Bob Chapman Passes Away At 76

(FEDERALJACK)   It is with a heavy heart I bring you the news of Bob Chapman’s passing.  He passed away on June 4th 2012. Bob you were true legend and you have undoubtedly left your mark on history.  I am glad I got the chance to talk to you while being a guest on the Alex Jones radio show last year. Fair Winds and Following Seas soldier.

Below is the obituary from the funeral home:


Robert “Bob” John Chapman, age 76, of Winter Haven, FL (formally of Mexico) died Monday, June 4, 2012 due to pancreatic cancer. He was born October 16, 1935 in Boston, MA the son of John Chapman and Ruth Donley Chapman. Bob was a veteran of the US Army, a writer of a news letter discussing finances and economics and a regular radio commentator discussing politics as well as economics and finances. Most of his working life he served as a stock broker.
Bob is survived by his wife, of 47 years, Judith “Judy” Dabrowski Chapman, son: Robert Michael Chapman, daughter: Jenifer Gillotti and her husband Matt, sisters: Dorothy Trecker and Joan Lotz and 4 grandchildren.
Committal services are Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 1:00pm at Glen Abbey Memorial Gardens, Auburndale, FL.
Condolences may be sent to the family at:

Below is a letter from Bob’s daughter Jeni about what has been going on behind the scenes over the past few months:

June 2, 2012
Dear Friends,

My name is Jeni and I am Bob and Judy Chapman’s daughter. Over the past months many of you have emailed Bob and Judy concerning my fathers health and his replies have been very vague. Some people have been talking on the radio and Bob feels you deserve to hear everything so you know the truth.

In January 2012 Bob went to a medical doctor and had tests and CT scans done, Bob was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that had already metastasized to his liver, he was not a candidate for surgery or radiation therefore Bob chose to try alternative treatments, many of which came via email from his many friends and followers. During these treatments he was not seen by medical doctors. He was led to believe that the cancer was being arrested. I noticed, as many of you did from listening to Bob on the radio that his voice had changed and something was wrong. Bob continued to say that he was just tired and he would be back to himself soon. My dad did not even tell me what was going on, but like allot of you I could tell something was wrong. When I asked my mom, she struggled not to say anything, as directed by Bob.

At the end of April I booked a flight to go see my parents and what was going on with Bobs’ health because now my concern was great as he was no longer acting like himself. I phoned Bob’s business partner, Victor Hugo, to arrange for him to pick me up from the airport. While on the phone I asked how Judy was doing and Victor stated that they had just admitted her to the hospital, she had a brain aneurism due to the stress of the situation I was about to face. Finding out that way was disheartening but I arrived at Bob and Judy’s house the day Judy returned from the hospital. Thank the Lord, she was alright and is on medication now.

Once I saw my dad I cried. He had lost 70 pounds and was very weak. His business partner was in charge of both Bob and Judy’s care. There was no food in the house, only fruits, vegetables, and chicken broth which they were feeding Bob on the direction from the person in charge of the alternate therapy he chose. My mother did not drive so she relied on Victor to get what they needed.

My dad has been type 2 diabetic for a number of years and so I checked his blood sugar and it was almost 400, a normal adult should be around 100. I explained this to Victor and Bob, along with the fact that Bob needed to be consuming calories, water, taking insulin, and walking. Bob was very dehydrated and malnourished.

Next, I called a medical doctor I personally know where they lived and arranged for him to supply Bob with a calorie drip, and insulin. Then I reviewed Bobs condition with the alternative therapist and Victor and they both assured me that Bob was getting better, even though they had no proof because Bob had not seen a medical doctor since January and therefore had received no more CT scans. He did have blood work taken, from his home, and sent out to the lab by Victor, however that showed the cancer count going down. Victor tried to tell my friend the medical doctor that my dad did not need the drip without my knowledge, however the doctor approached me to confirm this and I made sure that Bob got what he really needed to improve his health and return my parents to the states. It took me 2 ½ weeks to build Bob’s strength and weight (he gained 6 pounds) to allow him to fly back.

Upon arrival, I brought Bob to a Radiological Oncologist to review his blood work and scans. The Oncologist asked my dad about his treatments since January and Bob proceeded to explain them and ended with his comment that the cancer in his pancreas was arrested. The doctor was in awe, and informed Bob that he was gravely mistaken. The Oncologist had printed out Bob’s CT scans and showed and explained them to Bob. The cancer in his pancreas in January was only 1 inch by 2 ½ inches and now was 5 inches by 7 inches. The cancer cells in the liver began as 2 spots in January, and were now 4 times as large. He also informed us that the monthly blood results supplied by Victor could not be Bob’s. He said “This blood work does not match your scans.” Bob was devastated, to think that he was betrayed by the man he worked with and trusted for 10 years. This Oncologist stated that Bob was not a candidate for radiation and referred us to a Medical Oncologist.

After Bob’s appointment with the Medical Oncologist, blood work and a PET scan was ordered and Bob was scheduled to have a port put in for fluids, blood work, and any future treatment of the cancer. The next couple of days Bob and Judy relaxed with family by going out shopping and hitting some golf balls. Bob spoke to some people on the phone and did some dictation with me for the upcoming IF. Bob also, as always continued to personally respond to all of your emails. My dad loved being on the radio and writing the IF.

On Tuesday, May 22nd Bob went in for his pre-op appointment at the hospital and everything went well, when we returned home he was tired so he took a nap, I told him I would wake him for lunch. At 1:30, when I went to wake him, he could not stand on his own. I took him to the emergency room. Around 11pm he was transferred to ICU and we learned the severity of my dad’s condition.

We learned: Bob has had a urinary tract infection for so long that it had infected his blood, his blood sugar was still very high, his blood pressure was so low that they needed to give him the maximum amount of medicine just to get his blood pressure up to 90/50. He had one blood clot in his right leg and multiple in his left. His kidneys were beginning to fail and his liver was already not working. We all were surprised because we had no idea Bob had this many underlying conditions. Because of the blood clots and cancer, his platelet count was 27 and his white blood cell count was low. The doctors could not insert the MediPort, a TP line, or stints for his liver and filters for his blood clots because of the possibility of him bleeding out during these procedures, or even being able to recover. While in ICU Bob called and said good bye to his sisters and childhood friends that he was still in contact with.

On Monday, May 28th, we brought him home where he spends his days with his immediate family. My mother has been seen by a physician here and her blood pressure is being controlled.

Bob has not spoken to his partner, Victor. We have tried to contact him by phone and email and he has not responded. He controlled everything for Bob and Judy, from their accounts to the IF website. This is why you all received this week’s IF via email. We have been told by Bob and Judy’s previous neighbors, that someone has gone into their home and removed their furniture and belongings. Neither Bob nor Judy will return there, they will remain with me and my family in the states.
Bob wants the IF to continue so we will do our best to bring you editorials from various individuals that share Bob’s views. We are working on a new site address and email, as Victor is in control of the current one. As soon as we re-launch the IF, we will email everyone. Please keep your eyes open for this email as there will be many changes coming.

Thank you for the emails of love, prayers, concerns, and stories. There is nothing more rewarding then to read or talk to you and hear how my father has touched your life. I read them to my dad or relay the conversations I have had with some of you. It makes me cry, not in sorrow, but in joy because I am so proud of my father. He is such a compassionate man willing to help everyone from a 10 year old that needed soccer cleats, to a 70 year old couple that needed advice on their retirement. Over the years, he personally responded to everyone he could. Those are some shoes to fill, but we are willing to try.

I hope you will continue to support the IF and keep Bob’s dream alive.

Thank you,


Link To The Letter Posted On Google Docs

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