Bilderberger Rick Perry refuses to stand for State Secesssion petitions that are gaining popularity

83,306 petition signatures clocked around November ‎13, ‎2012 6:27PM. Petition was created around November ‎9, ‎2012. It is highly likely within a few days the signatures may reach 100,000. Getting 1,000,000 signatures would be 1/300th estimated of the entire American population.

Author: Silence DoGood

Texas Governor Rick Perry, whom has attended the Bilderberg meeting in 2007 and has also mandated the vaccine Gardasil to 11-year old girls that permanently harmed them thanks to a Executive Order style mandate, has decided to stand with the Union and refuses to stand with the most popular State Secession petitions which is Texas.

The Huffington Post reveals that “Texas Gov. Rick Perry does not stand behind a secession petition filed with the White House by a Lone Star State resident in the aftermath of the presidential election.”

As what was explained in another article earlier today, only the President can make a treaty with 3/4 of the Senate concurred, which can allow the states to legally and peacefully secede from the union which is the United States of America. There has been talk that a treaty may not even be needed for Texas since it was declared the lone-star state and that whenever it had joined the union, that the treaty clause already has a provision allowing Texas to leave the union although I haven’t done research to confirm this. If confirmed then all it takes is the Texas state legislature to approve Texas leaving the union then Texas will become it’s own republic under it’s own Constitution with no Federal Government. This also means the Texas US Senators and Congresspeople will also be out of a job since they represent a state that may decide to no longer be apart of the United States.

The second most popular State secession petition on petitions system is Louisiana that clocked at 30,579 around the same time as the Texas petition recorded by this article. Only 25,000 signatures is needed to require a response from the White House according to their own policies on under the guise of following We The People. With the President declaring “that he will work around Congress” after the elections a unknown CNN video has shown, it is well doubtful that the President will just let the states slip through his fingers thus outdating the power of the President and Congress. The movement is growing as it has been reported that Mitt Romney won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote college.

In fact there is a chance that Obama may begin a civil war if the states begin to falter it’s support for a broken and dysfunctional Federal Government with out of control agencies and a powerful Executive Branch that usurps the three branches of power. There is also a chance that the petitions were created to entrap and detain rebellious people and arrest those that want to throw the Bilderberg banker control occupation out of the United States. Considering the fact that Rick Perry was a Bilderberg attendee, the Bilderbergs may not want this petition as it will destroy all hope for a North American Union and will make it more difficult to unite the world for the New World Order agenda.

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