Christopher Dorner, murder suspect manhunt has led to two mistaken identity police shootings

(12160)   A murder suspect manhunt has led to two mistaken identity police shootings in Torrance Monday.

The first shooting occurred in the 19500 block of Redbeam Avenue at 5:20 a.m.

Authorities said officers came across vehicles similar to the one sought by authorities searching for Christopher Dorner, a former LAPD officer suspected of killing three people.

Dorner, 33, posted a manifesto on Facebook outlining plans to kill the families of those who wronged him. LAPD officers were guarding one of the officers on Dorner’s manifesto hit list when a blue Toyota truck matching the suspect’s vehicle drove up to the scene. Police opened fire and aimed dozens of rounds at the occupants of the truck who they mistakenly believed to be Dorner’s.

Two uninvolved female civilians inside the vehicle were wounded and rushed to local hospitals. One injured female victim suffered a minor bullet wound, and the second female victim was shot twice in the back and reported in stable condition.

The victims are said to be OK but the barrage of bullets shook residents from their sleep. Howard Lee of Torrance was asleep when he said he heard “a lot of rapid fire.”

According to surrounding residents, the women regularly deliver newspapers in the neighborhood.

LAPD Chief said the area was on heightened patrol due to Dorner’s manifesto and the Inland Empire police officer shootings.

“The LAPD officers assigned observed a vehicle matching the suspect’s vehicle driving down the street with the lights turned out,” Beck said. “Officers approached the vehicle and an officer-involved shooting occurred. Tragically, we believe that this was a case of mistaken identity by the officers.”

Torrance police were involved in a second shooting near Flager Lane and Beryl Street a short time later. The incident involved a different truck they mistakenly believed to be Dorner’s. No one was hurt in the shooting.

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  • Aren’t police officers supposed to at least ATTEMPT to make an arrest without shooting? Seems to me that they STARTED the encounter with guns blazing. Gives credibility to Christopher Dorner’s accusations regarding the LAPD.

  • Officer safety and officer vengeance are primary concerns of cops. Some questions to ask:

    -Were the occupants shooting at the officers? If not, how can the officers justify their actions? How can the officers ovoid firing and imprisonment?

    -Will it be necessary for all owners of this make and model to cease using their cars until police assassins have exacted vengeance?

    -How many of the make and model mentioned are there in California? The USA?

    -The answer to the above question will give you a rough estimate of how many people are endangered by cops who are irresponsibly wielding lethal force. One must assume that many of that make and model have more than one person within them. How many people need to be shot before the police hit the jackpot and “get their man”?

    -Given the response of police, will it be necessary for all innocent citizens who look like the suspect to avoid going out in public until the police assassins wreak vengeance?

    -Do the police and media honestly expect us to trust and respect the police when the police endanger public safety white seeking vengeance?

    -What is the purpose of a police force? Is the purpose public safety?

    -Should the police be required to swear an oath to “first do no harm” regarding their stated purpose of ensuring public safety.

    -Should the squad car say “To serve and protect and to exact vengeance”?

    -When will police be called “the shooters” as they are in Colombia (Los Tiros)?

    -Is it correct for police to be given the status of Samurai warriors of Japan who had the legal power to kill ordinary people at will and usually because the Samurai was offended in some way?

    -Where do the police rank on the list of most dangerous jobs?

    -If the police did have the most dangerous job, would it justify irresponsible use of lethal force and does it justify extrajudicial assassination of suspects?

    -Do police really expect the public to cooperate when assassination teams are catching the public in the crossfire?

  • Correction: they are not catching the public in the crossfire, they are targeting the public.

  • Correction: WHILE seeking vengeance

  • One more question:

    -Do the police departments involved in the officer misconduct and the corporate media wh**res protecting the officers involved in the lethal malfeasance really think that they are fooling us? Will they get away with these crimes?

  • -Is the life of a citizens of the USA now official worthless and completely unprotected by law?

    Probably not. It is unofficially but de facto worthless or actually of negative worth because the genocidal population control crowd (virtually all American officials) wish to reduce the population and consider us all to be pests and vermin.

  • -Is the situation, vis a vis government organized crime and malfeasance, at all acceptable? Is this an acceptable situation?

    -Do you Americans intend to continue to allow your children and grandchildren to be endangered and enslaved by these organized criminals?

