9/11 Building 7

(Martin Noakes)   An original music video that explores a few of the myriad of unanswered questions surrounding the events of 9/11.


6 Responses to 9/11 Building 7

  • Nice video man, keep up the good work

  • great video. get it on sympathetic radio and tv stations. great work. i know the litany well. i have been so upset for years, and i’m always pleased when some creative brave types do something like this to keep the message out there. the war criminals need to be tried and punished. the war criminals will include the obama administration which has done nothing to press these issues and possibly have impeded investigation and publication by the propaganda outlets.

    evil, evil, evil country

  • I have been reading and commenting on this stuff for ten years. If you go and talk directly to the builders, they can tell you anything you want to know or what the truth is. see Activist Post: Architects and Engineers question… Comments column. I have known most of this stuff for over 40 years. I chew out A&E for 9-11 truth because they don’t talk to any of the builders either. It is all quite lame. And it took them 9 years to reach conclusions known instantly. Read my above reference. It never will be refuted. They loaded the demolition systems during construction and someone (and we all know who)retriggered it. It was not DUH JOOOZZZ. Although some DEFINITLY helped murder a few thousand innocent people that day. See Dr. Ed Ward, MD for details on the US/USSR treaties concerning commercial application of nuclear technologies. You must do your homework on this one or you are going to flunk. I’ve flunked a few while they were up on stage yelling at the crowd. It must hurt. This whole thing is so sad. Only a practicing satanist leading a rich guy and his flock of sheep could have done it this way. NSA general Michael Aquino, ex-head of the church odf satan and director of all military psychological warfare under George W. Bush is worth your investigations. He was a major in the army and deeply involved with the Franklin cover-up during Bush41’s vice-presidency. Confessions are being heard.

  • Excellent video that’s packed with great info!

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