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Beat the internet censors

The Internet used properly can be a very powerful tool to all sorts of groups. Their causes can be good or bad, they can be seeking freedom or slavery so the internet can also be a dangerous tool. I think this is why the elite power structure are scared of the power of the internet. We see Google censoring search results and reading your emails, we see alternative media outlets being unfairly censored by Google and it’s properties. I’m convinced the globalists are concerned about the power the internet has to empower us all and to allow us to organize resistance against their tyrannical system. Why else would they be launching full scale assaults on it or hiding their writing behind pay walls?
A problem with the internet as it is today is that it has become a ‘black hole’ of the mainstream media and it is easily edited to erase what doesn’t benefit the establishment.  This is why I agree with Popeye that books are very important because they are impossible to edit once they are printed and in the ‘wild’.  News articles posted online by major newspapers or bloggers can be edited after being posted without the readers knowing the information was changed.
So the question is how do we beat this ‘black hole’ of news and media? There are some really good tools out there to get the raw footage or documents off the internet and share them online or as a last resort in a physical form like a hard drive, a flash drive, or DVD. This article will introduce you to a pair of excellent tools that can be used to download video, audio or news articles off the web by taking advantage of the Real Simple Syndication feed or RSS feed on websites to download the content to your own hard drive.  Once you have the data on your own hard drive copying and sharing it is easy. Some websites are set up so that you can’t get the whole article through the RSS feed but the majority do let you get it this way.

If you are like me and get a lot of alternative news from youtube you may notice that a video you intended to watch may have been taken down by youtube then wondered what was in the video.  As most of us know youtube is a google property and is notorious for censoring unpopular, politically incorrect or dissenting opinions. A tool I use is called gpodder. An open source podcatcher that has the ability to take entire youtube channels and download new uploads in mp4 format to your hard drive.

The one thing you have to do is set up your subscriptions in gpodder so that it will keep an eye out for the newly posted videos. the interface is very simple and it wont take you long before you know how to use it with ease.  Make sure to set in the preferences of gpodder to check for new content as often as is possible.  Another benefit you might find for gpodder is if you work or frequent a location that has no internet connection you can watch or listen to content from your hard drive. This has benefited me quite a bit because I work as a security guard and often spend countless hours in guard shacks outside abandoned factories with no internet connection. Downloading my favourite youtube channels right to my laptop hard drive lets me catch up in the mind numbingly boring 12 hour shifts babysitting abandoned factories that have been left to crumble.

Another good tool is called calibre. It is designed as an ebook management program but it has a feature where it can also take advantage of the RSS feeds most websites have to download their news articles onto a hard drive. Even if you don’t have an ebook reader like the Kindle you can take advantage of this program to download news from the internet to your hard drive without constantly searching your favourite websites.  Then you can print the article or read it on your computer. There are many other good ‘feed readers’ as they are called that do a similar task, you can use whatever suits you best however make sure that the program downloads the content to your hard drive and doesn’t just pull the content to the program from the internet when you want to consume it or else it could have been edited.

So stay safe out there, don’t give up the fight!

In Liberty,

Canadian Sheepdoggie

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