71 year old taken to the ground for questioning Paul Ryan

(YOUTUBE)   Paul Ryan jokes after elderly man is taken to the ground and handcuffed for questioning him.


4 Responses to 71 year old taken to the ground for questioning Paul Ryan

  • I won’t be voting for either Obama or Romney but when you act that way what do you expect will happen? You will be escorted out of the room.

  • I’ve noticed AMERICANS now consider anyone who opposes government to be in the wrong,so much for sending troops to protect america (for what?)PAY into SSA for 50 yrs and are told your a bum and you should be glad its being used for war,I think most of the world now realizes there going to have to stop the insanity of the USA,and their Ideas about the bloodbaths and the death of so many women and children in foreign countries,I never thought I would see the day america would celebrate the death of an innounce person on national TV,I now understand why the LORD will bring judgement on america,this nation has become a nation of child killers and say o’no we l-o-v-e children,yea you love to kill them……………………

  • SEVERAL MEMBERS of my family have died for this country,and I can’t believe they died for nothing, but it really is starting to look like that is the case,800 FEMA camps-320,000,000 americans? I really think AMERICA will now reap what it has sown,even the government has realized STUPID CAN’T BE FIXED…………………

  • That is beyond being escorted out of the room. That’s police brutality. There is no reason police needed to take an elderly man to the floor to restrain him. Why are his opinions not valid or worth hearing? Why couldn’t Ryan have acknowledged him, listened to his complaint, addressed him with a response worth hearing? We have no idea what this man’s background is; how do you know he’s not a veteran or a firefighter or a retired police officer himself? Even in my mid-40s I’m angry watching the money I’ve paid into the system disappear before my eyes. Imagine spending your whole life paying into Medicare and then being told: SORRY! This man’s anger is justified and if Ryan had had any balls or conviction at ALL he would have answered this man instead of belittling him in public.

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