A internet user sends out a document to reconstitute the republic through a second Declaration of Independence

Author: Silence Dogood

A document was sent to my alternative media friend that sent the document over to me. This document is titled the “The Second Declaration of Independence Referendum One” and claims that the Federal government has committed atrocities and that states should vote to leave the union in order to reconstitute the republic. He apparently is aware of Alex Jone’s broadcast where he made statements on the secession petitions that had plagued the Whitehouse.gov petition site months ago. He also stated that Ron Paul and Alex Jones both want to fix the republic by reconstituting it using state secession as the way to reconstitute a federal government.

The secession petitions had reached popular signatures as Texas got over 100K, and several others made the 25K mark needed for a official response from the Obama Administration. Ever since the secession petitions embarrassing Obama, the number of required signatures has been set at 100K.

It looks like from the forward that many recipients were also sent that file. It shows a picture of the Declaration of Independence at the top then starts listing the crimes committed by the three branches of government and calls the federal government “corrupt” and ignores the “rule of law”.

Here is some quotes from this:

Referendum to be voted on by the General public, the state legislators and senators in the legislature, by the town and city councils, by the county commissioners, and to then be voted on by legislature to declare Independence from a illegitimate Federal government plagued by criminals and power usurpations.

The unanimous Declaration of the citizens and of the legislatures of the fifty United States of
(Reciting from the 1776 American Declaration of Independence)

You can read the rest right from here or archive.org.

He calls himself the “The Veteran Constitutor a Ghost of JFK and Benjamin Franklin,” and you think wow what a long name to call himself. I guess he decided not  to reveal his real name out of fear of being targeted by the feds. Who knows if he is a veteran or not but I do know history does repeat itself. As tyranny is coming and now killing bloggers such as Aaron Swart a Obama “kill list” opponent, many are holding onto their guns as if a civil war is coming and as Obama declares himself as the new Abraham Lincoln. Already New York and Illinois are attempting to ban guns but the 23 Obama executive orders are a concern for the three branches of government as Obama is signing executive orders as if they were laws. It looks like the Illinois gun control bill failed but there is a chance the gun control advocates are playing possum then planning to implement gun control in the middle of the night.

The Constitution is already being shredded and once the 2nd Amendment is gone, the other Amendments will disappear.

We will keep you updated as to what is going on with the new secession declaration starters.

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