9/11, HAARP & Hurricane Erin


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  • how do we know these weather videos are even from september 11th, 2001? Just saying, some proof would be nice considering that’s what this channel is all about anyway, finding proof for theories

  • Did you not see the date pop up right along w/ the time 8:31 september 11, 2001 smh

  • A third storm waiting to be named didn’t he call that storm Fionna or am I tripping?? feedback please??? Thanks

  • The morning weather reports show the date on the screen and if you research the things like the Latin Grammy Awards one of them mentioned you will see it was 9/11. Plus I included the hurricane time line twice. Google hurricane Erin, Google 9/11 morning weather reports, go look for yourself.

  • At the 6:25 mark, one of the newscasters makes mention of it being the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, making it 2010. Also, the E storm was named Earl, not Erin.

  • yes but as the video explains that footage was from a different day and different storms.

  • My goof! Sorry

  • There is only ONE E hurricane each year in the Atlantic yet your video talks about Earl and Erin. There was a front coming thru on that day and it would undoubtedly push any hurricane North and East without any help from HAARP. Things like this destroy credibility.

  • One hurricane a year in the Atlantic? Are you for real? And the other hurricanes were not on 9/11, the coverage of them was used as a comparison.

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