And Justice for All?


(FEDERALJACK)   Without the question mark, this is the tail-end of the statement in the Pledge of Allegiance, represented by the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, south of Ellis Island at the New York port of entrance into the United States.

Since 1886 that declaration has inspired an endless number of immigrants, coming into this country armed with the certainty that all of their hopes and dreams will be fulfilled in this wonderful new world. Whether true or not, that was then, but what about now? Is the “liberty and justice for all” slogan still true, if it ever was, or is it a mere form of cheap propaganda?

It is hard to say in general, because most victims of injustice tend to be intimidated into silence, for fear of worse retaliation. However we can certainly provide a recent example which proves that “justice” is not for all, and the principles advertised by Lady Liberty are non-existent, at least sometimes.

But if Justice is selectively enforced, then the whole principle falls apart.

The example we just referenced brings us back to a case already discussed (at least partially) in a previous article, analyzing the fierce opposition to any innovation effecting the monetary interests of the medical establishment. As already exposed in said article, Dr. Carpenter tried for years to recruit the cooperation of various Medical Schools around the Country, in order to introduce a simple and safe way to destroy cancer, which eliminates all of the horrific problems of the methods presently considered as “standard care.”

It was already explained that once she realized that no one wanted to pay attention and take on something that would drastically reduce the cost of treatments, and quickly return individuals to a normal life, she decided to offer the therapy directly to patients herself, after pursuing a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine.

Most of the organizations that Dr. Carpenter had contacted over the years didn’t seem to be concerned about the possible competition, because Dr. Carpenter had insignificant financial resources, and was certainly not even comparable to the monumental backing of the opposition she faced. However, she was able to spread the word and help a good number of people seeking a better way to deal with their cancer. Dr. Carpenter has in fact been offering freedom from the terrifying torture called “standard cancer care” for over a decade.

When the word about some amazing results started to spread, some medical research groups, already aware of Dr. Carpenter’s technology, decided that the time to take action had come, because the competition was becoming potentially serious, in spite of the fact that Dr. Carpenter could only treat a very small portion of the national pool of cancer patients. Since she was working with a physician in a state that did not allow naturopathic or holistic practitioners to work alone, the Arkansas Medical Board made their first attempt to put a stop to her operation by harassing and threatening the licenses of each of her physicians. Once it was apparent that this sort of behavior would not cease, Dr. Carpenter decided to move to a state that welcomed alternative medicine and practitioners, so she moved to Oklahoma.

Outraged that she was able to escape their attempts at putting a stop to the competition she represented, the Arkansas Medical Board sought out former patients of Carpenter’s to have them file civil lawsuits against her and to start a slander campaign on the internet.

Most of this has already been exposed in the first article linked above, but some of the details connected with the lawsuit were missing. The search for a large number of patsies to be used in bogus lawsuits didn’t pan out very well for them, so the conspiring group had to rely merely on one individual with no verifiable income.

If you are wondering about the identity of this conspiring group, the answer to the question may be found within the history of Dr. Carpenter’s efforts to find researchers who would work with her to gather empirical confirmation of her theoretical work. One particular group, contacted by Lase Med, Inc. more than once due to the proximity, is the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), which had close ties with the plaintiff’s attorney (Will Bond) during his previous political career as an Arkansas State Representative.

If you are thinking that this sounds like a “smoking gun,” this is actually a lot more than that. The lawsuit was also being used as an excuse to extract corporate secrets about the protocol and the specific technical details of the L.I.E.S.H. Therapy, proprietary of Lase Med, Inc. The plan was laid very carefully in order to entrap Dr. Carpenter into revealing vital corporate information, even though it is in fact against the rules listed in the Code of Civil Procedure; but it was supported by Dr. Carpenter’s attorneys, who once paid, were all actively trying to harm her side of the case. Once Dr. Carpenter realized that even the third attorney was hiding evidence to sabotage the case, she fired him as well, and decided to let the suit go into default.

However, and this is where the events reached the unthinkable stage, the federal judge in Arkansas, James M. Moody, allowed the trial to go on, with a one-sided jury selection and one-sided testimony, and in this way violated the very Constitution he is sworn to uphold. That is how an outrageous judgment was delivered, awarding the plaintiff an amount of money equivalent to 400 times the cost of her treatment at Lase Med, Inc; a treatment that by the way had effectively saved her life.

Furthermore, not only did the trial violate the Constitution, but the award rendered by the illegal jury violated even the Arkansas limit on medical malpractice, as well as the penalty limits in cases of business fraud. After the illegal trial, the malicious satisfaction seen on the plaintiff’s attorney’s face accompanied his statement on the mainstream news that he didn’t actually expect the money awarded to possibly be paid, but that the judgment would serve as a “deterrent” to keep women away from Dr. Carpenter’s treatment.

Finally Dr. Carpenter decided that she had had enough of the slander showing up on the first page of web searches for her and for the Lase Med Inc. company name, in spite of many recent extremely positive testimonials and blogs. Consequently she decided to fight back by posting on YouTube videos showing the evidence in her possession, but disallowed by the judge, in a video series bearing the title “Truth Rises to the Top.” Said evidence proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the plaintiff and her witnesses were lying under oath.

As expected, the videos caused an uproar of resentment from all of the guilty parties; however this also prompted the Arkansas attorney to petition the Oklahoma Court and request a writ of execution for the money “owed” by Dr. Carpenter and Lase Med, Inc., according to a Court that does not have jurisdiction over either of the defendants. Furthermore, if the Oklahoma Court decides to support the claim, Dr. Carpenter will never be able to earn an income, rent a dwelling, or be able to pay her bills, since she does not currently have any assets at all to cover such a figure, nor any amount of money for that matter. The legal malfeasances of 2010-2011, perpetrated by attorneys that were hired to defend her, had effectively exhausted any and all assets that she had to her name.

Dr. Carpenter realizes that this move was in fact intended to make her homeless, destitute, unable to offer her treatment, and unable to continue broadcasting her radio show, called “The Medical Conspiracy,” (airing every Saturday on Orion Talk Radio, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm EDT), which is a continual thorn in the side of the plaintiff’s attorney and his cohorts.

From her experience during the deposition, Dr Carpenter realized that the plaintiff’s attorney was assisting the medical establishment by searching for a reason to put an end to her radio show, besides trying to discredit her credentials along with her technology. He was also trying to somehow silence Dr. Carpenter, by taking away from her the right to speak or exist at all.

In response to this most recent miscarriage of justice, Dr Carpenter has started a petition at “” to stop the writ of execution against her non-existent assets, which would also therefore take away her right to live. More information about the criminal acts of this court can be found on the petition page. Friends have already signed the petition, but we hope that anyone reading this article will join in to help Dr. Carpenter, and in this way fight against the oppression of the corrupt court system, by fighting for the rights of one of our citizens who makes a difference in this world, and at the same time fighting to defend the Constitution.

To sign or read the petition, go to:

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