America!! Wake Up Now or Sleep Forever

 (Miss American for FederalJack)   Many of the minority of U.S. citizens who are watching in shock and horror over what The Powers That Be (TPTB) are doing to our country,  have come to the conclusion that it may very well be too late for America.  We know that we’ve been fighting this coup d’etat by evil predators nearly singlehandedly.  We know too, that our friends and neighbors are tired of our warning cries, e-mails, and activism.  So we’ve learned to stop ‘bothering’ them.  Even more depressing is that in many cases, to keep the peace, we’ve had to go silent with our own families as well.  We have been a thorn in their side, and can feel them shutting down mentally and throwing up their guard whenever we are around.  So, instead of showing our alarm and panic, we absurdly chatter about the weather or their new carpeting or their upcoming vacation.  Some activists have stated that none of them will deserve our help or sympathy when the SHTF, or that due to their denial, apathy, and lack of discernment, they won’t deserve to survive.

And how unfair will it be if the whole thing does go down the tubes because these people were willfully ignorant, or too self-absorbed to care about what was freaking us out?  Our anger has grown toward our ‘neighbors’ and fellow Americans because we know if they’d been fighting right along with us from the get-go, this might have been avoided.  Power in numbers.  As it is, TPTB have happily fed them whatever they will lap up, and have been arrogantly secure in their power to do so.   They delight in the blue-blooded Americans, who have no care for their ancestors’ sacrifice and bravery to keep our lives and country strong and free, and our future bright.  There’s actually grave danger when we take good things for granted and sit back on our laurels!  Has our survival instinct been overrun?  Is everything OK as long as the TV changes when we push the remote control button?  Yes, I admit it!  I too, am furious at my fellow citizens.  I even have a hard time calling them Americans, since for me, that word implies so much more than what they could ever live up to.

The enemy has been beyond clever in their multi-decade planned takeover.  They’ve used the ever reliable love of money to turn thousands of those in power into traitors.  Murdering and false imprisonment of the non-compliant has also worked very well to keep the plan apace.   Like a cougar stalking its prey, they have moved so quietly and insidiously, that our demise is like an ambush in the literal sense of the word.  It’s amazing though, even now, with their moves becoming more and more blatant and brazen, most Americans still think “that could never happen to us”.

Even as their police state and draconian ‘security’ measures spread like a plague, to the point that we even find their probing filthy gloved hands down our pants, our friends and neighbors have become conditioned to the ‘normalcy’ of it all.  “They have to keep us safe you know”.    Sure, so safe that they have to fry us in a high powered X-ray machine!

This airport issue alone should cause an outright mutiny!  Each time we go along with this outrageous bull crap, it’s a giant green light for TPTB to move onto the next step.  I have not flown since all this started.  But I picture myself in the cattle shoot lines with hundreds of other travelers and starting a thundering, deafening chant: “NO RADIATION-NO SEXUAL ASSAULT-NO RADIATION-NO SEXUAL ASSAULT!!!!!!!!!!!”

I’ve spent many hours pondering why I’m different.  Why I’m pissed off.  Why I can’t go along like everyone else.  Is my women’s intuition stronger than others?  Does my morbid curiosity run deeper than the next guy?  Is my danger antenna extended higher?  Do I hate being screwed over more than my friends do?  Do I despise being lied to and betrayed more than most people?  WHAT?

Me, and most of my fellow patriots have been prepared for a long time for what is coming.  I think even we will be in shock when it finally blows up in our face.   I used to say I’d feel sorry for the people who have no idea what’s going on.  But at this point, when it should be in everyone’s face, and all people should be ‘wide awake’ to the danger, I feel no pity for them now.  It’s too late for hoping that some event will finally be their wake up call, and that they’ll come alive and  join our fight.   By that time, TPTB will be all set and ready with their military swat teams and microwave weapons, and I’ll be ready with my own weapon to fend off the desperate former American Idol fanatics. I’ve already written a near novel of an article on the “They Want Us Dead” eugenics evidence.  I’m just too tired at this point to list all the proof of our coming enslavement, and the loss of everything we ever had or hoped to have. They can look it up for themselves.  I’ve grown weary of trying to explain it all to them.  Anyway, how do you explain complete and total evil, brutality and insanity, without looking paranoid and insane yourself?   They’d be calling the white coats before I was halfway through.

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