A Letter From Hurricane Sandy Victims On Staten Island

Hey guys.

I have just a few of you on this email because I didn’t want it to get too crazy.

All of you have voices, and all of you have networks. I am asking you from the bottom of my heart to use these to help right now.

As many of you know, hurricane Sandy left us in a dire situation.

Most of you may know my friend Tina– her name on facebook is Tina Sabella Downer. She is a tireless patriot and friend– a friend of liberty and a very dear personal friend of mine.

She lives in Oakwood Beach, on Staten Island. Her neighborhood has been destroyed. There are at least 15 dead on her block and another block near hers, which the MSM is not reporting. She has pretty much lost her home, and others have floated away into the ocean.

I have spoken with Tina today and she said many of her neighbors are homeless, left with NOTHING. I feel the need to reach out and do everything we can for this area, and would appreciate your help in getting the word out there about her and her close friends and community.

I have started a chip-in– To donate to the Oakwood Beach Rescue Fund click on the link below

Click Here To Donate To Oakwood Beach Rescue Fund

And I want to get care packages of clothing for all ages, male/female sent to


St. Charles Rectory
644 Clawson Street 
Staten Island, NY 10306
 (718) 987-2670

People can label these care packages “Oakwood Beach Rescue”

I don’t ask for much very often. Please help me utilize your contacts and get these people the help they need. With another storm on its way for next week, they will need all the help they can get.

Thank you so much, and please contact me if you want more information or need to discuss anything pertinent.



4 Responses to A Letter From Hurricane Sandy Victims On Staten Island

  • Just Listend to your show on weather modification in your arcives (8-26-12) again, Might be time for another simular show. Lots of News folks out there can’t explain how the storm was so bad.

  • I am against donating money for anything-
    Our government gives away trillions to banks corporations etc..
    people are only waking up and doing something if their back is to the wall
    We need change !!! not republican or democrat

    change from our present system

  • I just sent 50 pounds of clothes, coats & shoes to the church mentioned above…That’s the best thing we can do right now bc these folks have NOTHING left to wear…My neighbors gave me what they could so several of these folks will have some things to wear…

  • An important lesson for us all–GET PREPARED FOR ANYTHING!!! The government is NOT going to help any people who work for a living. We all need bug out plans ie grab your gear and go with a plan. If the state of NY cannot help the people in their own state fast in a severe storm what will happen if something even worse happens?

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