Will the 24 arrested Citibank protesters be used to force a banker holiday or stop bank withdrawals?

by We Are Change San Francisco | WeAreChangeTV

Let’s watch this video and try to put things into perspective.

We all understand the concept of trespassing, but if you are holding someone’s money or property and refuse to return it when they want to exit a relationship, doesn’t that sound like theft? I guess the rights of the bank trumps that of individuals, even if one was naturally born and the other artificially created via a man-made legal system.

Citibank: “A large amount of protesters entered our branch at 555 La Guardia Place around 2:00 PM today. They were very disruptive and refused to leave after being repeatedly asked, causing our staff to call 911. The Police asked the branch staff to close the branch until the protesters could be removed. Only one person asked to close an account and was accommodated.”

Common sense: The people in that video don’t exactly look disruptive. It seems pretty calm until a plain clothes officer forcefully grabs the woman furnishing documents proving her money is being held hostage by the bank. If you decided to lock your house down with someone inside, wouldn’t you be charged with kidnapping?

Business Insider: Several people have pointed out that the purpose of going to the bank was to withdraw accounts (as a protest) so characterizing the entry there purely as a demonstration does not seem to be accurate.

Why were the ‘disruptive protesters’ locked inside the bank rather than being force to leave? If you want someone to leave, you should give them a way to leave. Clearly the intent here was to make arrests, possibly even headlines. Why was the woman then forced inside? If she is outside, and people are locked inside, obviously she exited when asked to leave and is not trespassing.

Being a bank, there is a very high probability that the entire event was taped. Banks use cameras for security and apprehension of robbers. Will this footage be released to the public? It would definitely help to prove Citibank’s claim that the protesters were disruptive. They may have entered the bank and raised a ruckus, or they may have quietly tried to close out their accounts and get information to have student loan accounts for transfer to another bank. Without the release of the aforementioned footage, we only have he said vs she said testimony to go on. Obviously a fine establishment like Citibank who took bailouts would be nothing but honest, right? According to witness Hillary Caldwell, a graduate student from Harlem, the people were giving testimonials and speaking about student debt when a few plain-clothes officers went inside the bank.

Crime doesn’t take a rest whether the Tea Party, OccupyWallStreet, or any movement is demonstrating. As evidenced by other incidents of civil unrest like Hurricane Katrina or the riots following the Rodney King beating, this would be a choice time for crime because Police coverage would already be spread thin. With so many officers already on standby for the #OWS protests as well as officers responding to regular reports of crime around the city, how and why did they just happen to have multiple plain-clothes officers available? At this point there isn’t much indicating that these protesters were part of an establishment publicity stunt, but that doesn’t mean the powers that be weren’t waiting for just such an incident to occur. Perhaps in time and with several Freedom of Information Act requests we may see leaked internal documents detailing just such a plan, or not.

Bank safety memo leak
Reports have been trickling in for the last week of bank insiders claiming they received bank memos on safety regarding the OccupyWallStreet protests. Reports are surfacing on the opposite coast of the country of bank employees releasing safety memos as well with identical language.

These types of groups are reaching out to the disengaged and disenfranchised population of the United States for members, often encouraging the unemployed and homeless to join the movement. Often these marches and protests are unplanned and result from instant notification on “Social Networks” that produce “Flash Protest Mobs” in a matter of minutes. While this group has not yet resorted to violence the possibility exists that they can.

Until the protests turned violent in Rome, the only aggression so far seems to have been on the part of police, and not protesters who continue to state that the movement is a peaceful protest. The fact that the safety memos released to bank employees of various banks and across the country is alarming, and should be. We have witnessed politicians giving identical speeches in the past. It also happens that both Stephen Harper and John Howard are known Bilderberg attendees.

Any time you see similar or identical language appearing in different parts of the globe, you need to remain vigilant. This is true for ICLEI and it’s allies and cohorts regarding their push for Agenda 21, national and international policy speeches by politicians and global propaganda in general.

If you really want to feel the pulse of the people, read their comments. Anyone following the New World Order, Ron Paul, 911 truth, the Tea Party or the Constitutional/sound money movements (and others) know that several have been advocating moving money from large banks to either credit unions or smaller community banks since 2007 and before. The majority of Americans have failed to do so despite repeated warnings, but I have a sneaking suspicion that come Monday morning, hundreds of thousands of Americans may finally act in such a way. This may not have been catastrophic before, but when done on the whims of the elite and on their precise schedule might have a completely different effect. This does not even take into account the recent closed banks to date due to new laws and banking regulations. More often than not, a larger bank gets to absorb the smaller bank.

UPDATE: The Blaze is now reporting that Anonymous is calling for a “Bank Transfer Day”. Perhaps this article wasn’t so far off.

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