Bill Gates Implies Dr. Wakefield Is A Fraud & Child Killer While Pushing Population Control

3 Responses to Bill Gates Implies Dr. Wakefield Is A Fraud & Child Killer While Pushing Population Control

  • Who the FUCK is Bill gates to make any decision whether vaccines are harmful or not. Well he is a member of the Biddleburg Group that should tell you something right there. They keep saying that there is no proof between the MMR vaccine and autism because if they did can you imagine the repricussions to the Drug industries??? My son got his MMR shot when he was 1 and shortly thereafter he stopped talking completely for the next 3 years and would only point to things. He was starting to talk before he was 1 by the way saying mama, dada, and the like. The tymirisol(spelled wrong) is the preservative in the MMR shot and has way too much mercury and harms the brain. I asked to have his 2nd MMR shots seperated into all 3(1 for each so there would no thymirisol) I was told they dont do that and I would have to buy a case of each if thats what we wanted to do. So I told them pretty much to go fuck themselves and I will not get my child anymore of the vaccines. This is what happens when you let lobbyists make deals with the drug companies and government. they can and will do anything they want to at evryones expense but their own…Fucking assholes!!!!Tyranny is right around the corner people wake the fuck up before its too late.

  • Even if you remove all the extra toxins in vaccinations, I still would not take them. From what I have seen the entire science of vaccination is false. Vaccinations have never prevented disease; their purpose is to damage people to make permanent sick people for life long customers.

  • The video has disappeared BTW

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