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Wichita Charity Scheduled for Discussion at City Council Meeting

Wichita, KS men under a bridge across from the welfare office as the sun sets

(L2R) Terry O'Dell, John Farmer, trying to keep warm under a bridge just off of Market on William.

By C. Patience Summers http://writewingwichita.com/

David Hill is trying to keep his charity, 1Spark, able to feed the homeless once a month and has scheduled the matter for discussion at the next Wichita City Council Meeting on Tuesday, December 13th.

He’s never had an issue in his two years of service to the needy of Wichita until November 19th, when a complaint was made via a 9-11 call to Wichita P.D.

Now, he faces the daunting task of arranging for porta-potties, security and a permit from the city. The homeless who benefit from the meals, hugs and more that 1Spark shares are concerned that the charity will be stopped.

“The state has already waived their costs,” Hill said on Tuesday. “I just haven’t heard back from the city except this from the Police Department,” he shares a document listing all of the necessities for any planned event here in the City of Wichita. “It’s like five hundred, then seven hundred and I don’t know how much for security and portable toilets,” Hill shook his head.

Following a meeting with Parks and Recreation on Thursday, Hill said, “I can see why they require a permit, but I don’t think they should charge for it,” citing he knew of several other organizations that went there who did not clean up after themselves as well as 1Spark usually does.

Even if the permit fees are waived, there’s still a question of $500 having to be paid to insurance every time 1Spark goes out to feed the homeless.

Under a bridge that is close to the welfare office, John Farmer and two other homeless men gather together to keep warm as the sun goes down and the temperature drops in Wichita. His finger is bleeding from a rock he slipped on in the gravel underneath the bridge, but he’s more concerned with the pain from the way the homeless are sometimes treated here in Wichita.

An unidentified young man dressed in a security guard’s uniform crosses the street and advances toward the small group of men shouting, “Hey! I’m calling the cops, get out of here! Go on!”

Farmer has been homeless on and off for about five years here in Wichita. He speaks of David Hill’s efforts to feed the homeless, “I’m glad there’s somebody out there tryin’ to help us. It’s hard.”

Terry O’Dell, another man pulls his sleeve up and shows a red rubber bracelet with the words “One Spark Can Start A Fire” written on it. “Hugs and candy bars, man. They were all handing them out with these and it’s like someone’s thinking about us.”

“I need my birth certificate from the state to get a Vision card,” O’Dell explains the process he and some other homeless people need to go through to get their lives back in order and get assistance. “We need to eat.”

All of the men under the bridge claim David Hill as a friend, “I’d call anyone who comes out here and feeds us, hugs us and cares like that our friend,” Farmer explains.

Mayor Carl Brewer explained that he and others in City Hall were working on possible solutions, one of which might include Hill’s not needing a permit for this particular type of activity.

Mayor Brewer explained he was addressing “the need for citizens who need to eat.” He also said the issue might be in the cleanup after 1Spark feeds the homeless.

1Spark issued the following statement: “One Spark has never and will never leave trash at any location where we have fed the homeless. Every time we feed, David Hill and his volunteers pick up the trash and throw it away. After we feed we make sure and pick up all the trash in the surrounding areas and we take the trash with us. Unfortunately we are not the only group that feeds in those particular areas on Saturday’s, and we cannot control whether they pick up their trash or not. Our mission is to feed the homeless and we respect the outdoor areas that we use.”

North Dakota CPS filing system aptly named “FRAME”

By C. Patience Summers
(760) 317-8854

Amongst many other issues with the Department of Human and Social Services in North Dakota, special mention must be made of their Child Protection Services record keeping program (Like the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System). It’s aptly named “FRAME” and does not seem to even come from any sort of an acronym.

The complimentary kicker in this situation is that their mental health record keeping system is called “ROPE,” although ROPE is an acronym.

