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If you’re like most people, generally unhappy with the current state of affairs in the US, Newt Gingrich is definitely not the guy for you. Arguably the man least likely to upset the applecart, Mr. Gingrich is about as status quo as it gets. In fact, if you don’t know much about him you’ll be shocked to find out how anti-change he actually is. You’d never know it however if all you did was rely on the establishment media to put the information into perspective. Take a look:

Going all the way back to 1968, Gingrich worked as the Southern Regional Director during the Nelson Rockefeller presidential campaign. Anyone who knows who the real Rockefeller family knows they are about as conservative as Barack Obama. No campaigner that advocated for Nelson Rockefeller could be reasonably labeled a conservative.

Newt Gingrich, CFR member, 1990 to present. The CFR is a known globalist organization that is truly bent on erasing US sovereignty in favor of a one-world government. All members of the CFR know this to be the case. CFR President Richard Haas on the CFR’s roll in the behind the scenes emergence of a global government and the need for the erosion of state sovereignty.

Just prior to becoming Speaker of the House In 1994,Gingrich suggested a list of 8 books he thought each of the members of congress should read. Of those books was one named, “The Third Wave” by Alvin Toffler, in which it showcased a hypothetical letter written to the US founding fathers exclaiming their original idea for a government, which just so happens to allegedly still be the current US model, was once a good idea but was now “obsolete” and needed to be “radically changed.” to a new “21st Century” form of democracy.

In 1996, President of the John Birch Society, John McManus, gave a stunning speech about Mr. Gingrich, exposing the former Speaker of the House’s actual track record. In it he uncovered the true “liberal” nature of Gingrich’s political career as he routinely supported and voted for socialist, communist, and liberal programs that have contributed to much of the problems Americans face today. A more recent update to the 1996 speech can be seen here.

Also In 1996, Gingrich worked closely with anti-establishment candidate, Ron Paul’s congressional opponent, Greg Laughlin, hoping to help end Ron Paul’s political career. Possible reasons for this may include the fact that Ron Paul has always been anti-(current) establishment and set out in 1988 to expose CIA drug running in the United States.

Anticipating terrorist attacks In 2001, Mr. Gingrich recommended a Dept. of Homeland Security on FOX News Sunday.

Between 1999 and 2006 Gingrich made upwards of 1.8 million dollars on what’s been called “consulting fees” with Freedie Mac. He was supposedly consulting for the firm on legislative and regulatory issues, until the stock market crashed.

In a 2007 PBS interview, Gingrich explained his belief in the, now exposed, UN backed science of global warming and talked about his support in combating the controversial science through global carbon taxes. In the following year heteamed up with Speaker, Nancy Pelosi to combat “climate change” in a short video commercial advocating for wecansolveit.org.

Also in 2007, Gingrich stated he supported Obama-care style, mandatory health insurance in an Op-ed he wrote for the Des Moines Register.

In 2010, LA County Examiner, Martin Hill wrote an articleexposing Newt Gingrich as a freemason and a member of the very controversial Bohemian Club. Find out more shocking facts about the infamous Bohemian Club and the Bohemian Grove where US and other world leaders have illegal policy meetings and strange satanic style rituals. (This information is not for the faint of heart or weak in constitution.)

In May of 2011, Attorney Constance Cumbey wrote a devastating article explaining Newt Gingrich’s tireless work in support of an anti-US sovereignty related global government, based on a New World Order. These articles are a must read if you want to know the real Newt Gingrich.

The Huffington Post reported on Nov. 28th of this year thatMr. Gingrich suggested mandatory drug testing for anyone receiving “any kind of federal aid.” He also totally opposes the legalization of medical marijuana, while remaining completely pro-establishment and very liberal on almost every politically related decision during his entire political career.

Even if you don’t yet trust, what the establishment media likes to refer to as, “alternative” news sources and still only trust establishment news sources, there are still mountains of articles and videos out there that completely expose Newt Gingrich as a total conservative hoax, and a willing member participant and New World Order underling.

Going back to the opening statement in the introduction of this article and finding out the facts about who these candidates really are, and typically have been throughout the years, it becomes even more obvious that the American people would be much better served if they started to find the time do the research necessary to figure these people out themselves. The establishment’s media isn’t going to be forthcoming with putting their establishment candidates into the actual perspective necessary to truthfully inform Americans as to whom these people truly are. Unfortunately, until real government personnel and media ownership reform is done, it’s going to be up to the people to do it on their own for the foreseeable future. (Even though this is what the founding fathers warned us we should always be doing anyway.)

If you’re actually expecting the establishment’s media to truly promote anyone but establishment candidates, you’ve got another thing coming, as they say. With the exception of the only true conservative in the group, Ron Paul, the rest of GOP presidential hopefuls in front of Americans right now are all about as conservative as Carl Marx.

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