“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

–Malcolm X

(FEDERALJACK)   It is common knowledge that the healthcare industry has become a virtual monopoly controlled by pharmaceutical interests with inordinate amounts of influence in Washington, D.C., and beyond; and that arguably the most monopolistic arm of the industry is that of oncology, the sub-industry dedicated to treating cancer… and as many would affirm, perpetuating it. Many are aware that from its inception, as the “science” of oncology has advanced, cancer rates have advanced right along with it; as the standard practices of diagnostics and treatment more often than not either create cancer or spread existing cancer. It is also widely known that many who have tried to go against accepted norms of the industry, with more effective and less harmful methods (Heaven forbid new paradigms), have been met with violent opposition, persecution, and in some cases demonized as charlatans and “quacks.” Names like Caisse, Rife, and Burzynski are now household names. There are others not as well known, but still just as violently opposed by the status-quo, and by a less-than-impartial (to say the least) government.

Case in point: Antonella Carpenter, PhD; Italian-born physicist specializing in laser systems development, who in 1993 patented the world’s first laser hyperthermia therapy for killing cancer in place without the use of drugs, surgery, or radiation; a therapy known as LIESH (Light Induced Enhanced Selective Hyperthermia). Since 2008 (roughly the same time that her name, and that of her company, Lase Med, Inc., had gained a certain level of recognition among those in the alternative medical community both in the United States and abroad), Dr. Carpenter has been made the target of an ongoing ideological conflict, perpetuated by an industry that in the defense of its market share, has set out to discredit her contribution to medical science with one hand, while trying to replicate and take credit for it with the other.

As those who follow Dr. Carpenter on the web may be already aware, a new blog appeared on last month, entitled  My Cancer Cured; written by a former patient of Carpenter’s who had been diagnosed with testicular cancer, had undergone the LIESH Therapy, had not undergone any mutilating surgery or conventional cancer treatments, and has since been declared cancer-free by his primary physician; the page also containing a video made from his 2011 appearance on  The Medical Conspiracy, a talk show which Carpenter began in 2009 on Liberty News Radio and which now airs on Orion Talk Radio. With all the press given to people like Lance Armstrong, who despite his recovery is still physically “not the same” following the procedures he underwent, one might expect a story like this one to become the object of widespread acclaim, or at least intrigue. In fact, the reaction to this blog has so far been anything BUT that. Entrenched “anti-Carpenter” bloggers picked up the story no less than days after its

publication, and brought hails of ridicule on their own “favorite” sites and even on the patient’s blog itself (said comments have since been removed by the blog owner). The same week another reader shared this blog at a well-known testicular cancer support forum, where he was also ridiculed for believing a story so “obviously fraudulent.”

How could it be, that a testicular cancer victim who suffered mutilating surgery (in the worst place imaginable) becomes a national hero and an inspiration to millions; while another man with the same disease, who finds a better solution and ends up free of cancer, with his privates intact no less, becomes an object of ridicule?

Every day we hear advertising about major cancer hospitals or clinics that have become household names, with their claims of having made cancer history for some fortunate individuals who had the “good sense” to accept and seek the assistance of such institutions for the treatment of their cancers,  according to the well-proven “gold standard” methods. But what have these AMA-preferred methods actually proven, other than reinforcing the belief that cancer is a terrible and unbeatable disease?  In fact,  has anybody ever wondered how it is possible that after over sixty years and hundreds of millions spent in cancer research, no real cure is yet on the horizon?  It isn’t even logical to believe that something of real significance is yet to be delivered to the public, after so many years of reported efforts carried out by individuals apparently full of qualifications.

Of course the majority of the activities have been dedicated to the search for that “wonder drug” that can obliterate any and all kinds of cancer without exception. This is really the core of the problem: trying to create more and more dangerous drugs, in the hopes that someday one man-made poison will be found that can be effective in obliterating cancer, with minimal side effects to the host system, i.e. the patient.

