Beware of a Possible False Flag Event, Media & Feds Pushing Fear for 10th Anniversary of 9/11

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  • They talk about all this “Crap”, Never do they show the Documents, the Web Sites, the Hit Lists. It is all assumed that They have it from a good source. this is like the news quoting a source as “A Top Government Official Said”. Well who in the hell was it? or a “Un-Named Source source repeatedly confirmed that Al Qaeda ate pork sandwiches.

    Why can’t all these reporting agencies ever back up what they say like these web site’s by scrolling through the site’s and showing us that they in deed are real? Then the Clip where the guy worked at 4 Nuclear Plants. Why not show us his 4 Employment Records?

    I would not be so unsure but they Lied about Iraq, Lied about the White Papers, Lied about Bin Laden’s ties to 9/11, Covered over the Saudi Link in 9/11, Hid FBI Informants, Lied to start the Afghanistan War. Smeared vasoline all over the butts of the American people with the Bank Bailout that has cost Trillions of dollars then said that “WE” as Tax Payers OWE IT.

    Now they are lying about Libya and the Rebels and the War Crimes and NATO’S War Crimes. They Lied about Gaddafi using Cluster Bombs on his own people. NATO is Bombing Civilians and Universities while the Rebels are Raping and Torturing and Welding people into their own homes to Starve to death. Sorry, I don’t believe a Word they say any more.

    They Lied about all the Vaccines. and the list goes on and on. So as a fact. They flat LIE….

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