Can you spell cover-up? Osama Bin Laden Has Been Buried At Sea

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  • The real truth is that Bin Laden has been dead for almost 10 years. The C.I.A. kept him alive in the public minds to keep the war on terror in full force. Before the announcement of his death Obama’s approval rating was at an all time low. The capture and death of Bin Ladin at Obama’s orders will no doubt boost his popularity at a time when his bid for re-election is at hand. And the fact that he “buried at sea” is bullshit. Now no one can examine the body for proof. If the people of this country fall for these pack of lies how can we ever hope to escape the dictates of a New World Order? God help us.

  • Sorry folks.. I have no evidence that the gpvernment is lying. I just feel it. No body? Pfft! Timing around an election? Pfft.. The level of information that the US government would have us believe is staggering. THe good thing is.. I don’t have to re-elct Obama, and I can believe anything I want to. I can try to keep my kids from joining the army to fight for this government.. heck I can even move out of the USA. I hope that you also realize this. You have freedom to do whatever you want to. I think it is BS and that Bin Laden has been dead for a long time. I will always think that. I think the US staged 9/11, I will always think that. Pick your own information, live your own life.

  • I foresee Obamas poll numbers go up, Hey isnt he running again!? GREAT!!!

  • my guess on this is that the american seals took bin laden alive.
    they want to have ‘discussions’ with him…and they don’t want the islamic whacks screaming at the door. so they dump ‘something’ that is 6’5″ into the sea…probably
    near that nuclear reactor in japan…
    then…when the noise has died down…they can quietly ‘talk’ to bin laden at their leisure….this is so brilliant…that i doubt it to be true!!!

  • Missing links

    Missing Links.
    No, we are not talking about evolution, it is the missing links
    from 9/11. Give the tuth a chance and it will explain itself.
    Missing Links ~ The Definitive Truth About 9/11 ~ Part 1 of 12

  • I think all of this smells of b.s. 1st off my belieif is timing is everything.Trump is up our presidents ass one day we ll of a sudden produce a birth certificate most of us have our birth cert right on hand especially if you have children I would imagine he would have to have this as an important document b4 gettin elected.That only worries me we can just put anyone in the Presidential seat? 2nd we have murders happen every day famous important people we could never get DNA that quick what was the time frame they did it in less than 5hrs?How can we produce results so fast when in an ordinary situation we cant get anything in that fast of a time frame.Then let’S just hurry up and dump the body?This sounds like more Gov.t scandulous coverup.And another thing i agree with killing him but did we do it execution style so that we have other countries outraged at US by the way we handle a killing?Wouldnt it have mde more sense to brought him back let all us Americans see him with our own eyes let us believe it.

  • Pakistani, Saudi, US collaboration to let Osama die from
    Liver problems in luxury, then staged assault on compound.
    No body no autopsy no proof= high presidential ratings
    Media covering US celebrations weakens or world standings and destabilizes
    Our Islamic relationships… We got him?

  • A persons opinion can not be argued without evidence, since government has gotten rid of all evidence that might prove are disprove that they actually killed Bin Laden by droping the body quickly into the sea, “WE THE PEOPLE” most believe what we are told, are be considered not a patriot. Same scenario as in the past , believe as we say are you are not a “True American”. Obama given credit for a choice, that in all truth would seem to a” True American” was easy for the man. Obama has not been a good president, proof look at the nation. Every action he and government has taken, seem to have but one plan, drive the nation into bankruptcy. The choice to go into Pakistan and break laws that could have bad repercuussion for the nation. I really do not feel this was ever worried about, if it does cause problems for the nation so be it, the end of the Republic will just be sooner then later. Or government sending in seals acting like mafia assasins, when the right choice if possible , to catch the man, bring him to trial and try and find the truth. But it would look to a “True American” that the truth worries our corrupt government. Show the world that america is a nation of good and fair people, instead government tainted the issue with thier actions. Now government is talking about it, kind of bragging , knowing full well it is not wise. Bin Laden though dead is still a danger to this nation, he has a loyal following that is still a threat to “WE THE PEOPLE” , government wanting to use this to benefit thier personal lifes and help to scare the people. Possibly to use again to take more rights and give them and excuse to make more government . Seem not to care, let the man rest in peace quit using the man for your benefit, shut up. My opinion they did not kill Bin Laden and the actions taken after, well would look to a “True American” that they where getting rid of all evidence quickly. No this is the same government that though actions have put this nation here, they can not be trusted.Another issue it happens to be in time with the birth certificate, this makes me think that is allso a lie , BIN LADEN to take the heat off the lie “JUST MY OPINION THOUGH, THATS COMING FROM A TRUE AMERICAN

