Baby squirrel pepper sprayed by cop

(CNEWS)   A YouTube video of a Texas police officer using pepper spray on a baby squirrel has sparked outrage.

Distressed kids from Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite are heard on the student-recorded clip telling the uniformed officer to stop spraying the tiny animal.

The squirrel had apparently chased students around the school grounds Wednesday afternoon.

Sgt. Wes Talley, of the Mesquite Police Department, told Fox News the animal was suspected of having rabies and had tried several times to scare the squirrel away from the students.

The officer then used pepper spray to protect the children, Talley said.

As of Sunday, the 36 second video had 221,000 views.

Animal control officers treated the squirrel, and released it back into the wild the following day.

5 Responses to Baby squirrel pepper sprayed by cop

  • Dumbass

  • Yeah, He could have used a trashcan to drop over it to contain it until animal control got there or if he had a pair of leather gloves he could have picked it up to see if it was going to bite. Many don’t seem to be equipped Cops for the right situations and always “overkill” on just about everything. He should have listened to the kids.

  • I ould have called the dept of wildlife and as someone else mentioned, try toplace a waste can over the creature. If it was chasing students, this maybe for some illness. What I am finding in all the animals coming closer to my house is, they are all straving. This has to be for the fact that they are not getting what they need from nature, so we need to investigate why, what is happening to their food supplies. CHEMTRAILS upset the PH balance in Soil(FACT) see film sent to all reps in DC (What in the World are they spraying) great film and would explain why more and more animals are risking contract and death at the hands of humans, THEY ARE STRAVING!

  • fuck the police

  • The cop did exactly what he was trained to do. The lesson here: Don’t appear to be a threat to a cop, and the cop won’t “violate” you!

    Number of police officers patrolling America in 1789: ZERO

    Corollary: More police = less freedom. Police states are hazardous to your Liberty; and now, apparently, to the liberty of baby squirrels!

    America, when will you stand up and throw off tyranny?!??

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