25 years of injustice for the family of Daniel Morgan at the hands of the Met and NOTW


(NEWS ALLIANCE UK)   Today marks the 25th anniversary of the brutal murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan. In the long years since his killing, there has been an organized cover up to protect his killers.

Every police ‘investigation’ has either failed, been derailed from within or resulted in failure in the criminal courts. The only avenue left to the Morgan family now is judicial inquiry.

But Theresa May has been obstructive on the issue. Weeks ago May offered another police ‘investigation’ and her overture was rejected out of hand by the Morgans. Who can blame them?

The Met Police and News of the World worked cap in glove for years. What we have seen thus far in the Hackgate and Bribegate scandals is the tip of the iceberg.

Daniel Morgan

If Theresa May has nothing to hide, authorizing a judicial inquiry would not be such a severe stumbling block. There can be no more police ‘investigations’. Even those conducted by decent cops Dave Cook and Jacqui Hames have been derailed.

The time has now come for a judicial inquiry by a top judge with no past connection to News International. Another Leveson type lackey will not be acceptable.

Daniel Morgan was on his way to blow the whistle on serious police corruption inside the Met Police and was cut down; dead men tell no tales but we must speak up on his behalf instead to ensure justice is done.

The News of the World knew what Daniel had on the crooked cops and someone at the newspaper had a vested interest in tipping them off…

It was imperative to silence Daniel and that is precisely what happened. Someone at the top of the MPS knows precisely who killed Daniel and they also know why his murder can cause historic damage to the soiled ‘reputation’ of the police.

There is no real desire on the part of the Home Office to authorize a judicial inquiry. Where will it lead? I dare say to the utter breakdown of policing by consent. Theresa May knows what is at stake and there is no point pretending…

Nonetheless, the mood has changed in Britain post-Bribegate and the public mood is tense and angry. Literally anything could happen in this country within the next 18 months.

If Theresa May does not realise that the tide has turned, she will be swept away by the perfect storm gathering on the near horizon.

The message is clear: There will be justice through reform or there will be justice through organized rebellion.

Most people are not prepared to turn the other cheek anymore. The traditional reserve of the British people is at breaking point.

The murder of Daniel Morgan and 25 years of organized, deliberate injustice is another fundamental piece of the jigsaw of growing dissent and revolt.

The public will not tolerate more corruption, injustice and whitewash. The time has come for reform and it will be done the easy way through consent or the hard way through direct action.

One way or the other it will be done! There is no turning back…

#Justice4Daniel is a cause every right-minded person should support because his bravery and sacrifice was made for the public. Daniel tried to clean up society and was murdered because of his striking morality.

As such, moral men and women cannot ignore this terrible crime. Whose son will be next, yours?

Daniel, in real terms, was a soldier in a war on crime and corruption. The battle has escalated to a far greater extent in the 25 years since he fell because corruption is now endemic. He tried to stop corruption spreading through the country like a rapacious cancer.

This is a call to arms for like-minded others to join the battle for justice, not just for Daniel but for the whole country. Britain and the Morgan family deserve better than this.

The police cannot be trusted any longer. Only public demand for an open judicial inquiry will be satisfactory.

We cannot say ‘rest in peace’ to Daniel because while injustice reigns there can be no peace.


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