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  • Popeye,

    Do you take donations directly? Or do you prefer everything goes to the Support/Donate link in the bottom right of the federal jack page?

  • The paypal donate link is the best way. Unless you want the mailing address which is under the about us section on the site. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Just going through thousands of comments to clean out spam ones. Thanks for the desire to help.

  • Good site to review when seeking the truth..

  • Popeye, i have been listening to you via you tube for about 2 years now. I do enjoy most of your shows and topics. I do also agree with you on most things. I was listening to your presidential election night coverage. I was pulling for Trump (although I chose not to vote for the first time) but I was somewhat surprised that you and everyone else on the broadcast seemed to be such HUGE Trump supporters. I agree that Hillary is as corrupt as it gets, but the actual jubilation that everyone was showing worries me. Trump, although not beholden to the usual suspects, is in my opinion far from ideal. Although we won’t know for certain until he actually takes office, the recent back pedaling on certain campaign promises is extremely worrisome. I will be listening and im sure you at least will call Mr.Trump out when he falls in line like every substitute teacher president we have had since JFK.

  • Hi Sean, thanks for taking the time to reach out. Although I am glad the Clintons didn’t get into power I am in no way a fan boy of Trump. To answer your question fully I will shoot a video about this. It deserves a detailed answer. Stay tuned for it in the next few days. Thanks for the interaction and for tuning in.

  • My husband thinks you added the pyramid to the Oscars opening show theme. I think they had it there themselves and you are showing it to us. Did you add it?

  • http://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2014/01/haarp-deadly-torsion-pyramid-experiments-will-unleash-absolute-hell-on-earth-breathtaking-videos-2457652.html

    See Galen Winsor on ” Plutonium” . Deaths and malformations ascribed to the so-called radioactivity are caused by poisonous acid wastes used in the agenda.

    Nukes dont exist; Japan was bombed with napalm. Uranuium is the code for child trafficking. Pluto is the code for Serbia, the land of the most important pyramid for the agenda (Rtanj near the city if Nish.plus numerous others, with Kosovo as the most important crossing point for the leylines.Kosovo must be returned to Serbia, for the importance of symbology for the hellite behind all this). Saturn is Croatia, its Moons are the code for its islands. Mars is Russia, Moon is the code for the Middle East.
    “Nuclear” is the word for the underground pyramid’s grid, and shaking it via CERN collider is responsible for the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Global warming refers to heating underground waters by microwaes, to cause pressure on magma and stir it up. Possible nuke attak false flag would mean they probe some huge HAARP geoingeneering via the pyramid grid, helped by some bluebeaming of ” nuke” mushroom.

    The most important part of the global HAARP grid are the PYRAMIDS of the countries wrecked up by America-imposed wars
    (exYugoslavia, Syria, Iraq, Afganistan, aiminng at Iran…)
    Those lands have the most powerful functional pyramids in the world (research on their power, go from link above)..
    NATO and Amerian troups are the private military of weathy ” black and orange nobility” which stands behind it all
    (Aldobrandidni, Rotschields, Windsors, etc – those criminals must go to prison, starting with their current Satanic “Lucifer”
    leader Patricia Morrison, profesional musician (bassist of the punk band The Damned) and born into 1%. They use Ndrangheta, Albanian and Russian mafia to scare VIPs (from politicians on) to succumb into the agenda. Trump and Putin are in. The humanity is in danger indeed unless these MKUltra killing androids (so to say) are stopped!

    Kosovo is the most important part for the grid, for the crossing of pyramidal leylines are in that area, thats why it was stolen from Serbia in favor of Aldobrandini and the rest of HAARP mafia.
    The mighties pyramid of the world, Serbian Rtanj, is connected with CERN and the collider built in NATO basis Bondsteel in
    Kosovo. CERN lies EXACTLY on the same leyline with Rtanj and Bosnian pyramid of the Sun!!! The Balkan pyramids are directly conected with the ones in the Eufrates valley (parts of Syria, Iraq the most destroyed, on purpose!)
    Chain bridges with pilons , WTC Transportation hub and WTC1 and WTC2 and the like buildings around the world are part of HAARP and must be made disfunctional, ti taken off the grid!! They spray metals in chemtrails b/c otherwise the EM (ti VLF) rays emitted from the pyramids wouldnt bounce back to be collected and spread furher by pilons in chain suspension bridges , antennas on high skyscrapers etc.

