Youtube shuts down MoxNewsDotCom

(DAILY PAUL)   Not sure if you know about MoxNewsDotCom. He was a gentleman who was posting numerous news clips (upwards of 17,000 clips) from the various news networks up on youtube for public consumption. It appears that youtube has shut him down because of complaints from Fox News and probably a few others.

MoxNewsDotCom or ‘Moxy’ as he’s referred to, was instrumental in getting the various political news and talking heads clips out to the masses. He only supported himself through donations and his driving reason to do all this work was to keep the public informed of the nonsense being spewed daily at us from ALL sides!

I’m not sure what we can do to help him or get him back up and doing his thing again (Vimeo maybe???) but if you want to check him out you can go to his page at:

You can also see his page on youtube where some older news clips are still up.  But all of the most recent ones have been erased:

He is also a Ron Paul supporter and would frequently post Paul’s interviews and show appearances.

This just looks like a blatant attempt to keep dissenting opinions quiet and I believe we should not allow it to happen. Check him out if you get the chance.


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