Cop Tasers a waiter for fun

(RT)   A former police officer from Gwinnett County, Georgia will serve a year of probation after pleading no contest to firing his Taser at a Waffle House waiter in 2009 — for fun.

Daniel Wilson, an employee of the late-night greasy spoon, said then-Officer Gary Miles was hanging around at around 2:30 in the morning during a graveyard shift back in February 2009. Wilson says Miles was a regular and in the past had intimidated and taunted him while both were on the clock — even though employees often fed the officers for free. This time, however, Wilson says the cop went over the line.

While the waiter was conversing with other officers enjoying a meal, Miles snuck up behind him, brought the Taser up to his back and fired-away for a full second. The Gwinnett County News reported at the time that after Wilson sought an apology, Miles responded, “Who says I did it by accident?”

Wilson said he usually put up with the officers playfulness — which included pointing the Taser’s red laser at him when he picked a song on the jukebox they didn’t like — because they were good tippers.

Granted, “844,739 Ways to Eat a Hamburger” and “There Are Raisins In My Toast” aren’t exactly what you want to hear being blasted off a 45 rpm at 2 in the morning after a long day at work, but taking it up with a Taser might not be the most professional response, even for the sake of a practical joke.

The actual incident was caught on store surveillance cameras, though it took Wilson and his attorney several months before they could legally obtain a copy. Once recovered, the team had hard proof that would show Miles’ unjust actions.

The footage, choppy at best, shows Miles approaching Wilson from behind and firing the Taser. While it can fire a current of 50,000 volts from up to 35 feet away — you know, at bad guys — the officer shot it from arms length “just to scare him a little bit,” as he put it.

The video neglects to show, however, if Wilson managed to drop a plate of smothered, covered and capped hash browns. Those are taters scattered with onions, cheese and mushrooms, for the layman.

After the footage was recovered, Miles resigned from the Police Department after six years of service. Charges were brought against the officer, who was eventually released after posting his bond of $8,100.

From there, an administrative investigation concluded that the officer used the weapon “as a toy.” The two other officers at the scene during the incident have resigned as well, who combined served nearly three decades on the force.

“You don’t think the police would be the one to do that,” Wilson told a local ABC-affiliate at the time. “It’s supposed to be the criminal that’s using the weapon against somebody, you know?”

“He pulled his Taser out of his holster like he was a cowboy shooting it in the air,” Wilson said. “They think it’s a big joke.”

Over two years after the incident, Miles plead no contest in a Gwinnett County courtroom recently, which will earn him 12 months of probation. Miles had initially been indicted on charges of aggravated assault and violation of oath of office, but plead to lesser charges after offering his resignation.

Wilson had already reached a settlement in a civil lawsuit against Miles and the other now former-officers, his attorney tells the Associated Press.

8 Responses to Cop Tasers a waiter for fun

  • Unfortunately, there are too many cops who are bullies and punks or thugs. They run around harrassing folks or beating on them and you are not allowed to strike back at them because they are the po-lice. Eventually, folks are going to get fed up with these thugs and start striking back at them, perhaps with firearms. The thugs better give their behavior a great deal of consideration before they go too far!

  • This is not funny. This article is written as if it were kids in the locker room snapping wet towels at each others’ backsides. These ‘non-lethal’ weapons have killed dozens if not hundreds of American citizens. Furthermore, this ex-cop, even though he was fired and convicted of a misdemeanor, gives good cops everywhere a bad name. Not funny!

  • It is always a dilemma for restaurant owners: on the one hand you want to kiss the cops’ asses so they do not harass you but on the other hand, the cops can be a danger to employees and other customers.

  • The cops who are bullies and punks or thugs and have even records for that the police chief knows that. The good cop ought to have some kind of cop watch club to keep the force clean of trashy cops .

  • if a regular citizen did it, they’d be in jail. since a cop did it, he gets to offer a resignation. really. so if i tase someone, i get to quit my job and stay out of prison? same idea. lock him up. and as a former police officer, lock him up for longer. then, lock up the guy who gave him a job.

  • Familiarity breeds contempt. Since when can they be so familiar with the public that serves them that they can betray the trust that we have for then It’s like a relationship with a man and a woman. Don’t betray the love & trust..

  • If you go to Google and type in, What is the I.Q. of a Cop. It will come back at 90. That has actually gotten better. It was 80. in 2007. But when your stopped, I would not break the Ice with a question like What is your I.Q.? You might make them MAD!!!

    But when they ask You, Where are you coming from or going to…? You can feel free to say, From your house, I was with your Wife. Or I am headed to your Daughters, For some more Humor if you see that this would go downhill fast, You could slur your voice in an effeminate way and say you were headed to his Son’s place. He He.

    But Please: WARNING. So not say I pay your Wages.

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