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This is almost better than an Obama peace prize!  Days before an erection the “roll out” of a major “terra” incident and a lightening fast speech to go with it.  Yeah, tell me this didn’t come out of some think tank.  Elvis bin Laden strikes again!……


The Project Censored list is out!…

No I don’t approve of Islam being named the Russia replacement enemy for the MIC.  
I do believe Larry Silverstein had two massive asbestos abatement problems he found a unigue solution for.

Lamestream and the sheeple still lap it up.

We Need To Boycott The IRS


Yesterday was tax day in this formerly underwater New England community. Much like the intrusive census questions this time it was the tax people asking me to jump off a cliff.

If the government asks you, do you automatically comply.
Both the federal and state want me to put both mine and my wife’s social security numbers on a check. In our ever improved financial infrastructure I have a huge problem with that.
The bank no longer returns my actual checks even though I paid for them. Instead the statements have photocopied microscopic versions of them rendering them unuseable in tracking my own finances all throughout the tax year. In my years of experience doing this it also increased drastically and in a most ungreen matter the amount of paper the bank sends me. Oh, have ever burnt old financial paper in the fireplace to destroy old records? Does it not make a tremendous mess? Amazing how even after burning sometimes you can still read it.

Now if I put both socials on a check which I never get back plus the unknown aspects of the micro-copies which may or may not be an instantly transmittable digital image the sum total is like answering the email from the Nigerian prince who owes me 10 million dollars.

Apocalypse Cavalry 1st Division

I don’t know but I bin told
New World Order is real cold
911 and Northwoods too
Make a fine deceptive brew
Eisenhauer Bill and John
Warned us all but now their gone
Fiat money Madoffed me
Ponzi scam for all to see
401s for you and me
Built the Chinese Factory
Drywall dogfood kid toys too
Come back as a toxic brew
Bilderbergers came to town
Mortgaged it then burnt it down
Bill and Turner Holdren too
Think there are too many of you
Spanish flu and birdies too
Make a fine and deadly brew
Birther, bagger tin foil hatter
What you say don’t really matter
NSA knows all you say
Is the SWAT team on their way
Thank you Satan
Yes we can
Stuff em all into the van

Myth for me a myth for you
Taliban and Qeada too
Bases tunnels great big towns
Way down deep beneath the ground
Spray all day and spray all night
Nothing there for you to sight
GMO and pharma too
Frankenfood for me and you
I don’t need no friggin raise
Cause I can see the end of days
If’n we shouldmake it through
Flying cars for me and you

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