Chris Geo arrested by Homeland Security For Standing On His 4th Amendment Right

(CHRIS GEO)   Today I was arrested by DHS for “failing to comply with a federal officer” when he asked for my identification during an illegal search and seizure. Homeland security has a manual for dealing with people filming federal buildings. The manual clearly states “IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO FILM THE EXTERIOR OF A FEDERAL BUILDING” and “CONTACT IS VOLUNTARY AND NOT A DETENTION”. Not to mention that there is no federal, state or local law requiring you to “show your papers” which is a fundamental constitutional right.

Download the full PDF Homeland Security Memo Here

I do not believe the arresting officer was acting nefariously but rather this was a result of being uneducated in the law or simply “hearing” that some kind of law exists where a person is prohibited from filming a federal building or must show ID on demand. The officer handling the arrest treated me with the same respect I showed him and may even be a future listener. This is an example of why we must 1. Understand our rights and the law 2. Never fear, for fear is the mind killer 3. Stay completely respectful and polite at all times and 4. Approach these people with love, kindness, understanding and respect.

The real minds we must reach are the DHS, FEMA and military officers. Like I told the officer during our conversation, it is VITAL to understand the constitution so when he is given an order that goes against his oath or violates a civil liberty, he can recognize it and make the decision that it is an UNLAWFUL ORDER.

Special thanks to Non-Comformity Radio – we knew if we were live on the air and had our cameras rolling, we would be safe. Thank you for taking the call guys!

Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion.

The video explains it all.

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