North Dakota still records everything about everyone and their spokesperson for the department of Human Services tries to “dance around” the way public monies are spent at the officials’ discretion in the following video:

Oddly enough, they still retain the same amount of information about everybody as they used to under the “Legacy” system, but it’s separated and more categorized now in a sort of umbrella system called “Oracle”. To follow, is their PDF defining the different names of systems they have for keeping records/files on civillians:

SACWIS Update: is it possible to crumble the system?

By C. Patience Summers
(760) 317-8854

Following several interviews with state Departments of Human and Social Services spokespeople, it was leaked that there was a flaw in the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS): duplicate records on single individuals.

SACWIS is a file, or system of files, that contain record of an individual’s foster care record, their food stamp and public medical care history and any welfare or Child Protection Services allegations (false, unfounded, sustained and anonymous complaints alike).

A representative of the Department of Social Services in Utah said, “It’s not like there’s just one file,” and went on to explain that any allegation or social services record gets put into this SACWIS system and intake social workers, or whomever is researching the parent of a child, have to match these complaints against actual people.

For example: in area “B”, there are numerous complaints against the “Smith” family. Some of these complaints could be in this SACWIS system under the name “Smithe” and there could even be numerous families with the “Smith” name.

Then, the social worker must match the other identifying aspects of the family to the SACWIS system to form a case against the family for removal of the children in family court.

At it’s genesis, the plan for this system was to have this system up and running, connecting all states and run every family through this system prior to releasing their newborns from the hospital to ensure the infant would be going home to an “appropriate” home and family.

Currently, only children in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), who coincidentally qualify for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) funding for being premature or sick in some way, are automatically being checked through this system in most hospitals because the funding simply isn’t there to run every child as of yet.

If one wants to see the paperwork a social worker must fax a hospital to put a hold on a newborn, visit http://federaljack.com and search “Washington Social Services Exposed” and view the documents and records leaked there. There is a generic, fill-in-the-blank form social workers fill in to place an unconstitutional hold on a wanted newborn.

At this point, some states, like Utah, have declined integration into this national system, but still copy the form of record keeping into their own SACWIS.

How easy would it be to crumble this system if there were millions of complaints made against similar families than the existent ones? Could it be made like sifting through any local phone book? The investigation continues.

Judge arranges forced adoption for local politician’s daughter, citing poverty issues alone

By C. Patience Summers

Bad Judge of the day (03-11-11): DISHONORABLE K. Mark Lloyd of Johnson County, In. He has an undisclosed conflict of interest because he sits on the board of directors to the Regional Services Council Committee (RSCC), an agency that decides what DCS contracted agencies will be used in his area. BAD JUDGE!

The following link is a pdf of the minutes of one of these meetings, if anyone is interested in seeing this judge on the roster for one of these: http://www.in.gov/dcs/files/Regional_Service_Council_14_MinutesApril2208.pdf

Occasionally, this reporter will hear about a judge who may not appear to be getting financial incentives for swaying their decisions, but their decisions still appear to be swayed for other reasons, even if it’s just a proverbial pat on the back from their peers or to feel in control of something.

One mother, Sherri Lynne Dungan, claims he allowed her parental rights to be terminated without just cause because the reporting individual who called Child Protective Services, Jodi Checkeye, is the daughter of the influential Warren Beville. Beville was a city councilman for the City of Greenwood, Indiana during the 60’s and 70’s.

Reportedly, Checkeye has custody of Dungan’s son as the result of poverty issues and no actual abuse allegations have been charged against Dungan.

“It’s a nightmare. It’s like she just ordered my son like you order an item from a restaurant,” Dungan cried.

In a brief, telephonic interview, Lloyd said that the RSCC is a statutory committee that decides what contracts the county will use for the foster care system and there are many officials involved besides himself.

He said that there is a process in In. for a judge to go through if they want to sit on the board of directors to a DCS directly contracted agency so that it can be certain to all that there is no conflict of interest involved, but he does not believe this process is needed for his involvement with any of the agencies he is a participant of.

Lloyd also claimed to be on another committee that provided monies to the foster care system.