Remember what Einstein said about insanity:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

According to Dr. Carpenter, this would indicate that continuing  to look for a drug that can successfully kill cancer is nothing more than insanity:


“Is the medical establishment really looking for a cure? Or is it extracting from us as much money as possible, for as long as possible, while conditioning the public to accept the present situation and merely dream about better times?”

Is the mainstream medical establishment simply providing lip service to the public, under the false pretense of trying to discover a cure, while in reality, forcing everybody (under fear of death) to accept physical suffering and mental anguish, accompanied by financial ruin?

“The answer to these questions is actually pretty obvious,” says Dr. Carpenter, “as
harsh as it might seem. The medical establishment absolutely does not have any intention of finding a cure for cancer, but it is in fact determined to maintain the status-quo at all cost, even by killing patients healed by alternate methods, if necessary.”


If this statement appears harsh, cruel, and even impossible, let’s review the following:

Approximately 27 years ago, Dr. Carpenter was working as a “lead reliability scientist” for the Defense Industry, assigned to a special project under NASA contract. While working in this capacity, she accidentally stumbled into the newly-developed semiconductor lasers, which many years later would be marketed to the public as “Cool Lasers.”

Even more accidentally, in a case where she insists that “serendipity did not come into play at all,” she discovered a new and simple way to selectively destroy cancer; and contrary to what one would assume, that event lead to many years of anguish, suffering and financial distress. In spite of the enormous amount of effort she put forth over the years trying to find support in the financial and medical world, she says she has mostly been subjected to opposition, verbal abuse, ridicule, and even what she refers to as “copycat research,” operating on multi-million dollar grant budgets to do research using the scientific principles she set forth in her patent (which pre-dates all of them), the only differences being the particular tagging agents used for targeting the cancer. In the case of these “copycats,” the tagging agents used are various lucrative (and often toxic) nanotech compounds.

But one puzzling thing that stood out above everything else was the blunt refusal on part of the medical establishment to pursue a methodology that could lead to a tremendous reduction in costs to the public, and could also eliminate the need for chemical poisons. At that point Dr. Carpenter started studying medicine and cancer on her own, while continuously trying to secure funds for empirical confirmation of her findings, in the hopes of attracting  the attention of the medical establishment. Needless to say, no significant financial support was ever secured, and no interest from cancer support and research groups was ever obtained, other than the involvement of the above-mentioned “copycats” who have tried to take credit for it and lead the pharma companies on endless and expensive research programs with no visible end in sight. Apparently it is more acceptable to the industry to spend money “looking” for a cure than to actually “find” one.

At the turn of the millennium, needing proof of effectiveness on actual patients in order to secure her European patent (“and tired of dealing with stubborn opposition and ignorant comments,” she adds), Dr. Carpenter headed for Mexico, where she did obtain the sought results, results which she says were actually quite amazing, surpassing even her own initial expectations. Based on those results, the patent was finally granted by the EPO (European Patent Office). This fact didn’t make any difference in her struggle to introduce the treatment she had developed though, nor her efforts to put an end to cancer patients’ suffering all over the world. Consequently, starting out very small and with a ridiculously small budget, Dr. Carpenter began offering her therapy, with the help of a retired anesthesiologist, who did oversee her work. Slowly but surely, her patient flow started increasing, with great results piling up at the same time.


“The problem (as always) was represented by the medical establishment’s refusal to acknowledge the results, and their refusal to run the appropriate follow-up testing required for independent confirmation. In this way, what appeared to be a new war began.”


Over time, with an increasing number of success stories, also came the escalation of the war, with the introduction of underhanded methods being used to cover up the results of LIESH Therapy. According to Dr. Carpenter, a point in time arrived when the unthinkable happened; this escalation resulted in:


“a number of cancer-free patients supposedly dying of cancer gone out of control, while they in fact had met their demise by returning to mainstream medicine, out of fear, combined with the inability to understand the various stages of healing following the LIESH Therapy, and also from the misleading advice (chemo) now being given to them by the so-called experts.”

“In fact some of my former clients were terminated with aggressive chemotherapy, after being advised that they would die without it. Some were euthanized with morphine, after being told they had reached the end of their lives.”


