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We are a non partisan organization of concerned citizens world wide. We do not buy into the left /right paradigm as it is a dualist distraction constructed by the Anglo American world empire, now widely referred to as the New World Order.

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  • Popeye,

    Do you take donations directly? Or do you prefer everything goes to the Support/Donate link in the bottom right of the federal jack page?

  • The paypal donate link is the best way. Unless you want the mailing address which is under the about us section on the site. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Just going through thousands of comments to clean out spam ones. Thanks for the desire to help.

  • Good site to review when seeking the truth..

  • Popeye, i have been listening to you via you tube for about 2 years now. I do enjoy most of your shows and topics. I do also agree with you on most things. I was listening to your presidential election night coverage. I was pulling for Trump (although I chose not to vote for the first time) but I was somewhat surprised that you and everyone else on the broadcast seemed to be such HUGE Trump supporters. I agree that Hillary is as corrupt as it gets, but the actual jubilation that everyone was showing worries me. Trump, although not beholden to the usual suspects, is in my opinion far from ideal. Although we won’t know for certain until he actually takes office, the recent back pedaling on certain campaign promises is extremely worrisome. I will be listening and im sure you at least will call Mr.Trump out when he falls in line like every substitute teacher president we have had since JFK.

  • Hi Sean, thanks for taking the time to reach out. Although I am glad the Clintons didn’t get into power I am in no way a fan boy of Trump. To answer your question fully I will shoot a video about this. It deserves a detailed answer. Stay tuned for it in the next few days. Thanks for the interaction and for tuning in.

  • My husband thinks you added the pyramid to the Oscars opening show theme. I think they had it there themselves and you are showing it to us. Did you add it?

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