He also claimed that he was attending college and high school while Beville was in office and did not know him.

Lloyd would not comment on Dungan’s case or why her child was removed without any substantiated allegations of actual abuse in his courtroom.

As of this date, Dungan’s parental rights to her son have been terminated and she hopes to overturn her case.

A license to parent your own children in the USA

Today’s topics are the State Automated Child Welfare Informations Systems (SACWIS), the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) and what they mean to us, as citizens of this great country.

The CACI is merely a registry that registers victims and those accused of committing child abuse. It is a registry that follows people their entire lives with only one way to get off of it: to write to the government and specifically ask them to remove you from the list and share good cause to be removed from it.

SACWIS, however, is a more in-depth registry that keeps track of any and all contact with Social Services. This includes unfounded Child Protection Services reports, any form of welfare and a complete history of a person if they were a foster child. If they had an attitude with a social worker at the age of five years old, it goes into the SACWIS file of that person.

Both are interlinked, but SACWIS is more in depth and there is no erasing anything placed on a SACWIS file, even when it’s proven by Social Services to be false.

The eventual goal of SACWIS is to have it interlinked from state to state, across the United States of America and to eventually pass a law making it standard to run everyone’s name through the system prior to releasing their newborn child from the hospital to them to decide whether or not they should be permitted to have custody of their child.

Yes: soon, people will need to pass this “background check” in order to take their own newborn child home from the hospital.

As it stands, only a few states are interlinked and the ones who do check the system only check when there is a reasonable suspicion that something is wrong; however, the goal is to eventually run everyone who has a child through this system before any hospital releases their child to them.

The subjectivity of personal opinion regarding what defines a poor environment to release an infant to concerns family advocates across the United States of America. This definition lays in the ideals of individual county socialworkers.

With so many being pressured to bolster adoption ratios for judges and higher-ups in the system who sit on the boards of directors to fost-adopt agencies, who knows what America is headed for?

C. Patience Summers may be reached at patiencepoet@ymail.com or (760) 317-8854

Siskiyou County Sheriffs refuse justice to civil rights activist

Last night, via telephone, Siskiyou County Civil Rights activist, Kathleen Dearinger, was denied assistance from the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s department again. She has purportedly been denied help concerning embezzlement of her small ministorage by two former employees many times. “I just don’t understand why they won’t help me,” claims Ms. Dearinger. “I also understand that there were drugs being sold here while I was gone and they won’t do anything about that, either. I can’t even get them to take a police report about any of it.”

To demonstrate Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department’s unwillingness to help Ms. Dearinger, she telephoned them last night on speaker-phone, and pleaded with the deputy to come take the report and look at the evidence she had that these crimes had been committed. “I need you to get a judicial decision,” says the deputy of what he would need her to do to motivate the Sheriff’s Department go arrest the two who embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from Ms. Dearinger’s small business over the past year and a half. Otherwise, the deputy would not even come out and take a report.

Throughout the entire call, the deputy seemed to be in search of some reason to not become involved in Ms. Dearinger’s concerns. She told him of the possibility of drugs being dealt out of her storage facility by former Mount Shasta City Councilwoman Katrina Howard (recently caught with excess of 30 pounds of processed marijuana for sale and other illegal drugs). Ms. Dearinger states, “I am fully willing to cooperate with them to help get a drug dealer off the street. I don’t understand why they refuse to prosecute these people who embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from me. It’s like they don’t want to catch criminals.”

When this reporter attempted to obtain a comment from the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department’s media representative, she claimed that there was a “history” on this case and declined to comment on why they refused to assist Ms. Dearinger. She went on to tell this reporter that they were “out of control” for simply asking why the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department refused to help Ms. Dearinger. She also declined to comment when this reporter asked what level of involvement the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department may have had in the illegal drug trafficking at Ms. Dearinger’s establishment while she was out of the country and her two employees were purportedly committing the alleged crimes.

