Colorado Seeks “Peace Officer” Status for Secret Service

(N3)   The Colorado state government recently enacted a restrictive gun control law that is wildly unpopular with both the state’s gun-owning population and many of its elected sheriffs. Now Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper is seeking to enact a measure that would effectively federalize law enforcement in the state by giving the U.S. Secret Service arrest powers.

State Senate Bill 13-013 would extend to officers of the Secret Service “limited peace officer authority while working in Colorado [when] responding to a non-federal felony or misdemeanor that has been committed in his or her presence.” That authority could also be exercised when a Secret Service agent is acting “as part of a bona fide task force or joint investigation with Colorado Peace Officers.”

Some commentators point out that this measure would permit Secret Service agents to arrest sheriffs who refuse to enforce new gun control laws enacted by either the state or federal government.


2 Responses to Colorado Seeks “Peace Officer” Status for Secret Service

  • FEDERAL AGENTS ARE NOTHING BUT HIGHLY PAID KILLERS,so what a great IDEA THIS IS,no crime in your area,we’ll send in some federal agents and they can just kill a few citizens,YOU KNOW IN THE NAME OF THE LAW,keeping us safe,from? hey maybe there plan ain’t to kill us at all ,maybe it’s to take out the sheriff,or enforce the coming obama dictatorship,I’am sure we’ll find out soon no matter what they do,after all the citizens of colorado,voted down the state police several times and they said,well if you won’t vote for them we’ll just do it without your sayso,and now we got russians driving around in state police gang cars pretending to be cops,and all the other cops get on their knees and suck as hard as they can cause these russians are their new gods…they all dream of the day when they might be a prison camp comander…………funny to cause their going to be in a fema camp,cause their on the blue list,their just to stupid to know it………..

  • EVER SEEN THE PICTURE OF THE SNAKE EATING ITS OWN TAIL,? YOU KNOW the one in a circle,with its tail in its mouth,thats lucifer eating his followers,adolf hitler did the same thing,he used all the lower class police gangs to disarm the people, then killed them all,then he put in all his people loyal to him,and then later killed all them when they realized he was going to destroy everything,ADOLF OBAMA THE ANTI-CHRIST IS ABOUT TO DO THE SAME THING,funny how history never changes,same plan different year,but always the same plan,no one ever gets wise either,dope everyone up,dumb down the kids,over pay all the whores in government and then war,every single time,same plan,every time and it works over and over again,and later they all get hanged,and no one ever wakes up to how it ends…….TILL THEY HAVE A ROPE AROUND THEIR NECK………

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