Bachmann’s rule: No vote, no Randy Travis

(POLITICO)   Michele Bachmann isn’t offering up country singer Randy Travis and her other bands for free.

As this brochure, being passed out by Bachmann volunteers, indicates you must first register with her to get into the music

5 Responses to Bachmann’s rule: No vote, no Randy Travis

  • Since when does Ms. Bachmann own the music on the brochure. That’s ridiculous!!!
    The music was not made only for her, but for the world to enjoy. She doesn’t own these artists. What’ the story?
    Shame on you Ms. Bachmann.
    I do not intend to offend, but I find this offensive to many of us who enjoy listening to these artists.
    Barbara Tarantino

  • Israel’s republican choice for president.

  • Ms. Tarantino,

    She hired Travis et al. for the event. She put them in a section that only those 4-6000 people she bussed in could see him. It was on a condition that they vote for her. It was a private event in other words for Bachmann supporters.

    Now here is the photo you should have run this article with;

    Look uip michelle bachmann and her footlong corn dog!! For some reason I can’t paste it in.

  • so she bribed folks to vote for her and paid for about 4000 tickets. To bad there are now rules/laws against the kind of obvious manipulation of the straw poll process.

  • TYPO EDIT—-> “no rules/laws”

    If anything i guess this shows exactly how much of front runner ron paul actually is, yet the big money presstitutes still ignore him. I just hope their blackout works like reverse psychology and opens alot of folks eyes as to how bogus the mainstream media really is.

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