Colorado Shooter: More Signs of Mind Control & More Than One Person Involved

(THE TRUTHER GIRLS)   Now in jail, James Holmes is claiming to have amnesia and is asking ‘Why am I here?’. He was involved in research on how to change a person’s perception of temporal order- the order in which events happen. In other words, he was literally involved in mind control experiments. The more I look at this story, the more I am finding things that clearly make James Holmes a likely victim of mind control. In addition to the bizarre things related to his own behavior and history, there are many aspects of the physical evidence and 911 calls that conflict with the official conclusions.


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  • Good points. I have yet to see ANY video evidence of James Holmes "buying a ticket" or being in the theater before the shooting, or getting in and out of his SWAT attack gear. From the very beginning, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates has stated a firm "belief" that Holmes acted alone, in spite of witnesses and evidence. Remember Oates worked for the NYPD intelligence office until days before 911. He is a Bloomberg buddy. Oates also had NO police, or off-duty cops at the Cinema 16 complex for this 4-theater sold out midnight premier. Cops are almost always at the theater here, why not at this event?

    Google Corbin Dates and others who saw strong evidence of others involved. Now we have two gas-masks. One would thing that if Holmes really wanted to kill a lot of people he would have used lethal gas, instead of guns. The cops said his apartment was full of toxic booby-traps. Did the "Joker" ever use gas? Why guns?

    It is also important to note that James Holmes father, (Robert Holmes) is a software designer and director at FICO, currently testifying at the LIBOR hearings on massive banking thefts. Reports say that Robert Holmes has software that can track all the laundered TRILLIONS the banks have stashed. Coincidence?

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