Those who followed her advice on how to deal with the healing process, who never looked back and didn’t seek any oncologist after the LIESH Therapy:

“were and still are healthy, happy and living a good life,” says Dr. Carpenter. “Our website is full of photographic evidence of healing, as well as personal accounts, both written and spoken, of former patients who are now healthy and cancer free.” 


Apparently, killing patients by scaring them into believing that they would die without standard medicine was not sufficient enough a strategy to obliterate the perceived competition, so the medical establishment resorted to yet another underhanded and commonly-used method: character assassination.

This can be achieved in different ways, but in the cyber-age it can be most simply accomplished through the use (or “abuse” rather) of the web, by hiring online bashers, in addition of course to well-proven methods of abusing the “legal” system. After all, lawsuits can do much more damage than financially destroying a business.

So, as always in this type of operation, a few professional and non-professional agents-provocateurs were hired, each connected to one of the targeted ex patients mentioned above, to appear to be a large portion of the public, through the use of
multiple usernames, just as in the case of professional stock-bashers. These provocateurs fervently posted hateful blogs and videos all over the web, accusing both Dr. Carpenter and Lase Med Inc. of violating laws that do not exist, and by covering them with a barrage of unfounded accusations and insults, in order to make the public accept as truth their misrepresentation of the facts. Then of course, the mainstream media had to report on the concurrent abuses of the legal system as if they were anything but frivolous.

All of the above, accompanied by the works of a former politician-turned-dishonest-attorney (Will Bond, a former AR State Representative whose legislative record reflects a very “amicable” relationship with the local cancer hospital at UAMS in Little Rock, AR), and a judge on the take (the “Honorable” James Moody), gave life to a fully unconstitutional trial, carried out in the absence of the defendant (Carpenter) or the defendant’s representation; which violated the 14th Amendment and the Code of Civil Procedure. The trial was none-the-less conducted in the United States, with a non-neutral judge, who allowed the selection of a jury to be carried out exclusively by the plaintiff’s attorney.

The “Honorable” Judge Moody did not allow the biased jury to hear the recorded sworn depositions of any of Dr. Carpenter’s defense witnesses, one of whom was not only a former patient, but also a surgeon.

This same judge proceeded to conduct an unconstitutional trial, against an individual and a corporation falling outside of his jurisdiction. These proceedings, to which Dr. Carpenter refers as:

“a monkey-trial, unworthy of any free and civilized country, resulted in a jury decision in favor of an opportunist plaintiff, against absent defendants, with a ridiculous award of $ 2.5 million in damages, to a perfectly healthy plaintiff, who had paid a mere $ 6,200.00 to be treated with LIESH Therapy, which had actually saved her life, in spite of the unnecessary mutilation (mastectomy) and dangerous treatment she agreed to receive afterward.”

In the end, the attorney and “political friend of the cancer hospital in Little Rock” announced and listed in his firm’s website that nobody ever expected the amount of the judgment to be paid, but that rather the Court’s decision was to be used as a deterrent for any woman with breast cancer who ever considered to receive the LIESH Therapy.

“That statement in itself should have been recognized and exposed as a violation of antitrust law, and a scheme to deny the public of the right to choose,” says Dr. Carpenter.

Had the jury (even if stacked) and the public been allowed to review the medical records in the case, and the depositions with supporting evidence provided by the defense witnesses, the lawsuit would have been dropped with prejudice against the plaintiff.

According to Dr. Carpenter, the facts of this case, found in the medical records of the plaintiff, which Carpenter says it took three attorneys two and a half years to finally obtain, actually provided unequivocal evidence that the laser therapy under attack is 100% effective in killing cancer in place, without trauma, mutilation, or harmful side effects. Such evidence did not serve the purposes of this case however.

This is the truth that the medical establishment has been actively trying to hide for many years, because admission of its validity would alter the financial balance of the medical profession and that of the pharmaceuticals industry. But this effort of pushing the truth out of view has been perpetuated without giving any consideration to the wishes and the welfare of the patients and tax payers.



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