Cut All Foreign Aid to Israel!


6 Responses to Cut All Foreign Aid to Israel!

  • Well, first of all, I’d like to know who the main speaker is and where he lives now that he’s left America… Second, I’d like to know who died and left him God… And third, where is the proof of all his accusations against Israel?

    Now, for all the others who protested during this video; who are they and where do they come from?…

    Also, how come all this whining aout Israel and not a peep about the US givingmony to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood?… Of course not… Why offend the peace loving Muslims…BC, if you do, they’ll go on a rampage throughout the world, burining and killing any christian and jew they can get their hands on…

    This video is total BULLSHIT & the guy wo made it is a complete ashole..

  • wow do these zionazis squeal and hiss and spit when you threaten to make them have to stand on their own rabid hind legs…alas, the blackmail and bribery alone is enough to put a hog ring in our reps as they gather at the sacrificial trough. Oh and no amount of jewpoxy will ever glue all the world’s Jewish people to the sick and evil zionist cult.

  • First of all, I’m a Christen…And since you’re making the trash coments you made above, just like the liberals do without any valid background proof of their BS, let’s see real documents of your BS claims… You don’t even know what the term,"Zionist", means…

    Oh, I know, you’re probably one of those marxist Obamaites…Of ourse, they don’t have to prove any of their lies either….

  • Well, I do know about the cult of zionism. And I also know that they set up the Auschwitz work camps to service a concern of theirs, I.G. Farben which was owned by a leading zionist by the name of Warberg.. A Shekel is a Shekel. I’ve dealt with zionist on forums for awhile and am familiar with their talking points and bile.

  • Israel is not the problem and aid provided to them by the US should not be cut. Best to cut aid to Egypt and other Muslim countries who have been perpetrating violence to breed more violence.

    The problem is with nations who are encouraging war whereas Israel is defending itself and has a right to do so just like any other nation when threatened by other countries.

    Long live Israel and Jerusalem the City of God!!!

  • israel is a huge problem to the U.S.A. Egypt is a problem for israel because it stands in the way of a "greater israel" from the Nile to the Euphrates.
    Egypt never attacked the U.S.A. while the attack on the USS Liberty was all israeli. To blame on Egypt,

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