  • why can’t we all as americans join together in a petition and bring all evidence, pics, videos, recorded statements or whatever we have that is critical to use as facts and demand a trial against everyone involved in these satanic acts against the people in our country those outside our country as well. we have many resources and to just sit around and not use them wisely makes us all look like kids or even lesser or worser than that truthfully cause we want utilize the same system that would be used against us if there was any case pending towards us it would stand as follows, “you have a right to remain silent and anything you say will and can be used against you in the court of law”, but instead we politic on youtube and other internet based sites only to get upset and signify against one another and make opinions whether to agree or disagree and those who are guilty of these heinous and satanic acts are looking in on all this as grammar school cause there has been no action taken upon all the info that can be used as evidence is being improperly used and mishandled by us all. now i am willing to give hell of an effort to take action and make a responsible progress towards bringing forth the guilty parties in this so called government that we think we all need and depend on. we don’t need a government to make decisions with our money and continue to lie to us and cover up truth for its wrongdoing against the citizens of our country, families have lost loved ones because of the mayhem of our government and for those of us raising children how do we continue to raising them knowing that there is a very high substantial amount of evidence to convict those who are guilty bin a fair trial but instead we’re raising them to ignore all the above and face prosecution for any misdemeanor mishap that might occur in their life and from the way i was brought up was that if there was something i was to be punished for i made sure that anything i knew that someone else did and didn’t get into trouble for it and it was wrong then how could i be in trouble for something smaller than this person who’s situation is more extreme than what i did and that person doesn’t have to face trial or prosecution to be punished for the evidence and /or facts against him? there was a million man march at the whitehouse and for what it is we all can fund enough money to gather busses and fuel to do a similar protest for what the government is letting happen to our country. i am a true and outspoken citizen and i’ll do anything in reach of my power to help with this matter.

  • wise and cynical, yes you are a cynic but wise!A lot of states now are electronic voting, fraud in the american voting system is documented even with the old type of system, how does one so wise even know that your voted was counted,are was it even for the person you believe you voted for. Yes you can believe what ever you want,but in a REPUBLIC the person that is sent to the capital is suppose to take the thouhts and believes to the capital with them of the people that sent them to give representation for the people. Keep your kids from joining the army, at this time in America due to government policies, laws, agenda the nation is dying due to the actions of government. Most people go into the army to make a living ,nothing to do with the idea of saving the nation, because people have an illusion about are greatness, it can not happen here, well it is due to a corrupt government. Know if the economy was not forcing people to join the service to make a living. I would believe we would have a draft to get the bodies needed to promote the provits of business, then there would be no choice. Move out the USA thats not the idea, “WE THE PEOPLE” most of us love our country and we would like to see change to it, bring it back to its greatness. I am a an American that loves America, leaving America is not even an option.

  • Navy seals went in, captured Osama, not wanting to provoke any attacks by alqueda, the USA tells it’s people and the people of other nations that he is dead. But really he is being questioned in a military camp in Nevada, they actually captured him on January 23, so the us military gave Obama the go ahead to declare him dead whenever he wanted. Obama choose the day hitler died may,1 to release a statement about Osama. The navy seals did go in and shoot 2 people and kill them that night. Nationalism spread abroad, obamas ratings go up, and Osama is still being questioned and tortured in nevada. Dontcha just love America!

  • when the special report first aired on national television reporters said they had killed osama a couple of days before they let the media know and that reason being was because they wanted to make sure they had the right man and that they had to conduct a dna test to confirm it was really him and now the story has changed saying that obama made the call for the navy seals to go into the compound and get him the same night he gave his speech confirming the nation of osama’s death. since then none of the media who broadcasted the report before the president gave his speech are not saying anything about when they aired the first set of details claiming to have important information coming from the whitehouse about osama and how long they had his body in u.s. custody before the president gave his speech. this is a very high concern considering all the conspiracy talk that involves our own government and with the change of information that the media has put out really makes it clear and understanding why so many of us as u.s citizens don’t trust our own news broadcasters and it has only proven to be a true aspect and element that we have surely all heard “don’t believe everything that you see and hear on television”. it’s really not clear to a lot of us as to what the real truth is or who we should listen to and if we should trust and believe in what they say, well i’ll say this to those of you out there with this frame of thought, listen to no one when it comes to what you can’t determine you hear is just a rumor or is it the truth or a lie but instead go do your own research and from that you can get better closure to determine what you have heard and never forget and always know and remember that the television, radio and newspapers are a tool to be used against any of us who want to form democracy and patriotism against our own government and lord forbid that day when it comes into existence…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Benazir Bhutto BBC Frost Over the World interview had convinced me when she said Omar Sheikh had murdered Bin Laden and she happened to be killed 1 month later after the interview? Hmm…and also this one guy said that Osama was murdered in 01′ and 02′. And why was it that the “new videos” had him looking younger than he did before? Anyone with common sense knows that Osama had been dead for quite some time (Look how old he looked in the videos and could barely walk) and didnt even live to see Obama get elected. He was too old and would’ve died of natural causes long ago even if he wasnt killed. The Illuminati is real, believe it or not.

