Brittany Murphy’s death case plagued by cover-ups and controversy


(EXAMINER)   As Brittany Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, continues his quest to uncover the true cause of his daughter’s death, his plight has beenreplete with obstacles. Countless twists and turns in this bizarre case are multiplying. On January 11, 2012, Brittany Murphy’s grieving father filed a lawsuit against the Office of the Coroner and the Los Angeles Police Department, seeking the release of specimens of his daughter’s hair and tissues (LA Superior Court Case No. BC476868). Deputy Chief Coroner Ed Winter publicly admitted that the Office of the Coroner did not test Brittany Murphy’s hair or tissues for toxins or poisons. The LAPD collected Brittany’s hair samples, but also failed to test them. Mr. Bertolotti and a team of his supporters firmly believe that Brittany and her husband, Simon Monjack, did not die of natural causes.

Initially, both entities pledged to release the specimens to Mr. Bertolotti. Shortly after these discussions, they’ve backtracked and reneged on their promises. Brittany Murphy’s father is questioning, “Why would the LAPD and Office of the Coroner have such a problem with independent testing of Brittany’s specimens, if they had nothing to hide? Wouldn’t they be eager to prove me wrong, if there was no foul play involved in the demise of my daughter and her husband? Brittany’s hair and tissues were about to be destroyed by these entities, if it wasn’t for my efforts to have them preserved. Neither the LAPD nor Office of the Coroner had any plans to conduct their own testing, so there is no legitimate reason for their interference with my intent to do so through an independent laboratory. I wonder if they’ve quietly conducted some tests before releasing the specimens to me and have changed their mind based on the outcome. Frankly, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Mr. Bertolotti’s case encountered resistance in the court system from the very beginning. On January 23, 2012, Chance E. Gordon, Esq. came onboard as his legal counsel in this case. The proper form for Substitution of Attorney had been filed, time-stamped and accepted by the court. Gordon aggressively pursued the case, filing numerous subpoenas that sought the release of evidence potentially related to Brittany Murphy’s untimely demise. On behalf of his client, he subpoenaed The Hollywood Reporter with respect to the audio tapes in their possession, where Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack have described helicopter surveillance and wiretaps perpetrated against them by the Department of Homeland Security. He also subpoenaed the Department of Homeland Security, seeking information related to the said surveillance and attempted deportation of Simon Monjack. Additional subpoenas went out to the Screen Actors Guild Producers Health Plan, requesting copies of Brittany’s medical files.

Unexpectedly, in June of 2012 the Clerk of Court claimed that it had no record of the filing wherein Chance E. Gordon, Esq. became the attorney of record in this case. It was also discovered that Brittany Murphy’s last name was misspelled in the court’s databases, having been recorded as “Mijrphy”, which would interfere with proper identification of the case in name searches by members of the media. On June 16, 2012 Mr. Bertolotti demanded that the court correct its records. He produced the time-stamped document and the evidence that it was filed by the Clerk of Court, but was removed from the electronic records of the case.

While the fight over the doctored docket was raging on, the Defendants and other subpoenaed parties apparently saw this as an opportunity not to comply with the lawfully-issued subpoenas. On July 12, 2012 the court admitted that the filing should have been recorded in the system and re-filed it. This was a short-lived victory for Mr. Bertolotti, because his attorney would soon be circumvented in a stunningly unexpected twist.

On July 19, 2012 the team of documentary filmmakers involved in this case traveled overseas on an extended business trip. On the same day, offices of Chance E. Gordon, Esq. were raided. All of his clients’ files have been seized, as Mr. Gordon was ejected from the premises. Later the same day, on July 19, 2012 the court dismissed Brittany Murphy’s father’s case, because his attorney allegedly failed to appear for a hearing.

Notably, the raid of The Gordon Law Firm’ offices was carried out by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in its first ever civil enforcement action in federal court. It’s quite curious that such a small boutique law firm was hand-selected as the agency’s landmark precedent case. Clearly, there is no shortage of massive industry operations that could have been targeted, if the Bureau truly intended to address the foreclosure crisis ravaging the nation. The nature, as well as the timing of the action seems suspect, to say the least.

In an exclusive interview with the Los Angeles Homeland Security Examiner, Chance E. Gordon, Esq. commented, “If the raid would not have occurred, the case against the Los Angeles Police Department would not have been dismissed. However, due to the fact that practice was illegally taken over, I was not able to attend a scheduled hearing on Brittany’s case. Deborah Wong Yang, as LAPD Police Commissioner, wants to keep the mystery behind Brittany’s death a secret. As such, she convinced the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to coordinate the illegal raid so to ensure that this is exactly what would happen – Brittany’s case being dismissed. In addition, Ms. Wong has arranged for her prodigy, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kent Kawakami to function as “local counsel” on my case. Through doing so, she hopes that she will be able to prevent the true circumstances surrounding Brittany’s death from coming out. No matter what ‘stunts’ the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Ms. Wong Yang try to pull in order to ruin my practice and my reputation, justice will be served for myself, the late Brittany Murphy, and her grieving father, A.J. Bertolloti.”

Angelo Bertolotti and Chance E. Gordon, Esq. say that in spite of numerous stumbling blocks, they are determined to continue seeking justice for Brittany Murphy. The life of this talented luminary was extinguished, but her memory lives on in a continuing saga that is truly stranger than fiction.

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