Brian now petitioning the Colorado Court to dismiss lawsuit

Note: Brian has given me permission when I requested that he do a interview.

Brian D. Hill is now stating on public record that he broke no law, never intended to cause any harm, and that since he is disabled and on social security disability money he cannot afford to goto Colorado and therefore would be hardship to ever be forced to attend the court trial.

Mr. Hill has stated “I will not agree to any fee agreements or pay any filing fees because even the poor and disabled should have the right to defend themselves and to declare innocence without paying thousands of dollars. Dr. Shirley was right when she said that the court systems don’t care about the poor or at least something like that from Justice4Us.”

Also Mr. Hill will offer no public apology as he committed no crime and will never agree to any stupid agreements.

So now Mr. Hill has started a petition known as Petition Judge Kane to dismiss lawsuit against Brian Hill – The Petition Site and is going viral on facebook already through negotiations with friends to share this and other public online channels. Brian is going to declare to Judge Kane via answers to the summons and get it on public record that he broke no law and shouldn’t suffer any penalties because of the lawsuit scam by Righthaven. He states “I broke no law so why should I pay fees? I committed no crime so where is my justice? I thought justice was given to all Americans including the poor and disabled but I guess there is no justice”.

Also he has created a Facebook Event asking people to boycott the Righthaven Newspapers found on Righthaven Victims blog listings of Righthaven newspapers.

Mr. Hill says “I will never agree to be silent or submit to any gag order if I have to suffer and if it means that Righthaven will get away with their crimes and that I will be looked at as a criminal when that is not the case. I am innocent and will show Righthaven how many media outlets I will go to to stop Righthaven’s frivolous lawsuit. I will petition Judge John L. Kane to dismiss the Righthaven lawsuit against myself since the U.S. Constitution gives us a right to petition any part of our Government for a redress of grievances.”.

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