  • everyone pay close attention to this as i try to keep this very short and simple, i know that none of us have the exact answers as to 9 11 but what we all can agree with is one very reasonable fact and that fact is that our government and federal reserve are responsible for any american currency and we all know this but lets put the perspective in the hands of mine, your own, or even your next door neighbor, now lets cover some true facts, in our currencies design, shape, color, form, etc., is my idea, creative thought and responsibility. now i have created a new design for all of our american currency because of the high production of counterfeiting and the creation of this new developed design was my thought and creation alone, wouldn’t you want to bring the question to me as to where i come into thought with such a design where it just happened to be a coincidental circumstance that this design of mine was unique enough in its development that when you fold it in the form of an airplane you see what clearly resembles the twin towers in smoke and on the opposite side you see what clearly resembles the pentagon in smoke and this being my thought, my creation, my development and i released the blueprint to the federal reserve for printing before 9 11 even occured would you let me or someone else blame you or someone you know or may not know for the attacks of 9 11? well we all are partly involved in these satanic and heinous acts of conspiracv cause we ignored the hardest fact of evidence to prosecute the guilty but instead we let the media with its evil ways and thoughts of deception through its broadcasts of television, radio and newspaper publishing steer us away from truth and the proof in it and not only that but we let a war rise in other countries and put a massive manhunt on a man and his family for things we (our country) conspired in that has led to deaths of many men, women and children. this is a sad nation and there are a lot of folks who still claim they’re proud to be an american. you can be proud to be a conspirator if you are proud to be an american…!!!!!!!!!! take this into consideration if i pissed on you and you knew it was for fact that it was piss and you even gathered a small sample as hard and concrete evidence against me but i got to the media and they broadcasted that there were reports coming in from all over that people claiming to have been pissed on and some of those claiming to have been pissed on have samples of the piss but the media tells you not to worry it was only rain and that those claiming to have so called samples are conspiracv theorists and are trying to disrupt our nation how would that make you feel? would you view these broadcasts and publishings and accept the piss and be called an conspiracv theorist? what would you actually do and you have a sample of this piss and its mine and its in your clothes!!!!!!! well you have this u.s. currency ($20 dollar bill) as a sample of hard and concrete evidence against our government and the federal reserve and you let the media tell you it was raining when you have proof that its piss. we let many, many, many, men, women and children die as a result of this. now ask yourself are you really proud to be an american?

  • OKAY PEOPLE.. lets switch up senarios real quick and well see the depth of the final equasion. WOULD YOU.. still blame a drug addict in detox for stealing your money, when your GUT INSTINCT says ”gosh, he was the only one who knew!” but here’s the catch.. he said he didnt do it? Ok, ok a better one.. WOULD YOU.. Believe a scandulous girlfriend known for infedelity, when she acts suspicious, with holds very TYPICAL information that would be normal any other time, and everyone else suspects it too? Oh wait.. and you ask her where she was.. say you knew she was at a ”bar” per say, she denies at first but after some questioning.. she gives in to being ”in the neighborhood”.. ok ok.. Last one.. WOULD YOU.. even attempt to put together a picture puzzle, with NO picture, and all the same peices?? Nope sure wouldnt. But for the few of you that said yes to any of these senarios, then you must be the very few who believe the goverments faked death of a charector they made up to fuel a ”war”.. aka a ”blank check” to say all their money is going to this so called war and everybody just cheers them on, instead of questioning WHY. I sure wouldnt take their word for it, and being the goverment, if anybody DID question why with the means to mass communication (that held critical information, or influence) they would just take them out of the picture, as they did with all people who did? Dont know who they are? Well.. well just say ”I had a dream..” but thats a whole nother story folks.

  • And now the SEAL team that “killed” him is dead. Essentially every single person who could prove that Bin Laden isn’t dead is either KIA or in the White House. Wonder what his cell in Guitmo is like.

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