All American Ambassadors Called Back to Washington

(MODERN SURVIVAL BLOG)    In an unprecedented move, apparently one that has never happened before, nearly all U.S. Ambassadors to all nations have been called back to Washington for a summit conference. This event, mostly unreported, concluded on 4-Feb-2011. reports, “Ambassadors from almost all 260 U.S. embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries are expected to convene at the State Department for what’s being billed as the first meeting of its kind., “Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is convening an unprecedented mass meeting of U.S. ambassadors.

The first logical thought that comes to mind…
Looking back at all previous world crisis, what might now be so important, evidently more-so than anything ever in the past, to call all Ambassadors back to Washington? And why has the press not reported on such an unusual event involving every U.S. diplomatic ambassador in the world?

The sky’s the limit with ideas and conspiracy…

To get all their stories ‘straight’ ahead of time – for something

To prearrange settling the debt score between nations prior to a new world currency roll-out

A dollar currency devaluation

China is calling in our debt

New severely damaging Wikileaks about to release

Afraid of electronic communication leaks of something very important to discuss???

While most Americans were involved with the SuperBowl, and the main stream media with the situation in Egypt, hardly any reporting on the event can be found… fine time to do something ‘under the radar’.

Could this actually be simply a ‘first time’ of such a gathering to discuss ‘normal’ business? At first instinct, suspicion is aroused.

stay tuned…

Update, from the NY Times, This week’s meeting, other than two major speeches, was closed to the press. But Craig Kelly, who until September was a deputy assistant secretary of state and involved in WikiLeaks-related issues, said Wednesday that he could not imagine that the unauthorized disclosures of sensitive diplomatic cables were not a major topic both of working groups and corridor talk.

Update, found this link from the U.S. Department of State website ‘Notice to the Press’ on February 1. This meeting was ‘officially’ about something named QDDR.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton convened the first ever Global Chiefs of Mission Conference. This will be the first time U.S. Ambassadors will gather from around the world simultaneously. A principal aim of the conference will be to prepare for the implementation of the recommendations in the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR)

“The QDDR provides a blueprint for elevating American “civilian power” to better advance our national interests and to be a better partner to the U.S. military.”

Some of the objectives of the QDDR

  • Creating an Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment
  • Establishing a new Bureau for Energy Resources
  • Creating an Under Secretary for Civilian Security
  • Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs
  • Establish a Bureau for Counterterrorism
  • Establishing a Coordinator for Cyber Issues

In summary, it appears that the U.S. State Department is trying to establish more effective control over their foreign ambassador offices and programs. The QDDR is the only official explanation offered by the State Dept. as to the reason for calling in all foreign ambassadors. Who knows what else goes on behind closed door meetings…

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  • All American Ambassadors Called Back to Washington
    Great article…..When will the followup on what was accomplished at this conference be published?

  • This civilian/military partnership idea has been growing ‘stock’ within the military/industrial/academic complex as evidenced by Obama’s Red Shirt Brigade (youth civilian forces), embedded “journalistic’ reporting during military operations in Afghanistan (journalists with or without rifles), the Human Terrain System/Analysts/Social Scientists/Anthropologists who work under General’s commands among the people (Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan, etc.), and now this QDDR program which is a “blueprint for elevating American “civilian power” to better advance our national interests and to be a better partner to the U.S. military.” Our government and those above, enshrouding our government are obviously attemtpting (by increment) to merge, meld and enhance the military/police state around the world in a comprehensive fashion through miliitary, civilian, NHS (If you see something say something), etc. Not good. Not right. Evil. And to be resisted and done away with. Not to be tolerated, improved upon, reformed, cut back, growth slowed, etc. This is full on statism and anathema to what our Founders want and to our Constitution. Everyone in this fusion of tyranny and who is profiting by it (through “good” government salaries, etc.) should before the Living God, the author of Liberty, opt out of this, expose it, bring others out, and work for liberty, not tyranny. Period. We all have the offended Deity (Franklin) to stand before after we die in order to give an account of what we did while we were alive (See Hebrews 9:27… “For it is appointed unto men to live once and after that, the judgment”) Also, justice doesn’t always wait for eternity, and can and often happens during one’s lifetime, as in a collapsing empire, collapsing warfare/police state professional careers/jobs/etc.

    Wake up good people within government. See what’s happening and before God take appropriate action by opting out, getting others out, and exposing and resisting tyranny wherever it rises its ugly head. God will back you up and be with you. The Founders will be pleased, our country restored to the Constitution and the rule of Law. Like, pledge to use your privilege and whatever access you have to “power” for the American people and for humanity in general, and NOT against your fellow Americans and fellow members of humanity. You will NOT regret it, even though you may need to pay a price of some kind on the way. Liberty shall not be stopped and is NEVER out of the game. Why? Because God is NEVER out of the game. And He is the author of all true Liberty…”Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom/liberty” (I Corinthians)

    Warning: So many and so much of “government” programs are sold with a supposed “coolness” factor, like the CIA, the military, the cool ‘human terrain system’ etc., and they are highly funded with salaries, training, being part of something ‘important’ that many good people willingly become part (and actually compete) to be part of these operations (especially in a down employment market). We need to remind ourselves that War is Hell; War is NOT cool; Our unjust wars are undeclared and therefore unconstitutional; I encourage people to google “Opium and Afghanistan” and “Oil and Iraq” These are the two leading ideas of our operations in these respective countries. Because of the above features of war, we must bring our troops home NOW and close down our global international dissipation project and close down our 800+ military bases in approximately 150 countries around the world. We are there unconstitutionally (foreign wars and foreign aid are anathema to our founders and Constitution). We need to reign in abolish that part of the global beast that attempts to rule over our beloved country, America. America does not belong to them. It belongs to us who abide by the Constitution and founding father principles.

    Bottom Line: War is NOT cool! It never was and never will be! Self-defense of one’s property, country, person, family is legitimate and the opposite of aggressive, pre-emptive and foreign wars.

  • Wikileaks.

    Or mabye they just wanted to hang out and watch the superbowl?

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