Amazing Passenger Jet Landing Without Nose Gear, Iranian Pilot Saves Boeing 727 From Crashing

(FEDERALJACK)   The captain of an Iran Air Boeing 727 has managed to land his aircraft at Tehran’s Mehrabad airport even though its nose landing gear failed to unfold. Captain Hooshang Shahbazi’s piloting skill saved the lives of some 94 passengers and 19 crew members. Footage of the miraculous landing on October 18 became an internet sensation and Shahbazi’s Facebook page ( ) has attracted hundreds of new friends.

The flight IR-742 from Moscow, Sheremetyevo was on approach to Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport around when the crew did not receive a down and locked indication for the nose gear and aborted the approach. Following unsuccessful troubleshooting the crew decided to divert to Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport where a low approach confirmed the nose gear was not extended. The crew subsequently performed a landing without the nose gear and came to a stand still on both main gear and the nose of the aircraft. The aircraft was evacuated, no injuries occurred.

6 Responses to Amazing Passenger Jet Landing Without Nose Gear, Iranian Pilot Saves Boeing 727 From Crashing

  • Bravo! Tears of joy! Thank God there is some good news in the world!

  • That pilot is a stud! Awesome! However, I don’t believe thanking a non-existing ‘god’ for that is very plausible… Just sayin’… Have a nice day! : )

  • > “However, I don’t believe thanking a non-existing ‘god’ … ”

    Aren’t proselytizing atheists a pain in the ass?

  • Landing any plane with a collapsed nosegear is not a miracle.
    Rather, it shows above average piloting skills.
    If he had landed it without scratching the nose of the fuselage, then I would have been impressed.


  • That’s not a Boeing 727. It’s a McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 or DC-10. Old plane, for sure!

  • My father is pilot too. He flying with iranian f-5e. he landed with no gears. But no one said nothing.

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