Any Whistleblowers whom wish to expose Porngate, I ask you to come forth and tell us

Author: Ben Franklin

Subject: Whistleblowing

Note: If any government employee, Pentagon employee, or any law enforcement officer for that matter is aware that the US Government, state government, or local governments is setting up innocent people with child pornography then I ask that you email any leaks and tips to I know you all have families and are all afraid of repercussions out of releasing this information but there is absolutely no reason to keep inside government knowledge secret to the extent where innocent American citizens are being set up with child pornography charges and given lifetime sex offender registration where their whole life is restricted and can never raise a child as a result of these set ups. Do the right thing and leak these child porn set-ups. Would your creator or spiritual entity or karma allow this? For those that don’t believe in a creator would you allow your fellow human beings to be set up then thrown into prisons under trumped up child porn charges? I as a article writer beg you to get the truth out and leak either through documents, witness testimony, or official records to prove that people are being set up with child porn so we can forward to Wikileaks in addition to alternative media such as Infowars, Intellihub, and other places and then all the people whom were wrongfully convicted can finally be granted innocent by a Governors pardon of innocence or be granted a right to a retrial.

Right now an article I have published around April 19th, has gone viral and made American Livewire, TheIntelliHub, Planet Infowars and other places. I know a few are questioning whether this is real or not, trust me what happened to my source and Andrew Rose did happened and he did upset some high government people connected with some very powerful criminal banks. They used the eMule virus to get his IP Address flagged in NordicMule the law enforcement version of eMule that possibly shares and probably downloads child pornography in order to catch those whom are downloading it over the eMule network. According to a document I examined that was given to me by the very same source from the last article I have typed(document cannot be made public as it contains personally identifiable information) it let me know how the government was able to track and record the IP Addresses of those whom are set up. In fact I will post some excerpts from this document to prove to you that I have done my research and know what I am talking about, that I am credible. This is copied from a document typed by real law enforcement but is available in court records which are public and aren’t punishable to release to the general public.

That means whether someone from the government used another virus or physically planted child porn images into someones computer, or that the eMule virus was the tool that planted and distributed the child porn, or all of the above, that the eMule virus was a beacon that got law enforcement officers after whomever they planted the Trojan type virus on.

NordicMule is a software tool based on the eMule software program, a publicly available P2P client that operates on the eDonkey network. NordicMule was originally adapted from eMule by The Norway National Criminal Investigative Service for law enforcement purposes. NordicMule was then modified for law enforcement investigations to function within the CPS suite of tools, discussed above. Functionality and features were added to create a software tool that identifies computers offering to share files associated with the exploitation of children on the eDonkey network.

NordicMule works by regularly downloading ed2K links (eDonkey magnets) from the CPS servers. Those links are file hashes previously viewed by law enforcement and known to contain depictions of child sexual abuse. As NordicMule receives information from sharing peers about a known file, it attempts to connect and browse that peer. NordicMule identifies what each individual and specific computer is offering for transfer based on IP address. Thus the information acquired is not from multiple sources, but from specific IP addresses at specific dates and times. All information submitted to the CPS servers is the result of individual peer computers responding to a request from NordicMule. Information that is logged to the CPS servers contains the police officer’s license number.

NordicMule searches for files of known or suspected child pornography and then records the IP addresses of those computers offering to participate in the distribution of known or suspected child pornography. NordicMule reads the publicly available information from computers that are identified as offering child sexual abuse images for distribution. This software reads these reported offers to participate in the sharing of child pornography and reports the IP address, the time, the date, the ED2K MD4 value, the type of software in use, the GUID number (or serial number) of the software, and the filename for each computer offering in a consistent and reliable manner to the undercover servers housed in Florida.

The reason the term suspected child pornography was marked in bold was due to the fact that NordicMule does not only track and record IP Addresses of known child porn files, but also ones only suspected of it and that means files that can use any of the known pedophile keywords which this article will not disclose as anyone whom attempts to search these keywords risks getting raided by the police and I do not intend to get any researcher in trouble. So that means any variant, personally programmed and controlled eMule virus, or Win32/MoliVampire.A that distributes the material or even downloads it will be logged and flagged by NordicMule then the police will plan a future raid against those IP Addresses caught up in this. Even a ABC News article that was likely contributed or impacted by the Associated Press has revealed of various people in court documents in their defense claimed that viruses were responsible for child porn getting on their computers.

