Are The Psychiatrists Who Programmed Sleepers Being Killed?


Over a week ago one of my sources told me that the psychiatrists who programmed Sleepers are being hunted down and killed. It’s being done like this because the psychiatrists are easier to find than are their victims.   A programmed sleeper needs timely “recall visits” to keep the program in place. If there is no programmer around to keep these people in their programs, a number of things might happen. 

Some people will wake up, as if they have been a victim of amnesia. They will remember their “other” life and they will try to return to it and to the people they once loved. 

The example above is one of the tragic, but sometimes heartwarming cases where a long lost child returns home with a new family. Sadly, sometimes the long lost spouse returns home only to find that his/her former spouse has remarried and is in love with someone else. 

The examples above are NOT the norm. 

What usually happens if a programmed sleeper is no longer kept in his program? 

They start to destruct. 

Some of the signs they exhibit are instability, anger, wild bursts of screaming and yelling. Possibly threatening to kill or destroy those around them. 

These are minor and with proper care the person can be brought out of their programming. Sadly, most of these people will not have an informed person around to help them. Some may end up in a mental institution under heavy medication… literally a chemical lobotomy. 

If anyone you know is exhibiting erratic behavior. Find a hypnotherapist you trust and hire him for some major deprogramming. 

The “sleepers” we need to worry about are the Level 5 programmed Manchurian Candidates. 

The Level 5’s are beyond recall. This means that without the programming that keeps them in “stasis” until they are triggered to perform their mission… they could go off like a stick of dynamite and carry out their mission… but NOT at the place and time their programmers desire. 

What is a Level 5? 

Read what Gunther Russbacher wrote. Then ask yourself what will happen if thousands of Level 5 Sleepers start going off randomly all around the world. 

In the past when the school killings were going on there was pattern to the mayhem and destruction… the pattern was to build on the fears that people have of guns so that the country would be clamoring for MORE gun laws. 

These random acts of violence will be so diverse that no one will be able to pigeonhole the killers. The public at large will NOT clamor for more gun laws… they will clamor for guns in every house, school, car and purse. 

An armed society could prevent the senseless slaughter. 

If my source is right and the programmers are being killed… then we are in store for more gun violence than ever before, but it will be the kind that will make people demand that more guns be put in the hands of responsible people. 

A gun in every purse or pocket could have prevented some of the killings that have taken place in the last week. 

If you have NOT read Gunther Russbacher’s treatise on how our government creates Manchurian Candidates: 



5 Easy Steps To Create A Manchurian Candidate 

In light of the recent ‘terrorist’ attacks, this article needs to be reviewed. How many “sleepers” are still living normal lives, waiting to be “triggered”? 

By Gunther K. Russbacher, ONI, CIA – 1996 


Level 5 


At Level 5, the “trigger” which activates the program is inserted. 


At Level 5, very carefully, a code word, sequence of numbers, or a voice imprint is “etched” into the subject’s brain. This is commonly known and referred to as the “trigger” which will activate the subject into action. At this time, the subject will also be implanted with a coded tracking device so that his location will always be known. 


Once Level 5 programming is complete, the subject is released to live a very normal and sometimes useful life. The subject will have no memory of being involved with the intelligence community, and will have no memory of the hypnosis sessions. 


The “sleeper” who has been given a complete new identity will have no memory of his “former” life, therefore he will never question who he is. The subject will live a normal life as a doctor, an airline pilot, a politician, an eccentric loner, or a movie star until the subject is required to perform the missions for which he was created. 


These missions or programs were implanted/written into Level 4 hypnosis. Once the the Level 5, programmed “sleeper” assassin is finished with the programming , he is referred to as a “Clear Eyes”. A “Clear Eyes” is a “sleeper assassin” who is capable of being triggered, i.e. activated. 


Once a “Clear Eyes” is “triggered”, accidently or on purpose, the subject is beyond recall. A Level 5 “Clear Eyes” can only be approached after he carries out his program or operation. 


Because of the programming, the subject will not be able to associate with the crime he has just committed. Such a programmed subject is Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert Kennedy. To this day Sirhan cannot recall anything about shooting Senator Kennedy. 


Only psychiatrists trained in our method of sub mental behavior programming, overwrites and overlays, will be able to find any tracks leading to post Level 1 or 2 mind control. In other words, a regular psychiatrist may discover that the subject has been hypnotized in the past, and may even discover the original personality. But a regular psychiatrist will never be able to discover the location in the brain or memory, where Levels 3, 4 and 5 programs are stored. 


Without an activation “key”, a normal psychiatrist will never uncover the programming unless by accident. 


If the programmed subject is told to walk into an armed camp and assassinate an enemy leader, the subject will carry out his program with no regard to his personal welfare, whether he lives or dies, or how he is supposed to escape. In most cases of programmed “Clear Eyes” who commit murders or assassinations, the subject is killed on the spot, either by an innocent bystander who kills only to end the killing, or by an agency operative who is on site to insure nothing goes wrong, in other words, that the subject “self destructs” or is killed. 


In some cases the subject is captured and not killed. Due to the type of programming used in “Operation Open Eyes”, the subject will not be able to divulge any information. Even if the subject is brutally tortured, he will not be able to remember the actual killing or terrorist act, let alone why he did it. This is because all programming is buried deep within long forgotten childhood memories which were recalled under Level 3 hypnosis. (This is the level where real childhood memories are accidently destroyed in politicians and other officials who have agendas “overwritten” on their own personalities.) 


Even under the “truth serum” drugs, the subject cannot reveal the truth because his conscious mind has no access to it. Using “Operation Open Eyes”, the government can create the perfect assassin, saboteur or terrorist. One who will perform on cue, not be able to remember anything, or self destruct before being captured.


Part One 


Part Two 


Gun Sales Up in Binghamton and U.S. 

In the City That’s Home to Today’s Tragic Shooting, and Across the U.S., Gun Sales Are Up 




This incident is the fourth mass murder in the west part of the state of Washington in the past three weeks. 


The family kept pretty much to themselves and that the father was very strict with the children. In the United States, this is the fifth mass murder ending in a suicide in the past month, with more than 45 victims. 


In the United States, it is the fifth mass murder ending in a suicide in the past month, with more than 45 victims. 


The killings are being connected to poverty caused by the economic crisis 


The economic crisis, which subjects many Americans to dangers of losing jobs, their savings, homes, health and pension insurance, is linked to the increase of mass murders with suicides recently. 


A day before the tragic family murders in Graham, a Vietnamese immigrant who lost his job barged into the offices of the organisation that helps immigrants assimilate and killed 13 people and himself and wounded four others. 


6 Mass Murders Take 47 Lives in 30 Days 


Here are the links to the original articles on the Muslim Brotherhood taking over control of the sleepers. 


I posted both of the articles… they are basically the same… but each article has an important thread that is worth reading. 




Original article: 





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