Bill Clinton (Rockefeller) & The Mysterious Learjet Crash days before the OKC Bombing

On April 17th, 1995, a Learjet crashed. On board were Generals and Admirals who were getting ready to arrest Bill Clinton for treason. The official list of casualties for that flight included Major General Glen A. Profitt, ll and Clark Fiester, an important defense department official (who also was well-connected to some former signals experts and a leading expert on electronic war fighting and networking). Two pilots were aboard. One enlisted man was said to be included on “space available.” There was never any mention of an Admiral or any Naval personnel among those killed in that highly suspicious crash.
Two days later the Murrah building in Oklahoma City was bombed and we heard no more about this mysterious plane crash. The treason they were going to arrest Clinton for involved the normalization of relations with Vietnam. Evidently Commerce Secretary Ron Brown had been paid $700,000 to rush through this normalization pact. The only thing that stood in the way was the American POW’s that Vietnam still held. The decision was made by a few covert men to try to rescue some of the POW’s before the normalization took place. The story, which has been confirmed by Joe Jordan of the National POW Task force and by Sarah McClendon, the senior White House correspondent, is that close to 30 live POW’s were brought out of Vietnam and taken to Leavenworth prison to get them ready to be absorbed back into society. One of these former POW’s was on board the Learjet that crashed on April 17th, 1995. The Generals and Admirals were getting ready to go public with the proof that there were other POW’s left behind in Vietnam after the normalization treaty was signed.

According to Joe Jordan, these POWs were murdered by the Vietnamese shortly after the United States signed the normalization treaty. If this story got out, charges of treason would have been filed against President Clinton and many of his cabinet.

August 30, 2007 six nuclear-tipped missiles that were “accidentally” flown from North Dakota to Louisiana, followed by the subsequent murders and “accidents” that took place all up and down the chain of command. This was at a time when John P. Wheeler worked for the Air Force. I think that this man may be the latest addition to the list of those killed over that incident. Someone, operating under a special chain of command within the United States Air Force, stole a nuclear weapon.


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