Attending a City Council meeting….be prepared to get searched and treated like a criminal

(FEDERALJACK)   On Tuesday 01-18-2011 we attended the city council meeting in North Miami Beach, FL to give out more information about 9/11 and fluoride as we have been doing and were completely caught off guard by the reaction to the Arizona shooting last week.  Their reaction has been to put in a metal detector and three guards who actually had the balls to go through my wallet. Like a “terrorist” carries an I’D card, well they do but it says CIA on it. Anyway I voiced my opinion that it was absurd and made enough of a fuss but not enough that they wouldn’t let me in. The worst part is two of them were Police Explorers, young kids being indoctrinated by the Police, doing the searches. Like I said they went through my wallet and only stopped when I asked why it was being done.  This is the exact type of reaction that the shootings in Arizona were meant to invoke.  The whole thing screams MK Ultra setup. Now as I type out this article sitting here listening to the meeting we listen to the city’s report on fluoride in the water and when we disagreed with it we got told by the cops who encircled the outer perimeter of the room that we had to quiet down.  So in one months time we have gone from having freedom to voice your opinion to being told to “keep it down”, welcome to the New World Order Police State.  And for clarification purposes I am not in any way bitching out the Police, they were asked to come there by the paranoid City Council.  In fact the officers there were mostly receptive to our message and some asked for DVDs and information.  Now if a City Council feels it needs Police protection from it’s citizens maybe its time to retire and let someone else who is in touch with reality take over.  During the meeting other residents stood up and voiced their opinion about the ridiculous security checkpoint as well.  The Council members don’t have to go through it, just the residents and people attending the meeting, so right off the bat you have a separation by classification.

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