  • good to see real news on this site, not the same gov. bulshit propaganda

  • Dear, please refer to Activist Post: Architects and Engineers Question… Comments section. This will most completely describe the depths to which the big Apple management will go to avoid PAYING MONEY for responsibility in setting up the WTCs I, II, and 7. Old habits. My statements there ARE NOT CONJECTURE.I have known these things for over 40 years. A few articles were published as well. And at least one local show in Seattle had the ftraining footage for applying thermite to the floor pans.The painters were unaware of what they were applying.Thermite was patented in 1893 as an explosive to drop old steel bridges. I had so hoped that management or construction personnel(VERY FEW)in the know would come forward. They have not. That leaves me speaking out with them hiding and the world’s own logical sense with demolition professionals’ opinion and personal knowledge that these buildings were indeed thus set up. FEMA was in position already with nonfunctioning geiger counters. This is PROOF BUSH KNEW WITH HIS PHONY REACTION AT BOOKER SCHOOL. The Architects for 9-11 truth are following a shill in an easily disproved game of pea under the nutshell. Richard Gage disgusts me with his coy bullshit and if it were legal, I would personally kick his ass for misleading people. The WTCs obviously were set up during construction and refused later.I, personally ,as have many others, known of this for over 40 years. Nukes in the basements were installed by the U.S. government and the U.S.S.R. per international agreement of application ofnuclear technology for commercial purposes.
    Now the same perps have pulled off Fukushima and at least inspired the recent Norwegian massacre. Follow the money trail. Who was Sir Henry Morgan, Blackbeard, the Russell trust,the donater who the Dulles brothers facilitated in a $12 million contribution to Hitler for in 1930, who was Hitler’s #1 war bond salesman, who coordinated drug importation and death squads in Central America in the 1980s? Who did George H.W. Bush share an account at Coutts bank in England with? Old habits.
    See Chris Bollyn and Jeff Prager’s work. They should receive Rupert Murdoch’s empire to liquidate and keep the cash or for whatever reason.

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