Shortly after this reporter called the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department’s media representative, the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department returned Ms. Dearinger’s telephone calls and agreed to assist her in prosecuting the two former employees. Apparently, the two former employees had lied to a Deputy regarding a storage unit. Since the offense was against the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department, They are now willing to cooperate. It is not known if it is because of the lie to the Deputy or if it was because the media is now involved that they are finally willing to investigate, but this reporter will continue to keep a watchful eye on this particular case as it progresses.

Operation Phoenix: possible national pedophile ring

San Bernardino City Council unanimously voted to give “pastor” David Rhone (lately, better known as “Pastor Pedo Master”) of First Church of the Nazarene an ultimatum: either ban all sex offenders from his “church” grounds, or lose all monies given to his church from the city for the city-ran Operation Phoenix and SOAR children’s programs. He has stated that he will not comply and he feels that the registered pedophile he had hired (Mr. Hoyt) had a civil right to be there. Mr. Rhone claims that the ultimatum is a violation of his civil rights and he will not take the necessary steps to protect the children in the programs from contact with pedophiles that the city requested.

Councilman Rikke Van Johnson has taken the matter back to city council for review. Monday, the council will again have the chance to avoid an investigation into Patrick J. Morris’ precious cash cow: Operation Phoenix.

Recently, yet another pedophile has been tied to Operation Phoenix. Reports came to a local civil rights activist regarding another Operation Phoenix pastor harboring another pedophile in San Bernardino. The family of the pedophile had gone to the pastor for guidance and support after finding over seven-hundred child pornography pictures the pedophile had downloaded on the family computer. The pastor instructed the family members not to turn the pedophile in to the police, but to allow him to place the pedophile in a local group home so that he may help “treat” him. The pastor reportedly told the family that he harbors many pedophiles and he could “cure” him of the condition of pedophilia.

The family kept the pedophile’s actions a secret, as instructed by their religious leader, for a total of two months before offering the police the computer with the photographs on it. Higher-ups in the San Bernardino Police Department refused the computer because the pictures had been deleted, although remained recoverable, citing “high political stress times” and that the photographs needed to be seen by police before the computer could be taken as evidence. After City Attorney (mayoral candidate) Jim Penman’s office learned of the situation, a city attorney investigator immediately went and picked up the computer for data recovery at an undisclosed location.

Concern for pedophile after pedophile popping up at Operation Phoenix community centers has the already nervous community of San Bernardino a little more guarded than usual. Could this be a pedophile ring in light of recent discoveries? Citizens of San Bernardino murmur in the streets, little more than a whisper is queried of what’s to be done about “Operation Molestation.” Offending pastors and politicians show no remorse for the violated children who are harmed by their greedy actions. There aren’t even any apologies of proud “pastor” Rhone for permitting the known pedophile to be hired to work at the children’s center. One thing is for certain: if Patrick J. Morris wins this mayoral election, Operation Phoenix will definitely go national, as-is.

More can be read at http://sanbernardinocity.blogspot.com/

Another pedophile found at children’s program set to go national

(C. PATIENCE SUMMERS)   The first city council meeting of San Bernardino after the ACORN bust found itself opening with a copy of a memo that yet another sexual predator, Jason Hoyt, was working at the very same Operation Phoenix center that alleged pedophile, Mike Miller, worked at. Apparently, the news was too much for councilman Chas Kelly to keep quiet about. With a nervous sounding voice, he finally insisted upon the council calling the matter for discussion.

When police Chief Kilmer was called upon, he explained that his department did investigate to see if there was any wrongdoing by the predator and none was found. Furthermore, he claimed, he was not considered a “high risk” sexual predator. The pastor of First Church of the Nazarene (Pastor Rhone), the church that housed the Operation Phoenix center, reportedly knew this man was a sexual predator, but he still allowed this man to do work at the church that had at least three children’s programs (including a preschool). The church had apparently requested that the convicted pedophile merely be restricted in his movements at the church.

