7-Year-Old Accused Of Possible Sexual Harassment For Kicking Boy In Groin During A Fight

(CBS)    A 7-year-old boy is being investigated by his South Boston elementary school for possible sexual harassment after kicking another boy in the crotch.

The first grader’s mother, Tasha Lynch, says she was shocked by the school’s decision.

“He’s 7 years old. He doesn’t know anything about sexual harassment,” she said.

Lynch’s son, Mark Curran, said the boy that he kicked had been bullying him on the school bus ride home from Tynan Elementary last week.

“He just all of a sudden came up to him, choked him. He wanted to take his gloves, and my son said, ‘I couldn’t breathe, so I kicked him in the testicles,’” said his mother.


Lynch described a phone call she received from the school explaining that the case will be treated like sexual harassment, due to what it considers inappropriate touching.

“‘Your son kicked a little boy in the testicles. We call that sexual harassment,’” Lynch said the school told her.

She said she’s been asked to attend a disciplinary hearing at the school Monday.

A Boston Public Schools spokesperson said officials are investigating, but won’t comment further, since it’s a private matter.

Lynch wants an apology and better supervision on the school bus to prevent such fights among students.

“He couldn’t breathe. He was trying to defend himself,” she said. “I don’t find that sexual harassment. I find that defending himself.”


2 Responses to 7-Year-Old Accused Of Possible Sexual Harassment For Kicking Boy In Groin During A Fight

  • This crap is typical of LIBERAL school administrators who, God forbid, ever want with me defending the country…(I think I’d prefer the French over them)…

    Mrs. Lynch should get a real tough bull dog of a lawyer and sue the school, the bus company, the driver, the kid’s parents that attacked him, and the board of Ed. for not providing proper security to protect her son from being attacked…

    In addition, the principal should be fired, if, for nothing more then being a complete asshole!

  • the back! That was cool Once, striper were hard to find. They spend

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