Since eMule is open source under the GPL License, can be ported to multiple operating systems, any hacker can port the eMule file sharing programming language code into their viruses and Trojans to download whatever they want then release the commands through hacked personal computer or server relays. Child porn can be used as a powerful weapon to ruin somebodies life since all someone needs is one or a few more child porn images and their computers are seized forever as evidence in a criminal trial, the person risks a lifetime permanent and mandatory sex offender registration, and prison time. The government has done operations such as Operation Northwoods, Operation fast and Furious, Operation Gladio, the Pentagon has over 5,000 employees that were never prosecuted after caught purchasing child pornography, and so why wouldn’t the government plant child pornography images and videos in people’s computers. The facts this article presents proves that this isn’t some fear mongering article by the entertainment industry nor is this article a fake. This article is the real deal and exposes what the mainstream media should be exposing and that innocent people are being set up with child pornography and in many cases has no evidence or ability to prove innocence so many wrongfully convicted become lifetime sex offenders with no right to a pardon granted(some states may bar the Governor from pardoning sex criminals despite each different circumstance, innocence, or facts surrounding a criminal conviction) by the Governor. Those on the sex offender registry has their entire life restricted, from where someone can live, to where someone can hang out or even eat, to all kinds of other restrictions. Your life basically becomes a box, a prison, where your all alone, and this is happening to everyone on the sex offender registry whether they are pedophiles or not, whether they are dangerous sex criminals or not, regardless of what the circumstances and facts that are proven are.

So the eMule virus and other viruses are downloading and distributing files which can be flagged by NodicMule the law enforcement modified version of eMule then the IP Addresses recorded. Does this mean that law enforcement operations such as the Internet Crimes Against Children task force and ICE’s Operation Flicker are knowingly releasing child porn embedded into music files and are using viruses such as the eMule virus and could also likely be planting real child porn files or even sharing real child porn files on P2P networks to pad their statistics and fill their arrest and criminal prosecution quotas to keep their budget from being cut? Is the law enforcement organizations that are aware of somebodies innocence trying to convict law abiding Americans just to keep the respect from their communities? Is this being used to destroy political free speech and free press? Are corrupt politicians now using child porn to shut up critical dissent? If certain criminal elements in the government can deal drugs, purchase child pornography on the tax payers dime, meeting with prostitutes in other countries, and conduct other criminal acts then why wouldn’t they plant child porn in people’s computers. Child porn is such a controversial topic and is so taboo that any government group or employee can destroy somebody by simply adding a few naked or sexually exploited child images to their computer then bye bye whomever was set up.

That is why I beg anyone in law enforcement and government that reads this, or someone whom knows somebody in law enforcement or works in government, to leak out any documents, witness testimony, or any information to help back our claims that the US Government can set people up with child pornography. Once enough evidence is gathered then the whole government child porn scandal shall be dubbed as the porngate scandal.

More questions that should be asked for these so called ICAC and ICE child protection raid squadrons that raid every downloader suspects home and take away all their computer equipment including personal family photos and other irreplaceable data forever, why are they not raiding child porn sites hosted on the TOR network, I2P network, and the Freenet network. With the police doing everything in their power to catch child porn sharers on P2P even using dirty methods, why have they done nothing to root out nor trace the location of the server’s or try to get one of the server administrator’s to admit where the original server is to bring down sites like Lolita City and other high profile pedophile sites according to RussiaToday and other mainstream media articles. In my investigation and confirmed some things after speaking with some TOR people through Torchat and TOR IRC networks, I found out hidden TOR websites that host child porn are raided by foreign police departments and law enforcement and likely shut down by police that were able to track down where the sites were located yet the American ICAC and ICE can’t take down some of the biggest pedophile websites hosted on TOR. (Disclaimer: I didn’t conduct any onsite investigations as the law enforcement would use that to come and arrest me but just simply chatted with some TOR users that kept themselves anonymous but yet with chatting with enough people was able to confirm the information without visiting any sites, all info confirmed by anonymous witnesses I spoke with on a TOR chatting system) I also discovered some of the Torchat users telling me that Lolita City is still online despite the hacker attack by Anonymous as they seem to be the only people going to war with that TOR hosted website and few others according to news reports I read. Is our government intentionally letting child porn flourish on certain networks then when they get too big they get them raided and taken down then allow a new pedo trading website to be uploaded? You would think with the eMule raids against small time eMule users that many of the techno pedos likely fled using P2P altogether and are using encrypted Peer to Peer protection systems such as TOR and others. So what use does the government need out of continuing to share or abet users sharing child pornography on P2P networks that are dwindling in peers due to all the people targeted over file sharing whether porn was shared or not, and yet they are not taking down some of the major porn trading hubs on TOR. How can these people brag about protecting our children from child exploitation yet the ICAC and ICE cannot do as well as the foreign law enforcement organizations that are doing a better job at taking down certain pedo sites hosted on TOR. Throughout talking to people and asking them questions as a undercover news reporter and intelligence operative, I now know for a fact that the ICAC and ICE Operation Flicker are all lies and not making much or any of an effort to protect children from exploitation but are here to set up innocent people with child porn charges or are simply the compartmentalized task forces that don’t set people up but that another criminal element of the government sets people up or maybe people outside of government with ties to some political high ups set people up with child porn then the ICAC legitimately believes they are the heroes protecting the children from every nasty porno downloader on the block.

