A idea for a cap bill that would effectively deter lobbying by special interest groups

Author: Silence DoGood

A new bill that can become law is needed to effectively end corruption in most levels of modern government. There are good politicians still in government even though there are also bad. Part of what has led to the downfall of respect and approval of politicians in the Congressional, General Assembly, and even county level is what we all call lobbying that is a new form of bribing, some states do this which is called pay-to-play form of representation.

In a regular job, the better of a job you do you can get promoted to get more money and benefits for the quality job you’ve done. What we need is to reward the Congresspeople and Legislators for good behavior and following the Constitution to a T. This is the idea that will go viral nationwide to end most of the political corruption and police brutality that has plagued our nation because of special interest groups all connected to the Bilderberg Group and other crooked interest groups.

With US Presidential candidate Virgil H. Goode he stated that he would not accept campaign contributions more then $200. The legal way this bribery goes on is using a loophole that even if you can’t bribe a politician directly you can provide financing to his/her political campaign and even offer complementary trips in a way that the lobbyists get the bills they want through the Congress without technically violating the laws against bribery. The way to combat all of this is to impose a national and even statewide general assembly type of cap on all political campaign contributions. Even if the politicians scream at a bill like this, if the people back it then it can be passed, it can be done. It is as Jesse Ventura stated on The Alex Jones Show with saying “If you bribe in the private sector you go to jail, but yet I see it all the time in the public sector” (If the quote is a little off then comment below and I will correct any mistakes).

First of all the bill would have a purpose of limiting all campaign contributions to $200 or another capped amount per person per election campaign. What makes corporate lobbyists very powerful and have a lot of pressure on the Senators and Representatives is how much money they can contribute to each politician which is usually anywhere from thousands of dollars on local politicians to the top branch of government known as Congress all the way up to millions per bill to lobby. With a small cap on all lobbying, they will be forced to rely on their constituents to be able to pay their campaign costs.

As these corporations will have to use proxies to lobby high amounts which is very difficult, most of the people can afford lobbying low amounts therefore this will level the pay-to-play playing field to where we all can contribute to have our say in our government. This would also effectively nullify the eugenics efforts by Planned Parenthood and other horrible legislation that damages the general public from other corporate psychopaths that want to see the peasants harmed, enslaved and killed. Even put caps on all vacations and gifts given to Congresspeople, Legislators, and even local and county politicians.

A nationwide and even statewide efforts to put caps on all contributions would not take away liberties but allow better representation for the majority of the people and protect minority rights since money won’t decide the vote and what bills are created and passed. Since courts have ruled that corporations are to be treated as people, then an entire corporation would only be able to lobby $200, and also the bill can deter using corporate employees/staff as proxies to deter the caps. Even Mitt Romney said that corporations are people my friend! so why not use the Bilderberg corporations own legal weapon against them. Even if they are passing laws in the special interest groups favor, laws can be used against the lobbyists that helped put them in.

It’s lobbying that is helping to destroy our civil liberties like with helping the NDAA, naked body scanners and forced molestation grope downs, allowing ISP data caps that would violate net neutrality with no factual basis to support the need of capping the data download/upload, restarting the eugenics cult, passing laws to force vaccinations while vaccine makers are immune to lawsuits from damages caused by vaccines, and other horrible legislation passed that benefits the elite while harms the rights of the people. Congress should be listening to the facts, experts, proper and valid documentation, and best represent We The People.

As long as unlimited lobbying exists there will be endless corruption and usurpations of law making power. With caps on the value of gifts, campaign contributions, and even vacation trips there can be better representation for the general people untainted by special interest groups working with eugenicists and psychopaths. With a cap on all type contributions to politicians, it will give even poor and middle class people, their chance to have a voice by supporting their local US, statewide, and regional politicians and actually being listened to instead of being kicked out the door and given a automated formal letter.

Also another issue that should be looked at is making the districts smaller so that Congresspeople and Legislators aren’t frustrated with representing a large amount of people that it attracts following the ideas from small special interest groups instead of the large districts of people. It will make their jobs easier and have the system run more smoothly not to mention making it more difficult to ram bills through Congress without a a chance for review and debate.

If you think this article is factual and is a very good idea then send this article to your local media, national media, or even alternative outlets such as Infowars and Drudge Report. This isn’t coming from a democrat or even a republican but a concerned American that has experienced corruption at the state and national level which is why this article should be a great and moral concern. With Congress having a 9% approval rating, there is no representation for people at this moment due to special interest lobbying.

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