A license to parent your own children in the USA

Today’s topics are the State Automated Child Welfare Informations Systems (SACWIS), the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) and what they mean to us, as citizens of this great country.

The CACI is merely a registry that registers victims and those accused of committing child abuse. It is a registry that follows people their entire lives with only one way to get off of it: to write to the government and specifically ask them to remove you from the list and share good cause to be removed from it.

SACWIS, however, is a more in-depth registry that keeps track of any and all contact with Social Services. This includes unfounded Child Protection Services reports, any form of welfare and a complete history of a person if they were a foster child. If they had an attitude with a social worker at the age of five years old, it goes into the SACWIS file of that person.

Both are interlinked, but SACWIS is more in depth and there is no erasing anything placed on a SACWIS file, even when it’s proven by Social Services to be false.

The eventual goal of SACWIS is to have it interlinked from state to state, across the United States of America and to eventually pass a law making it standard to run everyone’s name through the system prior to releasing their newborn child from the hospital to them to decide whether or not they should be permitted to have custody of their child.

Yes: soon, people will need to pass this “background check” in order to take their own newborn child home from the hospital.

As it stands, only a few states are interlinked and the ones who do check the system only check when there is a reasonable suspicion that something is wrong; however, the goal is to eventually run everyone who has a child through this system before any hospital releases their child to them.

The subjectivity of personal opinion regarding what defines a poor environment to release an infant to concerns family advocates across the United States of America. This definition lays in the ideals of individual county socialworkers.

With so many being pressured to bolster adoption ratios for judges and higher-ups in the system who sit on the boards of directors to fost-adopt agencies, who knows what America is headed for?

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5 Responses to A license to parent your own children in the USA

  • It seems to me the Government is looking into the aspect of everybody’s life so they can register them for some reason or other. It is almost like we are a hidden army, and the ones who need training are the ones selected to be used as the fall guy with out even knowing it. the UK was or is having trouble with their CYS taking kids on purpose and getting a bonus for it I believe 400. 00 .

    The Feds get you at almost every aspect of ones life, while portraying to the American people this keeps us safe, my A$$ it keeps us safer, it just keeps us in the face of the crooked fricken Government.

    Think about it when you register for the military they have everything about you including your DNA.

    If your some perv, they register you and it doesn’t even help to do that anyway stupid fools,

    When you take on a Federal Job they register you and know everything about you too,

    If you are 18 and had sex with a 17 yr old who gave her consent they register you as a pervert,

    When you buy a gun, they want everything some places are wanting to ad DNA this is just bull s!!!

    When you vote you register,
    you get social security you register
    welfare you register

    Big brother gotcha, and it’s about to get worse.

  • With the abuses from the government we should be looking into these actions.

    A problem with me, is that I was assaulted in the hospital. I was denied redress, ostensibly because of the FDA preemption. Then my employer labeled me “disabled” as I was illegally fired. I’m denied for any so-called benefits, because I was doing a good job. I’m denied for any viable job in this country that I can find. The SSA has said that I’ve lost my SS “benefit”, even if I live that long to take advantage of it, because I have no income to speak of and I can’t afford the horrendous “health” insurance. NO HELP from anyone, just more and more and more stretching of the lies that I have to pay for.

    It’s not enough to know about the abuses, we have to take a stand to make these horrendous “lists” that follow you around forever. What are they going to do with the children who’ve been abused? What possible reason would the government have to keep this information? More abuses from government!

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