Worried about being set up: Adult chat sites entrap people

Author: Ben Franklin

Some disturbing news has come from a reporter I am in contact with which I will keep as Anonymous for now. Now adults are being arrested for talking with other freaky adults on adult sex chat rooms. The biggest problem this is happening is Florida. Undercover police officers are posing as chatters on adult sex chat room sites on the internet, some as minors, and others as adults. Now there is no child involved, many to all whom come to adult chat sites aren’t looking for having sex with children, in fact the adult chat rooms have rules stating you have to be eighteen years or older. The problem is that many young teenagers that get into sex ignore the warnings and come onto these sites. So now police are coming onto adult chat sites posing as freaky adults or teens in order to entrap adults into sex offender charges. Even a reporter is getting into this and many are now accepting the fact as well that people can be set up with child porn due to their own person suffuring, when normally before would flip out at those whom bring out this conspiracy, Porngate.

So now it is easy to be set up with child porn. Throughout my research I am finding more and more news reporters, whistleblowers, activists, and political enemies are having set up attempts or have been successfully been set up as child pornographers, then added to the sex offender registry. First example is Gustavo Alberto Rossato from Greensboro, NC who was accused of 20 counts of child porn downloading and sharing on P2P file sharing. From my own independent research I discovered his bail from criminal trial court was very low, around est $20,000 which is usually not what bail you get under child porn charges. Second was when he was found to be a former Fox8 news reporter before he was accused of the sex crime. He is also in a jurisdiction where other political people was also possibly set up with child porn due to the red flags surrounding it. Another thing that made this whole story suspicious was that only in a few articles of child porn suspects including his on WXII12, not any others which is being documented then archived as evidence, comments are showing up from the same commenter accusing the two different men of being tea party patriots and saying that it was good for police to get these “tea party patriots off the streets”. In addition Gustavo was found to be a democrat which means he is politically active and likely a voter. Not just Rossato but a former FBI whistleblower was accused of child porn, unfortunately his case of if he was set up or not can never be proven as he plead guilty to child porn likely under pressure by prosecutors. Then of course Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Dan Johnson, and Madison Ruppert all highly respectful political activists and members of the alternative press, now referred to as the real media, were all almost set up with child porn distribution and possession via email.

If you think every child porn suspect is guilty, that nobody can ever be set up with child porn, then you have been warned. Child porn is the easiest thing to plant on somebodies computer. It is easy for example to plant a simple 100KB image of a child being sexually abused by a older man. Some methods can vary from computer viruses to using a flash drive to physically plant the images, and never get caught. Whether electronically or physically, it is easy to even plant printouts of naked preteen girls then call the cops, or hack into the wifi to plant images using the Windows sharing function to access the file system. There are too many methods to which an IT Technician can document on how it is possible to make somebody look like a child pornographer. If you still think it’s a bunch of boloney then hey I guess just ignore the facts, and maybe one day if you ever get set up with child porn then come back here to say I was right, then I can interview you for my next article, lol. I could even go as far as to try to get Infowars to cover what happened to you when you were set up but they usually don’t like listening to me since this subject is taboo and weighs on people’s heart strings. But hey if this isn’t covered then more set ups will happen. The only way to stop the set ups is to expose them.

Anyways this article is not focusing mainly on child porn but just to bring up the recent investigative findings with a bit of assistance from alternative media people and former alternative media people. I even learned of this from a real news reporter working for a news organization that is mainstream. Adults chatting on adult sex sites are being entrapped with sex felonies then added onto the registry.

First of all how? You’ve heard about Craigslist right? What they do is post stuff on there and adult sex chat rooms about things such as threesome, two sisters wanting certain things, stuff that I cannot even talk about on here

Because of this thousands of men are being imprisoned then added onto sex offender registries, being labeled as child predators for chatting with what they perceive as freaky women in adult chat sites. Did these men wanted to abuse a minor? No. Were there minors involved at all? No. Another article will be created as we get a source to tell his story. I know a lot of people don’t want to talk about this awkward subject but the truth is non-pedophiles are being arrested as pedophiles. Undercover cops, desperate to get their convictions for the Internet Crimes Against Children(ICAC) task force for extra funding from Congress/state, are going onto adult chat sites instead of suspected pedophile chat sites which are mainly on child sex abuse, but are now accusing regular adults on adult chats as pedophiles.

More and more we are seeing a nation where normal sexual interaction(between adults) is being indirectly outlawed(not illegal but cops are targeting it) or demonized as if it is apart of pedophilia. Also in addition to adults being arrested and called pedophiles for trying to find women, veterans that had protested in NYC have been arrested for doing a protest while illegal immigrants are allowed to protest in National Park Service ran territory closed by barricades.

This article is not trying to promote sex abuse of any kind but is exposing that the US Government and all levels of law enforcement agencies are making criminals out of those whom have never committed a crime or has no criminal intent. Anybody whom is labeled by the fascist police as a child abuser or pedophile is instantly convicted by a jury or judge as guilty, regardless of facts, circumstances, and even Constitutionality of the prosecution. It has got so bad one blog I found doing just a tiny bit of research is talking about this. All the prosecutor has to say now is “I believe your honor the defendant is a pedophile. I don’t need any evidence I just suspect he is,” and the jury will declare the verdict of “GUILTY”. So now if you go onto any adult chat sites, be very careful, even when talking with women over 18+ years of age because chances are they are a government agent waiting to book you into the gray bar hotel.

Normal human sex must now be demonized and called pedophilia by the ICAC task force while the UN is getting all public schools to teach five year olds on up how to masturbate. Don’t worry all the nasty horrible adults in adult chats will all soon rot in prison as sex offenders, then all pedophiles can become TSA officers and can do whatever they want with our children. We should probably get rid of all people that have normal urges and start banning sex altogether in order to reduce the human population, and within two to three generations the human population will go down to 500,000,000 like the Georgia Guide stones says.

Really now we need to change tactics in order to better protect our children. Go after the child predators, go after the child exploiters, but going after thought criminals is a bad idea as at some point many of humans will be arrested for committing some form of thought crime or another.

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