Anti-Obama reporter says he’s being watched by drones

(RT)   Journalist Joseph Farah says the aircraft he saw hover above his rural Northern Virginia home recently was a government surveillance drone, and he believes the unwelcome visit was just a step in the Obama administration’s war against liberty.

“I’m taking my dog for a walk and guess what I see right over the tree line right above my head is a drone,” Farah, the editor of World Net Daily, tells radio host Alex Jones this week.

“I don’t live in the city, I don’t live in a populated area, I live in one of the most rural places you could possibly live in Northern Virginia and there could only be one thing that this drone was spying on and that would be me, that would be my property because there’s just nothing else around except woods and deer,” he adds.

Farah implies in the interview that the drone could have been dispatched by US President Barack Obama, whom he insists is out to attack his critics. It just so happens that Farah is perhaps one of the most famous opponents of the current administration, and has been such since before the commander-in-chief ever took the oath of office. In a 2008 op-ed, Farah was one of the first well-known journalists to take jabs at the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate, saying at the time that, if elected, “the question of eligibility for the highest office in the land will no longer even be a matter for concern.”

“It’ll plague Obama throughout his presidency. It’ll be a nagging issue and a sore on his administration, much like Monica Lewinsky was on Clinton,” Farah added. “It’s not going to go away and it will drive a wedge in an already divided public.”

This week Farah adds that as Election Day is once again about to come around, he fears a win for the incumbent could be a colossal blow for others unconcerned with opposing the president.

“The liberty lovers out there really have to stick together….or we’re going to hang together as our founders said,”warns Farah. “Look – this is the first term – if he’s re-elected it’s going to be war – they will be at war – we will be hunted down like dogs, keep that in mind, that’s what the stakes are.”

4 Responses to Anti-Obama reporter says he’s being watched by drones

  • Maybe he is on obamas hit list, "WE THE PEOPLE" have sat by, while government has stole are nation. Folks this nation begain for the very reasons, that we now allow our government to do. What has happen to the people, we have seem to forget government works for "WE THE PEOPLE" and in case the people are failing to notice, government is getting stronger and stronger,the government have felt none of the effects of 2008. Pay raises, wars, drones, tsa, goes on and on government just keeps on spending on things that steal the wealth and the freedoms of the people. The way government is spending, do "WE THE PEOPLE" believe all the lies, while "WE THE PEOPLE" suffer government is still doing fine. It is time for the AMERICAN people to grow up and wake up put there differencs aside, and realize there is but one threat to the REPUBLIC, and that is the republic’s government.

  • Maybe it’s time for a laser pen answer…

  • IF,you think its bad now,wait tell obammy announces its time to turn in the guns or go to prison for life or be killed for not complying with the UN order to disarm america……..I had a vision of the police and military going from town to town just shooting anyone one they saw to scare everyone into giving up their guns,now LETS see what happens when obammy tells america "were taking your guns"and thats if they bother to tell anyone they’re taking the guns.maybe it’ll just be a suprise……….DOOR to DOOR searches,guns,cash,bibles,gold,silver and anything else of value to them………..FOOD MAYBE……….

  • Not if EVERY freedom hungry person, loads and fires back…I mean, what’s the point of living as a slave…

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