Antiwar Orgs Questioned on Non-Support for Antiwar Candidate Ron Paul

(CFVFP)   During C-Span’s Washington Journal morning program on Saturday, January 14, 2012 the guest was the political reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee, WI and the topic was the 2012 presidential primaries and swing states such as Wisconsin.

The caller Phil from Florida noted Wisconsin’s history for having a strong antiwar movement and questioned why after the Democrats taking the impeachment of George W. Bush off the table after winning the House in 2006, massively funding the illegal wars and occupations into the Obama administration, and now after 3 years of expanding the wars he was supposed to stop once elected Obama is taking the country closer and closer to a major disastrous war on Iran is it that the people in the antiwar organizations still will not give up their blind loyalty to the Democratic party and vote for the only presidential candidate (Republican or Democrat) who is antiwar and who has pledged to actually stop the wars once elected.

The guest answered that he hadn’t seen any of the antiwar people in Wisconsin switch over to support Ron Paul, but also mentioned that the Wisconsin primary is not until April and if Ron Paul is still in the race at that point then there may very well be Wisconsin voters switching over from Democrat as well as Independents voting for Ron Paul based on his strong antiwar positions … especially since Wisconsin is an open primary state.

The antiwar organizations made it very clear that wars of aggression, illegal occupations, torture, etc. deserved nothing less than a public call for impeachment when the president was the White Republican Bush but to this very day those same antiwar organizations will still not make the public call for impeaching the Black Democrat Obama. The application of double-standards for the same crime based on race is by definition racism. Read about “manufactured dissent” by Chossudovsky.

For a more in-depth analysis of the national antiwar organizations’ double-standards on calling for impeachment of U.S. presidents committing war crimes, please see the article “Impeach now or forever hold up peace” as it appeared in June 2011 on Information Clearing House at or on Lew Rockwell at

Veterans For Peace began its strong public call for impeaching George Bush for war crimes in March of 2005 and continued the call until Barack Obama took office in January of 2009 … and even though Barack Obama had the responsibility to call an immediate cease-fire to the illegal wars of aggression and other criminal policies such as torture, rendition and indefinite detention or else be guilty of the same war crimes, Veterans For Peace and the other national antiwar organizations for the past 3 years still have not applied the same standard of a public call for impeachment to Obama.

In August of 2011 at its national convention, Veterans For Peace by a majority vote of its general membership finally passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama for the same war crimes cited in VFP’s 2005 very public call for impeaching George Bush … yet the national leadership of Veterans For Peace, made up of some of the same individuals who were adamantly and very publicly calling for the impeachment of George Bush, will not even talk about the organization’s resolution calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama, let alone make any kind of public call for it.

There is one national antiwar organization which is applying the same standard of calling for impeachment for U.S. presidents committing war crimes in the name of the American people, and that is They have a link on their website that will generate a letter to your respective member of Congress directing him or her to urge House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama for war crimes. Please use the following link to generate your own letter to your respective member of Congress and then please share the link with others:…

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