That being said I do not see how the real bad guys are being targeted especially with the TSA groping little girls and boys every single day with no input from law enforcement except that they arrest every parent that does not want TSA screeners touching their little girl or boy in places they should not go which would constitute a felony for molestation in normal circumstances.

Either the ICAC and ICE is knowingly setting people up with child porn or they are front groups compartmentalized while the more deeper government people openly share pedophile material and conduct the set-ups to cover their asses from prosecution.

Regardless of the fact the anonymous source admitted he went up against a corrupt state govt official with an intent to expose then thrown him off the thrown with criminal charges of violating his official duties and then all of the sudden mysteriously got the eMule virus then the detective claimed they found child porn on his computer without immediately sending to forensics stinks to high heaven. Then they threaten his family to coerce him to confess to false child porn charges and get him to admit being attracted to young girls when he has always tried to find a way to go on dates with young women around his age(18-24yo range). He is obsessed with beautiful young women around his age especially Japanese women so why would he ever go after little girls and want to exploit them, the police could care less that he is an upstanding guy, ran a successful alternative media outlet in his local area, questioned his elected official when other media would cower and ask softball questions while he asked the hard ones and got police threatening him and his family questioned by the same police in the local area, and he had a petition saying that he wants a unconstitutional federal law t0 be nullified and said that abductions and torture(which includes sexual humiliation and abuse by US military) is all wrong and is against federal law, and walked over 5-10 miles from each section of his local neighborhood gathering petition signatures and informing people of these unconstitutional federal laws. He will never molest a child, he has never done anything of the sort throughout his entire life, and has never taken any interest in children. He wanted to be a news reporter when he became older, he wanted to do the right thing even if police harmed him, he never got in trouble with the law before, many people where he lives knew about him and agree with his political views, and yet he was set up with child pornography and the police actually believe or at least they are giving that impression that he wishes to plan child abductions and molestation all the time simply because they claimed they found a few photos on his computer. Why would this person use P2P for something illegal when it is well known that people get busted for any type of file sharing? Why would this person throw his own life away taking an interest in images that are exploiting children when he has been fighting for a long time to stop the globalist agenda and protect the rights of the American people? The whole criminal charges doesn’t fit him. The whole narrative that he is some bad boy wanting to sexually abuse and touch little girls when he has been trying to get a regular girlfriend or even future wife to spend his life with, and he has done everything he can to remind the police that certain unconstitutional federal laws that require abductions and physical and sexual abuse such as political torture at CIA black sites of anyone accused of terrorism is in violation of federal law prohibiting such acts. The evidence and the answer is clear he is not a child molester, he never will become one, but the local police are hell bent on convicting this person upon a set-up by the eMule virus and will have his life ruined and he had wondered months ago about killing himself as he has been telling me he thought of doing so upon the event of successful conviction since he won’t be able to go dating and meeting beautiful women he admires and wants to get to know with lifetime sex offender registry. It is horrible to think a man like this will be convicted and thrown out on the news as a convicted child sex offender that is a virgin and has never been around children let alone done anything to anyone. If anyone has been set up for a political crime of speaking out and doing what was right, he is the perfect political criminal example to the rest of the community to shut up or child porn gets put in certain community people’s computers to be the next example if this guy isn’t enough to scare the other political dissidents and dissent.

Our government really cares about our children do they? 🙁 More like hit people with meat grinders then telling them it is to protect the children.

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