Where Is The Outrage? The Silence Is Deafening

(FEDERALJACK)   The silence is deafening.  Where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the media, and President Obama?  I though you were all crusaders of justice? (sarcasm) Where are you all now that a bunch of white cops killed an unarmed black Vietnam marine veteran for the crime of accidentally setting off his medic alert bracelet? Where is the outrage that the cops are on tape calling the Marine a “nigger” and making fun of his military service? Where is Obama saying this guy could have been his brother? Where is Al Sharpton screaming bloody murder and stirring up the pot? Oh that’s right, this was a bunch of cops doing the killing so it’s different. It’s acceptable because the “boys in blue” did it so it must be justified.  This case actually involves white police using racist terms against a black man, then tasing and shooting him and not one peep out of Obama, Sharpton, or Jackson about racism, or calling for the police to be fired or arrested.  Where are the Fed run Black Panthers?  This serves to prove the point that the race bating over the Trayvon Martin shooting is being done on purpose, selective anger by Sharpton, Obama, Jackson, The MSM, and all the others. All done for political reasons.


18 Responses to Where Is The Outrage? The Silence Is Deafening

  • The point you make is right on target. Thanks.

  • Exactly.
    Police are killing parents right in front of their children and children right in front of their parents.
    Al sharpton? he’s got better things to get paid for like educating people about global warming.

  • Police murders and beatings have now become commonplace and therefor "acceptable" by the population at large. I would like a study to confirm: 1)most police are war vets,
    2) most police are steroid users, 3)most police use Adderal or Ritalin while on duty, 4) Most police suffer PTSD.

    I have no idea how to stop this behavior unless we can identify the causes clinically. The first step is drug testing police, the second is to stop hiring combat veterans, the third is to randomly draft citizens into the police force. WE do not need or desire "professional" law enforcement officers, as we see where this has led.

  • Look at your own screen cap there, "GRAND JURY INVESTIGATING SHOOTING DEATH". The outrage over the Martin Zimmerman case was BECAUSE THERE WAS NO INVESTIGATION. The cops initially said, "He won’t be arrested because he claimed Self Defense under stand your ground and the police CANNOT arrest him." That changed after the media got involved and Sharpton, etc. That is why there is no outrage here, in this case, as horrific as it is, at lease the process to get justice has started. In Trayvon’s case, they were going to ignore it. Now stop with the false equivalencies.

  • I find this horrific and sad.As an Irish person this act would not occur here. After all the people rule and would not stand for this type of outrageous behaviour. May God love ye all.

  • Real MIA in all of this mess of the last decade is the American PEOPLE. Too busy with American Idle to be bothered.

  • Typical, the race pimps only come to the cause of one purpose: money.

    See also: Duke LaCrosse case, Jena 6 where NAACP donation funds were misused by the families of the accused suspects including the main suspect Michael Bell flaunting money in his mouth on MySpace and now Sanford, FL.

    I guess Big Al won’t have any riots on his hands after Crown Heights riot…

  • The real reason is money, the rich in America need the police to sustain order to protect THEIR property. With recent uprisings like the Occupy movement, they are working harder to keep ANYTHING that constrains or lessens their position of power. Thus you have almost the entire media and anyone well connected doing everything they can to sustain the current "police state" system that we have allowed to pop up almost unnoticed and completely unchallenged.(American Idle may be a side effect, but really the educational system and it’s focus on knowledge rather than problem solving is truly to blame.)

  • Listen. Fuck you.

    I had no fucking idea this occurred. This is a terrible occurrence but don’t you fucking accuse people of racial profiling when it’s an event that no one’s heard of.

  • "Grand jury investigating shooting death."
    You’re right, it’s definitely being ignored. Also, putting sarcasm in parenthesis defeats the purpose of using sarcasm.

  • "No Tresspassing Under Penalty of Law"
    does this not include Johnny Law?

  • @ Alex Bakke: just because you hadn’t heard about it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t out there. I heard about this a couple of weeks ago and even that was late.

    Popeye nails it. We are being manipulated by the mainstream media and the powers that be. A little race war would distract people from the real issues that nobody in power or seeking power will do anything about- useless wars-for-profit, banksters and brokers crashing the economy for fun and profit, elimination of the Bill of Rights, sunshine up your asshole if you want to get on a plane, etc.
    These cops are racist murderers and should be dealt with as if they were young black men attacking an old white woman under the same circumstances. In other words, they’d be on death row before you could say "Jim Crow’s your mama."

  • Look, an over emotional reaction. Use logic, not emotion next time before you type. You lost me at “Fuck You”

  • The american left bleats about justice, peace, fundamentlism, history repeating itself because the money changers keep the sheeple dumbed down. However, when it comes to the history laden assault on black people then the left turn neo and demand black people suck it up, dont talk from any historical perspective, not rely on any aCtivist leaders andlleave any solution to our long time nemisis the whiteman. Fuck u all Do yall think black people r ALL stupid.

  • We have an army of steroid abusing, sadistic mental rejects with god complex on the loose with badges, guns and a thirst for violence … this is not an accident it is by design and is being mandated from the highest ranks of law enforcement.

  • Wow, I understand your anger and the TRAGEDY of this case, but you can’t just go off on people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Obama because they very well could have NOT know about this case. The case in itself is just now coming to light and many others had no idea that it had happened either. Do you think black people have an inner siren that goes off whenever another black person is killed? I mean, come on.

  • THIS case is old news,AND all you christains or would be’s AL SHARPTON is a devil worshiper from way back,AND I think its long over due to take the guns away from the police as they have more than proved they can’t be trusted with them,BUT,knowing how stupid americans are they would rather see their kids dead in the front yard then do what needs to be done to protect them… and the really sad thing is even after the police have robbed them and beaten or outright killed their family members they still get on their knees for the police????????

  • THE founding fathers of this country tryed to warn the people if the military was allowed to backup the police, they would be out of control before you could blink your eyes.WELL its happened,now this country will desend into the worse possible nightmare state you ever imagineded….AND,you have no one to blame but your selves,being a coward won’t save you this time,these guys hate cowards,and they know americans love killing women and children,BUT these guys AREN’T little kids,or women,there trained killers and the people had better be really scared,and and I mean REALLY SCARED……

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