  • seriously, is this guilty until proven innocent now or what? with all the garbage and lies in the MSM today, we all buy in this guy is who they are claiming he is? Wow.

  • Good point, Anne. I read between the lines of all mainstream media reports. I read observations and research by independent alternative media editorialists and researchers and I do my best to piece the truth together. This is also what is required of an historian or a prognosticator. You must read between the lines and piece the truth together as best you can. You must do this to be a good citizens because you must do your best to get at the truth to decide who to support and what actions to take for your country.

    I do not consider that anyone was clean on this one. There was malfeasance all around according to traditional views of correct and lawful behavior. I have read between the lines and decided for myself what I think is true about this case and I have come up with startling conclusions.

    All indications are that this entire fiasco, tragedy, was based on racial warfare, the initial stages of Civil War II. Thomas Chittum, in his book Civil War II, an extremely important book for everyone who wishes to understand current events and plan for the future, makes several predictions, including signposts that are important signs that Civil War II is about to take place. Now Chittum knows what he is talking about concerning civil ethnic warfare. He participated in the wars in the former Yugoslavia. He saw this first-hand. His book can be read for free on the internet.

    Chittum describes many important signs that events are leading inexorably toward Civil War. One sign that is seem throughout the nation is the militarization of police in general with a specific sign being the use of armored personnel carriers by the police. This is quite common throughout the country now.

    More ominously, he shows how the actual beginning stages of the war will include ethnic warfare first within police departments and then between departments in different jurisdictions. The latter will occur after ethnic strife causes departments to become ethnically uniform due to infighting (literal fighting). The outcomes are demographically based. This stage indicates that an ethnic civil war is just around the corner.

    After the initial stages the inner city departments will often be composed of the main ethnic component of that city, black in Detroit, for example. As ethnic interests are at odds with each other, a given department will end up supporting the ethnicity of its area, its own people. Thus, there will eventually be warfare between suburban white departments and inner city black or hispanic departments. This will spread into a general war with civilians taking part. This could also be based on regional ethnic numbers, even in rural areas. New Mexico has a lot of Hispanics and Indians in rural areas, for example.

    Now, another sign of the initial stages of an ethnic civil war is that there will be ethnic gangs and mobs physically assaulting other ethnics on a large scale. This has been happening. Large gangs of blacks have been running amok throughout the country. They have been maiming, murdering, raping, and looting. Their victims are mostly whites but also other ethnic groups. The presstitute propagandist traitors have been covering this up on a massive scale. Their anti-white preferences on these issues is criminal. Again, this will be their undoing as they WILL lose control of the events that they are causing.

    The fact that the cities are surrounded will be their undoing. The countryside and suburban areas will control ingress and egress to and from the cities and there will be sieges, just like medieval sieges. Therefore, the cities are strategically handicapped. Again, the nature and outcome of the war is based on demographic factors.

    In fact, demographics are so critical in this area, that they determine whether such a thing as an ethnic civil war will ever take place at all. Chittum shows, illustrates, that ethnic warfare ALWAYS occurs when the main ethnic group of the country falls below 70% of the population. Always! It always has occurred this way!

    It is even worse when the main ethnic group falls below 70% and there is a three way split of ethnic groups or when it is a hodgepodge of ethnic groups.

    With the widespread availability of demographic analysis done by experts in the field of Human Geography, it is impossible to sensibly believe that policy makers were unaware that they would be causing an ethnic civil war through the immigration act of 1965 and through their immigration QUISLING treason through purposely allowing and pandering to an illegal alien invasion which HAS brought the white majority to under 70% of the population and fatally destabilized our country. A major project to vilify whites has been successfully undertaken for decades now in public AND private education and in the anti-white (by anti-whhites and by cynical psychopaths using this for their own nefarious subjugation purposes) corporate media by the corporate media wh**re presstitutes.

    Again, the policy makers and propagandists have purposely created these fatal conditions but they will ultimately be victims of their own machinations as they cannot control this in the way that they believe that they can.

    Now concerning how this will take place: There are many pundits in the alternative media and mainstream media who worship the state and also technology who claim that these events cannot happen. However, they are ignoring the fact that police and soldiers will also be involved, they will help arm their own people. Furthermore, they ignore the fact that weapons can otherwise fall into the hands of the citizens. The looting of armories, for one example, will arm people. Again, all of this did take place in the former Yugoslavia. The authorities there also had advanced technology and weapons.

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