Birmingham Police shot and killed man’s chocolate lab inside his home, grieving owner says

(Madison Underwood)   Early in the morning, Barry Cochran was in the bedroom  of his home in the East Thomas neighborhood when, according to Cochran, two Birmingham Police officers came to the door and ended up shooting and killing Cochran’s dog, a 60 lb., four-year-old chocolate lab mix named Bella.

“It’s just a very bad situation,” Cochran said.

The shooting started after Cochran’s roommate called the police, after a friend the roommate had over refused to leave. “My roommate had been seeing someone, and they had gotten into an argument,”  Cochran told “My roommate was getting ready to go to work at 6 a.m.  Apparently his friend didn’t want to leave yet because it was so early.”

When the officers knocked,  Bella did what any curious dog might do. She slipped out of Cochran’s room and went to see who was at the door.

“My roommate let them (the police) in, and they were standing on the threshold or right inside the door, and Bella went up to them,” Cochran said. “I’m sure she was wagging her tail, because she was the friendliest dog in the world. And she never, never growled. She didn’t bark, that’s for sure.”


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  • I am saddened by this. How could they do that to a living animal? I pray for these sick men. That poor beautiful dog. Jesus came to show us Love. I pity these men, for they are clearly not mentally equipped to do such a public role in communities. They should be fired and imprisoned. I hope they file a a suit like this one:

    If you can pass this along, as long as it would help.


  • Cops nowadays are just trigger happy…they are not there to protect and serve. Their goal is to terrorize!

  • Everytime I hear about some sub inteligent pole ice using weapons in a manor as this, much less an ignoratant situation as this, my anger surfaces. It is incomprensible that a, in the great words of the long passed Eric Wright "punk motherfucker with a badge and a gun", would be in the thought process of considering shooting a dog, muchless a harmless labrador in ANY situation. All I can tell you is that if a pole ice shot my dog, he best have eyes in the back of his head because karma is a bitch.

  • doesnt bloody matter if the dog did bark or grawl!! its their dam home! my Shepherd would have!

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