    IMPORTANT: NATO AND ESPECIALLY AMERICAN TROUPS (specially trained for the agenda) MUST GO HOME FROM ABROAD IF HUMANITY IS TO SURVIVE !!! FOR THEY ARE ABROAD IN ORDER TO CONNECT THE PYRAMIDS INTO COMPLETE HAARP GRID – WHICH MUST NOT HAPPEN, FOR THEY WILL BE ABLE TO SPLIT THE EARTH’S CRUST AT THE SAME TIME INFLUENCING HUMAN BEINGS INTO NON-ACTIVITY, VIA VLF WAVES that act as Lilly mind control waves. PLEASE SPREAD, ITS URGENT PEOPLE TO KNOW the real situation,and urgent the Westerners to do everything possible to demand pulling of their troups from the pyramid sites abroad!! (Balkans, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afganistan)

    So-called space program is the program of human cloning and MKUltra training of special troups and agents (for the elite is
    few, core members are not more than 10000, so they need robotoid like ppl who obey without question).. The words Satellite is the code for agents of special forces. Astronauts are actors for TV.
    Human cloning started as researching,recording and interpolating or heterodyning frequencies (vibes) of one human being onto another; the weatly elite started it as fun, and saw it works, so they pursued it further… See experiments done at Swedish Karolinska Institutet on transfering of human consciousness

    Body-swap Illusion Tricks Minds in New Study


    and what Illuminati insider musician B.o.B. says about that (essencially, also that cloning is about transfer of
    consciousness into another body)


    Does Human Cloning Already Exist?


    See the site of Donald Marshall, who is deep insider and tells that human cloning exists for decades and serves as the source of monstruous ” fun” for the wealthy psychopaths.
    He names one cloning center in Canada;and it is known that socalled ISS on the border of Syberia and Kazakhstan is the most popular cloning center, where thousands of innocents Russians are tortured to death, under the patronage of Putin and his mafia.(Russians hate Putin).

    It all comes down to : The world is governed by wealthy psychopaths who figured the basis of how human beings tick,and
    they want to interpolate the vibes of the best (most talented,most beautiful) people onto themselves (for they are
    usually born without any talent). Now they collect children all around the world into their centers, from whom they plan to start anew, and kill off the rest of humanity by artificial geo and meteo ingeneering done if they succeed to complete the pyramidal grid into HAARP (basically only Iran is left out, thats why its their next target – IT MUST BE PREVENTED! ) ISIS and Albanian slaughteres are in Europe and waiting for the mass geo meteo catastrophe and subsequent blackouts, to begin ” the job” .

    If humanity unite all around the world to disepmower the crazy MKUltra politicians and zombied military oficers (who are all under heavy control of the so-called aristocracy), then we surely win and will free the earth for our kids. We have until 2020 to do it, for then they plan to have completed more powerful collider (t.i. tokamak) in CERN and Iter in France, in which case they will be able to blow up all Europe and freeze the rest of the world via the Balkan pyramids connected to CERN. The Balkan lies on the hugest caldera in the world (hence the name balkan – vulkan (volcano), and the pyramids are exhaust valves for the volcanoes.The agneda is to de-top the pyramids (as they did in the past in Latin America) which will make the system unstable and can trigger volcanic eruptions (” helped” from CERN and Bondsteel colliders). They are already cutting trees from the mountain tops in the Balkans, which is the very bad sign…The tops can basically be levitated from the pyramids into the air and then into the sea to cause tsunamis. Go see about sonic levitation; and the pyramids emit sounds…(hence no wonder that the leader of this agenda is profi musician who knows how to manipulate sounds). The same group of psychopaths has been doing similar for the centuries in the Middle East and further (the deserts are their traces), and now they plan to doit at the global scale, using all the pyramids of the world connected into grid. Humanity has 2 years left to stop it relatively easily, after that its gonna be next to impossible. What’s urgent to do is to organize people to disconnect chain suspension bridges, antennas on scyscrapers and cell towers from the grid, so HAARP will be much less efficient! Brazilians recently raided a HAARP facility,and that’s the way!

    UFO is patent of Nikola Tesla. He saw them in his ountry of origin. All ocuntries that have pyrdamids also have UFOs, it is
    the old technology of once advanced civilization – that is the current European’s ancestors! UFOs fly powered by EM/sound waves emitted from the pyramids. Aliens is just a word used for the wealthy psychopaths who scare people keeping old science of our very ancestors (whom they killed off, as they plan to kill billions of ppl now) secretive! UFOs were covered in gold, the same as the pyramid tops, because gold is the best conductor. The hellites are obsessed with jewels for the reason they store info of hacked human vibes on the quartz crystals, and pull them from the rystals when they want to interpolate them for some purpose (if they hack the vibes of someone you love, they can interpolate them onto one of their agents to make them feel nice to you (they do exactly that all the time, and that’s one of the core keys of their “success”.)

    Please spread.Thanks.

  • It as best to participate in a contest for probably the greatest blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

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