A Super Congress is NOT Constitutional! The Congress has NO Right to make a Super Congress! We the People NEED To Stand up and say NO

(Sherrie Questioning All)   I don’t know if there is anyway WE THE PEOPLE can take back what the Idiots who only watch out for the banks and corporations do!

The Congress and Senate HAVE NO RIGHT TO FORM A SUPER CONGRESS!  It is NOT in our Constitution!

The Super Congress than makes the rest of the elected officials (even though they are all bought and sold by the highest bidders of banks and corporations) irrelevant.

We the People Need to stand up for what is right and what is wrong in what the government is now doing!

There is no doubt they will put those who will not be up for reelection in the super congress.  It will be so the rest of them can say “Don’t look at me, I had nothing to do with it” to their constituents come  election time, when the super congress takes away all of our rights and money!


This is a SAY NO to the Super Congress!

I know those in government don’t give a care about what we think – BUT we still need to call them and tell them they have NO AUTHORITY under the Constitution to make a Super Congress!

We have got to rein in the government!  The GOVERNMENT IS COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL!

Yet, most Americans are going to sit on their lazy ass and let the government do as it will!  Later the lazy asses will complain about what the government has done and is doing, when they loose everything and wonder what happened to their rights and freedoms!  The people are completely asleep and complete idiots to not stand up for our country, freedom and rights!

The government has taken what used to be a wonder moral country and they have taken down to being the most immoral, warmongering, against the people country in the world.

If you Love your Country you will stand up against what they are doing!



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