Another horror story of US Healthcare

(RYAN DAWSON)   The victim of an assault is now the victim of the American Healthcare system, the American legal system, and American police work.

Please Help if you can. This person is actually the brother of a man who a few years ago helped my brother. So I am returning the favor. Fortunately for him, I have some media pull but not enough I need your help. Take a quick read and send a couple bucks, (cost of a coke or a coffee at a shop) of if you can’t share the story. The excuse the cops made just sounds unreal, but this is America.

Shane was the victim of a brutal attack, where his leg was crushed. Please show some love by helping out with his colossal medical, legal, & living expenses.

Shane’s Story
My 42 year old brother Shane came to visit his 2.5 year old niece, my daughter, in our hometown of Auburn, NY, from his home in Atlanta over Memorial Day weekend. While visiting, he and his High School friend ended up at a local pizza place. Upon leaving they were brutally attacked by at least 3 people. Shane took the majority of the beating, brutalized all over his face, neck and chest… if that weren’t enough, his leg was crushed. The break to his tibia was so severe it required a major trauma surgery where a large plate and 12 screws were installed in his lower leg. He will be unable to put any weight on the leg at all for at least 3 months, which means he will be in a wheelchair and is not able to travel back to his home, work, and life in Atlanta.

There is more to the story…
Like so many American’s, Shane is self employed and does not have health insurance. He’s caught in the unfortunate gap of middle class America. Shane was previously denied insurance from several carriers after finding naturally caused herniated discs in his neck and finding out that the allotment of “Pre Existing Condition” insurance budget had already been fulfilled for the year.

After Shane’s X-rays were originally reviewed he learned that he needed to see a trauma surgeon to fix his severely broken leg. In the subsequent week he was refused by 3 different surgeons, due to his lack of insurance. After a very frustrating week forced to lay in bed with a crushed leg, running out of options, he found amazing care at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY.

As you can imagine Shane’s main focus should be on getting well, but his mind is racing at the thought of not being able to work and how to cover the payments for his growing medical bills, attorney fees, and loss of income.

Where Your Donation Will Go

Medical Bills
After a major surgery and a 5 day stay in the hospital, Shane’s hospital bills are astronomical. He will also undergo months and months of Physical Therapy. Just 1 of Shane’s prescriptions alone costs $5,000.

Legal Fees
Because Shane was a victim of a brutal attack, the legal system is involved and Shane has to carry the financial burden of legal representation.

Living Expenses
Shane’s life has been completely uprooted. The long weekend he intended on spending in NY has turned into months… He’s displaced in NY where he is unable to work and get back to his normal life in Atlanta. His bills still need to be taken care of.

The Impact

Your contribution will make such an incredible difference in Shane’s life. The less financial worry he has to burden the more he can focus on his very challenging recovery. Click here to contribute. It doesn’t matter how little. Thousands of you read these things from WRH and other places, let’s raise the money and make the story go viral so the issue can get more media attention.

Other Ways You Can Help

Just because you aren’t able to contribute, doesn’t mean you can’t help!
Please support legislation on Healthcare for All! Nobody deserves to be turned away from surgery with a severely broken leg just because they happen to fall into a gap in the system!

Please encourage the Auburn Police Department to continue with their investigation in this case!!
At the time I’m writing this there have still been no arrests (2 weeks since the attack), even though 3 of the individuals involved have been identified. We have been given excuses from the APD such as… “They’re on us about overtime!” and “The officer on duty went on vacation!”

This is unacceptable, absurd behavior from a civic department set up to keep our small city SAFE!

I Ryan Dawson can personally verify that this is a real person and event, I was contacted by the brother directly. That’s how bad the situation is. I have only done this one other time that was to find a baby bone marrow.

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