Ultimately, though Mayor Morris objected, the council unanimously voted to give an ultimatum to Pastor Rhone: either ban all convicted sex offenders from his church to keep the children safe, or the city would stop paying rent at his facility. Also, Mr. James Penman, city attorney who is running against Morris for the position of mayor of San Bernardino, cited several laws that gave him the power to warn the parents that a pedophile had been at the Operation Phoenix center where their children had been. The police chief, Kilmer, objected; however, Penman set to warning the families the following day.

On September 23rd, the day after said city council meeting, James Penman and his investigators were posted at the children’s facility, passing out fliers stating that a sex offender had been working at their children’s pre-school: Operation Phoenix. Many Morris supporters were not in favor of telling the parents of the possibility of the children having come in contact with a convicted pedophile. Apparently, they believed, as Morris did, that it should have been kept private and he should be allowed to be there.

Pastor Rhone stated that it ws a civil rights violation to ask him to ban all sexual predators from the children’s facility as it is also a church and sexual predators have a right to worship where they please. He believes that the city council will reverse their decision and continue to have the children’s facility at his church that allows sexual predators to attend and work at.

Recently, Mayor Patrick J. Morris did meet with V.P. Joe Biden about the possibility of spreading this program throughout the United Statyes and, apparently, Mr. Biden thinks this is a good idea, as did ACORN at the genesis of Operation Phoenix.

Currently, Serenah’s Angels (a family & civil rights advocacy group in San Bernardino) is investigating further allegations that yet another pastor involved with Operation Phoenix may be harboring and protecting pedophiles on a regular basis.


Further history on Operation Phoenix can be found here: http://sanbernardinocity.blogspot.com/

ACORN and Operation Phoenix linked!

Earlier this week, ACORN was caught on video trying to help set up a brothel for underage immigrant girls (thirteen 13-15 year olds) in San Bernardino where the profits would go to support the political career of an aspiring politician. In the video, many names were rattled off in what seemed like references by the ACORN employee who claimed to want to assist in the set up of this “business” in San Bernardino. Among the names mentioned was one Congressman Joe Baca, firm supporter of Operation Phoenix (Mayor Patrick Morris’ “anti-crime” campaign).

In his run for re-election in late 2006, Joe Baca claimed credit for his involvement in Operation Phoenix as a positive reason to re-elect him. Countless complaints of civil rights violations by Operation Phoenix officers and participants have been reported and complaints that CPS has unjustly placed families under investigation and removed children from their homes because of Operation Phoenix raids on the poorer parts of the city; however, no complaint of Operation Phoenix can be considered as vile as the alleged molestation of three children in the “community centers” by Operation Phoenix employee (at 144K per year salary), Mike Miller.

Recently, Mayor Patrick J. Morris has taken his “anti-crime” program to Washington and promoted it for use throughout the United States. Patrick Morris is an ex CPS judge who sits on the boards of directors to many non-profits, some of which are contracted by CPS and make money every time his Operation Phoenix program lands a child into the foster care system. He is currently seeking re-election in San Bernardino.

As it turns out, ACORN directly supported Patrick J. Morris’ Operation Phoenix at a San Bernardino City council meeting in late 2007. Some twenty ACORN members showed up in red vests in support of the communistic program and were recognized by the mayor and council there. Considering the molestations, ties to many non-profits and similarities between the general template suggested by ACORN for the brothel and Operation Phoenix affiliate non-profits, one has to consider if Operation Phoenix and the re-election of Patrick J. Morris are a good idea for San Bernardino at all, much less the United States.

Morre of a history can be found on : http://sanbernardinocity.blogspot.com/

Proof of these connections can be found at:

In late 2006, Joe Baca claims credit for Operation Phoenix: http://www.sbsun.com/vote/ci_4595452
In late 2007, ACORN came to a San Bernardino City Council meeting in support of Operation Phoenix: http://www.pe.com/localnews/sbcounty/stories/PE_News_Local_B_bacorn27.4e90706.html

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