Colo. sheriff: CSP should suspend course that calls for monitoring of Christians

()   Responding to a report by Prowers County, Colo., Undersheriff Ron Trowbridge that said a training session advocated monitoring Christians who believe the Bible is the literal word of God, Sheriff Jim Faull said in a media release Sunday that the Colorado State Patrol should “suspend” the training “until it can be reevaluated and appropriate changes made.”

On Friday, we reported that Trowbridge discussed the training he received in a letter that was posted at Red Statements by Steven H. Ahle.

According to the letter, Colorado State Patrol Trooper Joe Kluczynski gave a 2-hour presentation on the “sovereign citizen” movement.

But Kluczynski went further than the FBI, claiming that the movement includes “those who believe America was founded on godly principles, Christians who take the Bible literally, and ‘fundamentalists’.”

According to Kluczynski, those individuals and groups are “dangerous” because they are “angry over the election of a black president” and need to be monitored.


4 Responses to Colo. sheriff: CSP should suspend course that calls for monitoring of Christians

  • LIKE I’VE SAID FOR EVER,THE US CONSTITUTION MEANS NOTHING TO POLICE GANGS AND MILITARY,the russians have been driving around in colorado state police gang cars for the past couple years that I know of,AND THEIR AIN’T A COP IN COLORADO WHO CAN SAY HE DIDN’T KNOW IT,they been sucking the federal governments ass for money,since I was knee high to a grasshopper,AND ANYONE STUPID ENOUGH,TO BELIEVE ANYTHING THESE COMMIES IN BLUE SAY,well your going to find this one out the hard way,cause their all in bed with the commie russians,and as soon as the order is given their going to be killing you and your family,thats what happens when your sound asleep,and drunk,open your eyes and GET READY THEY WILL BE COMING FOR YOU,1.VETERANS 2.BIKERS,MOSTLY EX-VETERANS,3.GUN OWNERS,.4.AND ALL THE DUMB ASSES WHO ARE SOUND ASLEEP OR JUST STUPID………………..

  • and all you who say your christians,DOES THIS SCARE YOU TO DEATH,WHATS YOUR BIBLE TELL YOU ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT COMING AFTER YOU AND CHOPPING OFF YOUR HEAD,OPENING OF THE FIFTH SEAL,heres your POLICE GANGS TELLING YOU TO YOUR FACE …..YOUR THE NEW ENEMY,THEIR GOING TO ROUND UP AND KILL,are you so stupid you think their kidding,their not kidding the police gangs are getting ready to come for you and you don’t believe they mean it,maybe you better reread the fifth seal and ask your self WHO THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT,its you the christians,they call you terrorists,and your still saying ‘OH,NO THEY DON’T MEAN ME’…YEA,YOU STUPID,the man said they are being trained that you are the terrorist not them,their the good guys who do LUCIFERS CALLING FOR HIM,and you christians are the target,WHY DO YOU THINK THE LORD TOLD HIS FOLLOWERS TO SELL THEIR COAT AND BUY A SWORD,the lord knew the police gangs would be coming after you,he knew the future,and his prophets are warning you and you don’t believe it…..READ THE FIFTH SEAL,ITS ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO YOU………………..

  • the ‘mark of the beast’,IF YOUR NOT A CHRISTIAN,DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT,your going to be spending a lot of time with your daddy lucifer,about a thousand years as I recall,you’ll have fun,I hear he has big plans for you and him together,hahaha,WANT TO KNOW HOW SMART COPS ARE,ASK THEM IF THEY KNOW WHO IT WAS ‘THEY SWORE TO’ UPHOLD THE US CONSTITUTION,I bet not one in a hundred knows it was GOD HIMSELF,THEY SWORE THEIR ‘OATH TO GUARD AND PROTECT THE US CONSTITUTION’…AND I,have never met a single cop who had a clue the us constitution was based on the ten commandments of the bible,and they run your government,BOY ARE YOU SCREWED,you been kissing ass on demons from hell,don’t take their mark of the beast,they been training to kill your family and children,see the targets their using to shoot at?thats christian families,lucifer has been running america for a long time now and they all work for him…AND YES THEY DO INTEND TO MAKE YOU TAKE THE ‘MARK’ even if they have to torture your children to death in front of you to do it,THEY WILL,…REMEMBER WHO THEY WORK FOR……………..

  • I say or think this is a backhanded way of a agenda 21 deal . I dont know . The bible is about common sense , or so I think that way . Read about agenda 21 and see how it all ties in … Just remember when a elected offical says they want to help you, be ready to defend yourself..

    We are in most interesting times, so we should stand together or hang seperate..

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